Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Kids Clean Your Plate...Or Not!

Keep an open mind as you read this post. It defies everything we have been taught or told our kids. For generations upon generations we have heard the adage "clean your plate before you get up from the dinner table." Research shows that we may be sending the wrong message to our children in doing this.

Here are some things to think about:

  1. Kids need to learn to trust when their stomach is full. For each kid this will be different and it may not necessarily be when the plate is clean.
  2. Forcing our kids to finish their plate when they may not be hungry can begin the trend of overeating.
  3. Sometimes we may put too much on their plate. Remember...their serving size is different from ours. Start your kids off with smaller portions. If they want more, that's great!
  4. What about dessert? If they aren't hungry enough to eat their dinner, then it's probably a good idea to scratch dessert. Don't use dessert as a reward to eat though. Tips on that next week.
Getting children to eat at the dinner table- let alone eat healthy- are challenges for many parents. Stay tuned as we continue to tackle these issues. Next blog post: Using food as a reward. Good or Bad?

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