Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Healthy Kids Inc...our journey!

As we prepare for the launch of Healthy Kids Inc, I thought I would take some time to share our journey. Two years ago my husband and I had the idea to create a new business in our market that would cater to young children. Our goal was to create a business that exposed children to art, science and music- with a HEALTHY twist. Our state's obesity rates are worst in the nation. Let's show kids and parents that they can have fun and be healthy- at the earliest age possible. That led to the idea of having a healthy kids cafe and cooking classes for kids. None of these are novel ideas. Parts of these ideas are in every major city. We simply wanted all of this in one building. Oh and did I mention that the building must be brick, modern, trendy, flat lot, prime location, 20,000 sq ft, etc?

For a year and a half we submerged ourselves into our business plans and entrepreneurship. We spent hours upon hours researching businesses online. We traveled to major cities to view businesses in person. I was reading one book per week on topics like: entrepreneurship, marketing, internet, SEO, branding, business planning, healthy eating for kids, cooking, pre-k curriculum, etc. We hired a business coach to help us gain some clarity on our business plans. Vision boards, goals, objectives, timelines...things were starting to come together.

We were looking for an architect to draw up our building plans when we made a drastic decision to change directions. We loved the idea of creating an "experience" for kids and parents, but our non-negotiable from the beginning was the focus on healthy food for children. Obesity is an epidemic in our country and our generation doesn't know how to control it. We were raised in the microwave age. There are more fast food options than ever before. Kids are now choosing sweet tea over milk. We loved the pre-k focus of our business but healthy eating for kids became the priority. Our question became how can we truly make a difference and reach a larger audience?

From that came our idea to create a web-based business designed to show busy families how to cook healthy meals for kids. We named our business Healthy Kids Inc. The "Inc" is our salute to the corporate mom's and dad's trying to work, raise a family and keep our kids healthy.

The content is simple, quick and caters to busy families. We focus on a few areas that I believe are important in creating a culture of healthy eating in your home and with your kids.

  1. How to prep for your meals each week. This is truly the key to success for busy families. Parents will learn what they can make ahead of time and what containers work best for storage and organization.

  2. What meals to cook each week. No roast of lamb on this site! You will find everyday items that kids and families can enjoy- yet with a healthy twist.

  3. How to cook each meal. Our video's with the chef will guide you through cooking your masterpiece. Struggle to boil water. Me too! He shows us even the basic of steps.

  4. Tips/tricks on choosing healthy food and then how to get your kids to eat it. This is where our Dietitian comes in. She's amazing!

Portions of the site will be free and portions will be available through a low monthly membership. Why a membership fee? Because it creates ownership and encourages families to get serious about healthy eating. It also allows me to bring in a team of experts to deliver really good content.

So that's Healthy Kids Inc in a nutshell. We launch in 30 days. I can't wait to show you the finished product. Stay tuned.

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