Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Ultimate Organization Tool for Healthy Meals

We know that the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is planning.  Without a plan, we are more likely to grab donuts for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and a bowl of cereal for dinner.  If you're a busy parent, and wish to embark on a healthy lifestyle for you and your family, then it's important to plan not only your dinner meals, but your breakfast and lunch meals too.

Check out this tool created by the Healthy Kids Inc team.  The upper portion of the spreadsheet allows you to plan out your meals for the week.  In our household, breakfast is usually "grab-n-go," so a homemade bran muffin or piece of fruit generally goes here.  The lunch section allows me to be creative and plan fun lunches for the whole family.  Dinners are incredibly easy to plan out- thanks to the HKI website.

Once your meals are planned, simply use the columns below to chart the grocery items needed to pull off each day.  This is one of my favorite sections.  It keeps me from overspending at the store and ensures that I have everything I need to pull off meals for the week.  The bottom section is used for any additional grocery options that may not fall in the weekly plan (drinks, paper products, etc).

Once the shopping is complete, I simply tear off the top section and tack it to a cork board conveniently placed on the inside of the pantry door as a daily reminder.

Hesitant, Reluctant, Skeptical?  Give this a try for even one week.  You'll be thoroughly impressed with the results.  A downloadable version is available on the Healthy Kids Inc website.  Let us know how you like it.

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