Monday, November 22, 2010

No Fast Food For A Week: The Results

I often hear that it takes too much time to cook healthy meals for our children. We are pulled in so many directions and the temptation to eat fast food is just too strong. To dispel the myth, I picked an extremely busy week and put our family up to the challenge: no fast food for one week.

I prepped, prepared and planned my heart out for the week. I had one massive plan in place to make this happen. Here's what happened:

Sunday- easy
Monday- this challenge is a piece of cake
Tuesday- I am superwoman. Bring it on baby!!
Wednesday- came down with a headache. Starting to feel the pressure of the challenge. Chose sleep over prepping lunch & dinner for the next day. Not a good move!
Thursday- poor prepping the night before paved the way for a rough day. Found myself chewing gum as a distraction from the taste, smell and ease of eating pizza. What's happening to me? Who's idea was this challenge? Pulled it off...but it's getting ugly.
Friday- my husband offered to send me on a shopping spree so that I wouldn't be privy to what he and the kids ate that night. Didn't give in, but our dinner was hardly great. Grilled cheese and broccoli. Come to think of it, I may not have even grilled the sandwich. By this point I'm just plain grumpy.
Saturday- my little one's birthday party. So tired and busy! I started cleaning and icing cupcakes at 5am in preparation for the afternoon party. By dinner the exhaustion of the day caught up with me. I didn't even know my name or how to turn the oven on. My husband was trying to re-define the challenge and determine what I technically meant by a "week." The challenge became too big. We gave in to a pizza (or three).
Sunday- back to easy.

So our week-long challenge resulted in one fast food meal for the week. I was disappointed to give in, but proud to pull off such an accomplishment during an extremely busy week. I drew two conclusions from the experience:

1) "Failing to plan is planning to fail." Planning is key to eating healthy. Even the busiest of schedules can pull it off with creative planning.
2) The challenge was a non-event for the kids. Not once did they ask to eat out during the week. Clearly, kids are not the issue when it comes to eating healthy.

Give the challenge a try with your family. It's an eye opening experience that will change the way you plan and prepare for your healthy meals.

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  1. I witnessed alot of what you did and all that work for the birthday party so I think failing should in no way be a part of your week last week. You did a wonderful job for you and the family. So what if it was a cheese sandwhich and veggies, that is still better than a burger combo in many ways!!

    I was there at the party and know how hard my sister worked, thus witnessed her exhaustion first hand Saturday night when she had the entire family at her house afterwards and "gave in" to pizza & pasta. Seeing how there were multiple families to feed I consider your week quite and accomplishment and am very proud of you...

    Oh did I mention that Manday made a special trip to the grocery store to find organic ingredients to make my son special cupcakes due to his possible food allergy, you rock Mandy and not only for your kids but them all so keep it up.


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