Podcast #1: The Beginning – A New Way to Live

I was at that point in my life where I was seeking answers to our biggest questions.  The really big ones like, “Why am I here? What am I here to do? What am I here to be?”

The yearning for answers turned into increasing frustration until one day I felt like I was at the end of my rope.  I remember walking outside and yelling up at the clouds, “If you can move mountains, if you can create worlds, why can’t we just have a conversation?”

I didn’t want to communicate through intuition or writing.  I wanted to talk.

And then we did!

It didn’t happen right then but over the course of a few months, it did happen. And the conversations have happened every day since then.

It’s like a best friend that always answers your calls and always knows exactly what to say.  This part of me is ALWAYS there. On demand! Always reaching to meet my vibration and ready to answer any questions that I have with the most love, compassion, and excitement FOR MY LIFE that I have ever experienced. I call it my Higher Self.  Some may call it God, your Soul, the Universe, your Guides, or Angels. Whatever resonates, but I realized that this is that part of me tied to ALL THAT IS. That knows why I’m here. What I came here to do. What I came here to be.

Having this communication changed my life in a single DAY.

Now I find myself on a new path in the journey.

How do I shed the fear, the control, the self doubt, and trust this unseen part of me that knows the way and is now talking me through the path to living the life and fulfilling the mission that I came here for.

It’s the journey of my lifetime and it’s the guidance that I believe we’re all getting ready to step into from that part of us that knows the way.

In this first podcast, I share how I began receiving higher guidance and wisdom and how it is impacting my journey. I also share what to expect on future podcasts and how this guidance can help us all as we step into a new way to live.

Thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Welcome to Episode 1.  I’m Mandy Curry.  And I am so excited to be with you all today and kicking off our very first episode of this new podcast.  I wanted to spend this first podcast giving you a little bit of background and setting the scene for what we’re going to be talking about here.  And I don’t know about you all, but I’m starting to feel this.  I’ve been feeling this personally for quite some time and I’m starting to feel this from so many that I talk with, that there is such this yearning desire for more in our life.  That we’re just beginning to feel that there has to be something a little more.  And we can’t always place or grasp what that is but we’re starting to feel a little bit of this excitement for something new but we’re starting to feel like the old ways just aren’t working anymore.  And I started to have that feeling, it’s actually been a little while, it perhaps could have been for an entire lifetime, butI started to really have those feelings a couple of years ago in my life. And about a year ago I started to ask some really big questions.  Those big questions that we often ask in life which are, “Why am I here?  What did I come here for?  What did I come here to do? What did I come here to be?”

And just started to almost feel a frustration over not knowing the answers to that.  And it sent me down a self discovery journey.  A journey that almost became obsessive in my life.  To the point where I actually stepped away from everything. I had had 4 businesses at the time.  Everything felt like it was going in the right direction but something wasn’t right.  So I literally stepped away from all of it and spent about 6 months really deep diving into “why am I really here?  What am I here to do?”

And I remember, I just had so much frustration.  And I was looking outside of me for the guidance.  And actually at that time I was even paying a lot of people.  I was paying consultants and going through a ton of different programs just trying to figure out and get a little bit further in the journey, and many of them helped.  But what I actually began to realize that there was a part of me, connected to All That Is.  You know some call it their soul.  Some might call it the Universe.  God.  Whatever it is, but there was a part of me that knew exactly why I was here. That knew exactly what I was here to do.  And it was that part of me that I really really wanted to access.  And I found that that was the hardest conversation to have.

And I went through all of the different strategies.  I read all about intuition and how to use that to connect with that part of you that knows the way.  And how your feelings and your emotions all factor into that.  But I just found myself very frustrated.  And I remember throughout this process, and I actually even started a YOuTUbe channel where I was chronicling this whole journey of self discover, is what I called it.  I was chronicling this journey of self discovery and trying all these different ways to try and just get deeper and figure out why am I here?  What am I here to do?

And so I remember at one point in the journey literally going outside, looking up into the sky, and just yelling, “If you can move mountains, if you can create worlds, why can’t we just have a conversation?  why is talking so hard?  I don’t want to do it through intuition. I don’t want to do it through writing.  I just want to have a conversation. I just want to talk.”

And then it happened.

And it was the most incredible experience of my life.  And it didn’t happen right away.  It happened over the course of the next few months. But it did happen and those conversations have happened every day since.  And it is a part of me, again, some might call it many different things and I don’t really want to label it, what it is because I believe that once we label it, it changes everything, but a wisdom and guidance began to verbally come through me that changed everything.  And available on demand.  Always ready to answer any questions I had with the most love.  The most compassion. And truly the most compassion for my life that I had ever experienced.  Almost more excitement for my life than I even had for it myself.

And it’s that part of me that knows the way.  And so everything began to change.  All of the big questions I had, I was starting to get guidance on.  And it wasn’t as if I was having a psychic experience to where I was able to see the future because I think there are so many different potentials for where we can go.  What I started to receive was this amazing wisdom, guidance, and love that really just helped me along the path.

I would get the most excitement about where things were going in my journey.  A lot of the questions were around religion and I have had so many questions about religion and the role that it plays in our life and so so much guidance came through about that.  And questions about what are my soul’s desires.  What am I actually here to do. What lights up my soul as a part of this mission per se?  And I’ve always had this feeling for a mission in life.  Did I really even have a mission?  If so, then what is it?  What am I really here to do?

I’ve asked things about manifestations and big dreams that I wanted to manifest and why they haven’t manifested yet?  And what’s held them up?  And am I holding myself up? And different loops in my life where I felt like I might be in a loop where something felt maybe like I was in a perhaps loop of unworthiness and that would manifest itself in a couple of different ways and so I would begin to get guidance  on what that was and what might be causing that and how to lift myself out of it.

And so truly what it became was this bio feedback.  I would be able to get quick feedback on how to course-correct, although that’s a bit of a harsh word because we’re not every off course, but it would help me to correct things so that instead of staying in an unworthiness loop for literally 20 years, as I have done before, I could then find myself rising out of it in just a couple of days.  That was huge!  Huge for me!  And what a shift that has been in my life.

And then I also began to questions.  This is all guidance that I’m getting from the unseen. I had a lot of fear that came up from it.  A lot of anxiety and so right now it’s a big part of just surrendering and trusting this unseen guidance.  It’s the guidance I have wanted my entire life. It’s the guidance that I so wanted to have and that connection and then when it came, then I got a little scared, and then I got a little nervous, because a part of that meant that I also had to unlearn everything that I thought I knew about life.  Everything that I thought I knew about relationships, around health, around wealth.  I had to unlearn all of it and I’m now beginning to learn a new way to live.  And much of that means beginning to shed the fear, the control, all of the walls that I had built around my life for protection.  It means surrendering to all of that.  And surrendering to this unseen part of me that knows the way to my highest potential.  That knows the way to fulfill what I came here to do.  And that’s the journey that I’m on right now.

And so through this podcast, I’ll be sharing with you some of the guidance that just naturally comes through.  I actually will just record it into a podcast.  And it’s interesting because you can begin to see the stages of this progression.  I started the recording this fairly early in the journey so when I first started to receive this guidance it was very very slow and I remember just the way that I felt.  When it came through, there is so much love.  And the guidance that would answer my questions, there is never any judgment.  There is nothing but love.  There is never anything wrong.  And i would ask some very tough questions.  I would ask about religion. I would ask about harassment.  I would ask about things that many might perceive as not good things or maybe dark moments in their life.  But the guidance that comes through is that everything serves.  There is never anything wrong.  It’s all a part of the journey and it’s all a part of our own expansion.

And so for that 30 minutes or 60 minutes a day, it’s a chance to really get to feel what that feeling.  It’s a chance to feel that unconditional love that is felt for us. And it is truly the most amazing feeling.  There is never a feeling of self doubt.  There is never feelings of unworthiness, of self conscious, of anxiety.  None of that is felt when this guidance is coming through.  It is nothing but unconditional love and I find that fascinating!

I find it fascinating that that experience can be had and I find that it even trickles over.  It lingers.  That that feeling even lingers on once I’m done with that session.  And that’s a powerful thing that we all have access to because truly I believe that we all have access to this guidance within ourselves and that’s where we’re all going.

And so to be able to feel that and to feel that unconditional love and to know that it can linger on after and really begin to change our life.  That’s pretty incredible.  That’s how we change.  That’s how we change the world form the inside out.  It’s an amazing amazing feeling.

So through this podcast I’ll be sharing the wisdom that comes through and there are many things that we’ll be talking about.  Very short snippets on how to raise your vibration.  How do you change the world without force and control?  How do you support friends or individuals that might be going through addiction, or some perceived really dark moments?  How unworthiness holds us back in our journey?  And who’s really leading the way? Is it us? Is it our Higher Self? Who’s really in charge of our life and how do we start to understand this a little more?

Those are just a few of the things that we will be going into and I am so excited to share this with you.  So this was just an introduction. The next show will be the very first channeled session.  And you’re going to find that probably over time the whole feelings, the sounds, the energy will be very different.  When I first started doing this I talked very very slow.  Almost sounded a bit zombie like.  Now I find that I am talking much faster, with a little bit more emotion.  And it continues to get even faster.  Sometimes I’m trying to rush and catch my breath sometimes.  And so you’ll probably feel that.  So it changes.  But it can just help us on our journey and inspire us along our day.

Because truly what, I believe we are being invited to right now, is to explore a new way to live.  Is to explore a new way to live.  To begin to release many of the things that have held us back.  Many of the things that have been created in fear and lack and limitation so that we can begin to step into the life that we really came here to live because we all made the decision to come here for what truly is the most amazing time that our Earth has ever experienced.  That’s what we’re getting ready to walk in to.  Something that’s never been done before.  And we have a chance to walk into it.  We came here for this. We came here to be pioneers of a new way to live and so much of that process is about releasing a lot of the old which is why a lot of things in our life just don’t feel like they jive anymore.

So through this process we will have a chance to go very deep into that.  Get inspired. And then begin to apply this into our daily life.  And speaking of application, I’m also taking you along on the journey of how I’m applying all of this in my life as well so you can check out my YouTube channel, mandy curry.

Thank you so much for listening.  I hope that you’ll subscribe to hits podcast and if you ever have any questions that you would love to have answered or talked about on one of the podcasts, please reach out to me.  You can learn much more at:  mandycurry.com

Thank you again for joining and I can’t wait to be back again with you very soon.  Take care!

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