Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Few Parting Words For the Deep Fryer

It's fun talking with parents about their favorite kitchen tools.  Inevitably the conversation turns to their use of the good old deep fryer.  Who hasn't had a deep fryer at some point in their life?  We had one of all sizes growing up and it was the first wedding gift that comes to mind.  The question is whether you still have it and more importantly, do you still use it? 

Simply put, deep frying is placing your food in a wire basket and submerging your food in extremely hot oil.  Your food cooks really fast and the finished product is generally a golden brown, crispy dish that unfortunately tastes pretty good. 

The disadvantages are too numerous to mention.  The biggest disadvantage however, is that the food soaks up the bad oils.  You know, the oil that you had to scoop out of the large tub with a spatula. 

So as the coming year approaches and you embark on a renewed healthy lifestyle, I encourage families to make a change and toss the deep fryer.  You won't miss it.  In fact, you'll appreciate not having the mess.  So cut your calories in half (yes in half) by ditching the deep fryer and begin baking your food.  

Remember, raising healthy kids starts one step at a time.  The #1 vegetable consumed in the US is french fries.  Let's do our part and commit to healthier cooking methods. 

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