Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How much are you spending on fast food each year?

I survey a lot of parents and the general consensus is that most think they do an "ok" job of eating healthy. The parents I surveyed on average eat out only once or twice a week- a notable accomplishment given our busy lifestyles. So what does this look like in terms of our budget each year? In 2010 I set out to calculate exactly how much our family of four spends eating out for dinner.

Much of my research shows that the average family spends just as much money eating out as they do on groceries. So how did our year look?

For the 2010 year we spent $3,500 on fast food and restaurants and $8,000 in groceries. That breaks down to about $67/week eating out (includes eating out for lunch) and $160/week in groceries. The $3500 was a little shocking at first, but it just shows how quickly the numbers can add up.

So how much do you spend on fast food each year? If you're looking to change your eating behaviors, this might just be the exercise to try. Give it a shot- if even for a month. You may be surprised at what you learn.

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