Friday, September 23, 2011

Healthy Food for a Week: Final Results

It's official.  My friends 5-day healthy food challenge is over.  Her final meal was a baked chicken nugget with panko bread crumbs.  After her last chicken experience, we were all a little nervous for this one.  She is still soaking the pan from Tuesday's meal.  To top that, little Jake has barely touched dinners this week so we were less than optimistic this would be a success.

To our complete surprise, mom pulled it off.  The chicken nuggets really weren't that hard for her to make.  The greatest news of all is that little Jake actually tried them.  Yeah!!!!!   According to Jake the panko breading made for an "ugly looking nugget," but the taste was ok.  I'll take that as a win any day.

So the challenge is officially over.  Our family made some major improvements and I look for many of these changes to continue.  Mom is paying close attention to the food she packs for lunches.  She purchased three times more fruit than normal at the store this week.  Whole grain spaghetti will now be a staple as well as some garden vegetables.  Lastly, they went five days without eating fast food.  That's a home run in and of itself.

My heartfelt thanks to the family for letting us follow them for the week.  What a great experience.

Stay tuned to the Healthy Kids Inc Facebook page for updates on our business launch next week.   

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