Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Healthy Food For A Week: Day 2 Results

Did I mention that the journey toward raising healthy eaters is often paved with road blocks, construction, and massive holes in the road?  So day two's meal was grilled chicken, parmesan garlic orzo, and edamame.  The family loves chicken...but this was their first time making and buying real chicken.  Most of the chicken they consume is the processed, frozen kind.  They love mac n cheese so parmesan orzo was a nice healthy alternative, or so I thought. 

Mom had one challenge right off the bat.  I gave her very little instruction on how to cook chicken.  Fortunately, our soon-to-launch site will overcome this obstacles as every recipe will feature a video demonstration by our HKI chef.  My friend is optimistic that the burnt pan will restore its natural color after soaking for a few weeks.  Great!

So how did the kids do with the food?

What went good:  chicken was a hit with one child. The fact that they even tried real chicken is a success story in and of itself. Great job family!  Fresh corn on the cob and green beans from the local market (a last minute addition) were also a hit with the entire family. 

Not so good:  edamame was a total bust.  Orzo was a bust last night but mom is attempting to introduce it again tonight to see if Round 2 is more successful. 

It's easy to get discouraged, but moms everywhere need to understand that this is a process.  It's one meal at a time.  Not everything will be great.  It may take ten attempts at orzo before you hit the jackpot.  What's important is that we don't give up and that we encourage our kids to at least try a bite of every food.  It's very likely that they will eventually like a version of your food.  

In this case, I still think the good outweighs the bad so I'm counting this as a win for HKI.  It wasn't a pretty "W" but we'll take it any way we can get it. 

Tonight is grilled cheese and broccoli. 

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