Monday, November 8, 2010

Double Delicious hits the stands

I am a huge fan of Jessica Seinfeld's first cookbook Deceptively Delicious. She shows us how to add pureed vegetables to everyday meals to ensure our children are eating healthy. A few weeks ago she launched her second book Double Delicious. I couldn't wait to hit the bookstore to check it out.

The book completely met my expectations. Not only has she introduced new recipes (complete with purees) but she has also introduced whole grains and a slew of healthy tips to use in the kitchen.

My favorite part of the book is her aisle-by-aisle guide to grocery shopping. She shows how to read food labels and gives recommendations on buying dairy, meats, pastas, breads, juices and oils. That alone was worth the cost of the book!

I am constantly on the hunt to find cookbooks or online sites that offer healthy & creative food for kids. Have you found any cookbooks or websites that you like? Share your ideas with us. Healthy moms want to know!!

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