Sunday, April 22, 2012

We're Tackling Sugar- Get Ready!

Lately, I've found myself on a path of self discovery to learn about sugar, and it's impact on the body. Ignorance can be bliss...but not when it comes to sugar (or so I'm finding out).

I have quite a few reasons for going down this road.

My mother, who has had fibromyalgia for 22 years, suffers from incredible pain each and every day. We've tried every approach to improve her pain, but nothing helped....until she recently began to eliminate sugar from her diet. It turns out that she has an overgrowth of yeast and toxins in her body. Diets high in sugar feed the yeast making it even worse. The pain and fatigue, which has plagued her for half of her life, have drastically reduced simply from eliminating sugar. Follow her storyIt is quite intriguing.

I am a big fan of Dr Joseph Mercola- a physician that promotes alternative medicine and healing.  My good friend recommended his blog a year ago, and I can not wait every morning to receive his latest email post. Dr Mercola is highly controversial, but his research is so complete and compelling, that I find it hard to overlook. This article is a terrific overview of the implications sugar has on our body and our children. You may also see Dr Mercola occasionally on Dr Oz talking about natural health remedies.

The final straw however, came for me when I finished the book Sugar Blues. I was shocked to see sugar likened to nicotine and heroin in terms of its addictive nature. Obesity, fatigue, depression, could something so prevalent in our diets cause so many problems?

All of this is leading me to a series of posts over the next four weeks to answer some questions that I can't stop thinking about.

  1. We'll talk about the recommended daily sugar intake for kids and what an average day should look like to stay within those limits.
  2. Sugary drinks to avoid. You will be shocked at some of our most common drinks that contain high amounts of sugar.
  3. Natural sugars vs added sugars. Help!!!
  4. Is it possible for our kids to eat too much fruit?

Get ready for some shocking information.  See you back again next week.  


  1. This is so exciting!! I have recently started paying close attention to my childrens drinks and sugar intake in general. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. This is an incredibly important subject! Many people have no idea about the amount of sugar they consume each day that is hidden in many foods that do not seem like they would contain it. I'm looking forward to your next post!

  3. It's amazing how removing one simple thing from our diet can improve our overall health, I can't wait to see the rest of your blogs great info.! Thanks.


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