Sunday, August 22, 2010

Farmers Markets: A Great Way To Get Children Involved In Healthy Selections

A great way to get your children to eat healthy foods is to involve them in the selection process. We know the grocery store is the most logical place to start. It's a great experience...for the child! For the parent however, the "great experience" generally results in a manhunt, countless negotiations and endless meltdowns. Give yourself some slack. It's ok if we have the meltdown too.

A quick and equally successful outing is a trip to your local Farmers Market. Everything is healthy!!! No shopping cart battles. No cereal aisles to haunt the kids. No cartoon characters to lure your child to the dark side.

There are thousands of Farmers Markets across the country and more and more are popping up each year. The produce is extremely fresh, priced well, and it benefits your local economy. In the US, it is estimated the produce travels an average of 1,500 miles from farms to grocery stores to customer's homes. It's easy to see why buying local is a win/win for everyone.

Farmers Markets are a great place to buy fruits, vegetables, meats and eggs. Since our goal is to buy fresh and stay away from processed foods, you may be able to do a large portion of your grocery shopping here. Many are open a few days a week and have evening hours to accommodate working parents. The majority of outdoor markets are open through October.

Give this is a try with your kids. It will be a fun & healthy experience for everyone. Click on one the links to find a farmers market near you.

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