Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Family Challenge: Healthy Food for One Week

Imagine your typical family.  Mom and Dad work full time jobs.  Mom is a Superstar by day and Superwoman by night.  Dad works midnight shift so Mom does pickup, dinner, homework, and bath with the kids.  Boys are active.  Evenings are filled with sports and church while weekends are jam packed with even more activities.  Quite busy...but very common in today's world.    

Well my "typical-family-friend" sent me into shock last week when she shared her family's eating habits.  Her diet:  pasta, mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, and red bull.  Her husband:  spaghetti O's and frozen pizza.  The boys:  Happy Meals, cereal, snack cakes, juices, goldfish, value meals and drive thru pizza. 

Holy cow!  I certainly can't be critical.  My life was very similar to this, minus the red bull, five years ago.  This is life for so many.  We're busy and pulled in so many directions.  When faced with a decision of convenience or health...convenience often rules. 

I shared with my typical-family-friend the services that we will offer on our soon-to-launch website.  She gave me the "oh that's cool" response and then proceeded to tell me all the reasons why this wouldn't work for her family:  healthy cooking is too expensive; I don't have time to spend hours in the kitchen; my kids (and me) are picky eaters - we won't like it. 

My competitive nature and extreme persuasion skills kicked into overdrive as I convinced my typical-family-friend that she could do this.  Our website is designed to make healthy cooking easy.   We are setting out to prove that healthy eating can be done, your kids just may like it, you won't spend hours in the kitchen each night, and healthy cooking won't break your bank.  The family met and made the executive decision to give this a try for ONE week.  Yikes!  Just one week?  Ok friend...I would love more time, but I'll take what I can get.  Let the challenge begin!

So that's where we're at right  now.  My friend and I reviewed their current meals and created a menu that is guaranteed to be a success (fingers crossed!).  We've simply created healthier versions of the packaged, fast food products they are already eating:homemade pizza, healthier mac n cheese, baked chicken nuggets, fish sticks, spaghetti, from the market green beans, corn, and some fun desserts for the kids. 

We are food shopping this week, prepping on Sunday and then kicking off a new and improved menu on Monday.  My typical-family-friend has allowed me to chronicle her journey, so I'll send a blog each evening next week detailing the adventure.  Stay tuned.  This could be a reality show in the making. 

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