Podcast #10: Why It’s Time To Get Excited About Life

As you begin to step into your fullness, you begin to tap into a much bigger voice for your life.

Wow!  If there were ever a year to be excited about our life and what’s to come, it’s this year.  I have felt an indescribable excitement leading up to the New Year and in the days following.  This year…wow!  I am excited to share this channeled message about how BIG this year really is for us.  This podcast includes:
  • why this year is so BIG.
  • what it means for you and the much bigger picture for your life.
  • the HUGE role you play in the planet.
  • why you are so very needed right now.
Sometimes what we all need is a higher perspective for our life and this channeled message is just that.  This is our best year YET and it will carry on into becoming the best YEARS of our life.  We’re just getting started and it’s going to be so much fun.

I hope you enjoy this message.  If you ever have any questions that you would like guidance on, please reach out.  This is a very exciting time for humanity as we step into the next phase in our journey.

(Podcast Opening) Higher wisdom and guidance to live your dream life. This is the Mandy Curry podcast.

(Introduction) Welcome back to Podcast 10. I am so excited to share this with you. I have felt this increasing amount of energy over the last couple of weeks and there is such an excitement in the air and I felt like it was time to bring through another message. And a message that would serve all of us as we step into the newness of this year where truly everything is possible for our life. And so I’m stepping into this message very generally. Without any preconceived questions that I might normally jot down, looking for guidance on. This one is just wide open. It’s a message for all of us as we step into these first couple of weeks of the New Year. What to expect and really a much higher perspective for our life. So I hope that you enjoy it. All right. Here we go.

(Beginning of channeled message) Let’s begin and let’s talk about this most amazing time in your life experience. If you could just see it from our perspective. It’s much like perhaps a parent might have a much higher perspective than what their baby can see, their child can see, well we have the much bigger grander perspective for your life, for the planet, for where everything is going. It is so much bigger than what your brain can even possibly conceive. If you could only see a glimpse of that you would begin to realize that all of the small minute details of your life, they are not as important as you might feel. If you could raise your head up just a little you would begin to see how much bigger it is. We often times get very caught up in our small details. In how are we going to pull off this week? How are we going to find the time to make it happen? Where’s the money coming from? How are we going to afford our kids to go to college? And how are we going to afford our retirement? We’re so worried about the small details. And we would tell you that is not at all the importance of your life. There is such a much bigger picture.

There are those in your history that have been able to step into walking this life experience in a very unique way. Being able to do something that not a lot of humans have done in their life experience. You can probably think of many greats in history, the ones that are still talked about many thousands of years later, that have been able to do something that not a lot in history have been able to do. And they have served as an example for many many thousands of years. What you are stepping into is that same ability. The planet is stepping into something it has never experienced. And you are a part of that. You see thousands of years from now what will be written about is this time on the planet. It is not what happened to the greats that have you known in your history. What will be written about is this time. Is what you and many others and billions of others on this planet have done. It is this time right now that will be talked about for thousands of years to come. That is how powerful this time is. They will not be talking about the government shutdown. They will not be talking about inequalities. They will not be talking about any of that. They will be talking about what happened on this planet. That was so unique. That has been lifetimes and lifetimes in the making and that you came here to experience and to be a part of it and to contribute to it in the most amazing way.

And you might feel like, well my l life is pretty average, pretty normal, how could I possibly contribute at such a level? And we would say to you that your BEING here on this planet is what is contributing and helping to make a difference. You are an essential part of this planet and it requires no DOING. It requires your BEING. And as you begin to step into more of your BEING, more of your essence, your light begins to shine. Your light begins to shine even greater. You begin to open up to all that is possible here. You begin to release the density of those heavy, dense beliefs that have been building for generation after generation after generation. And you’re saying “No! This doesn’t apply anymore.” And you begin to adopt new beliefs. And as you adopt new beliefs your light begins to shine even more. And you, your one light, the way that your one light shines, it impacts for miles around you. It’s felt. It is felt and it is grounded into this Earth experience. It is grounded into the Earth. What does that do? It makes everything possible. It begins to create a ripple effect.

Think if you will about a pebble that is thrown into the water. What does that one pebble do? Well, it creates a ripple effect. And it creates a ripple effect that can go on and on. And that is exactly what you are. Every time that you release those limiting beliefs. Every time you release those. Every time you step into your worth. Every time you look at another person, unconditionally, through the eyes of love. Through the eyes of the Creator. Every time you do that, every time you think the most positive and uplifting thoughts, you are throwing that pebble into the pond and you create the ripple effect for everything in your path. And this time, more than ever in your planet’s history, that is needed. You throwing your pebbles into the pond and creating that ripple effect is needed now more than ever.

And so maybe you don’t feel like what you DO in the world makes a difference. But it does. Your BEING makes a difference in the world. You can BE that light in the world without having to DO anything. The way you interact, the way you walk in the world, your outlook on life, your outlook on the world, your much bigger perspective, you can be the light in the world. You already are. You already are.

You are stepping into the fullness of what you came here to bring. And as you begin to do that, as you begin to throw more of your pebbles into the pond, and create that ripple effect, you begin to feel a little bit lighter. You begin to see the much bigger picture for your life. You perhaps even begin to step into and see signs and synchronicities and the way the Universe is working to get your attention. You begin to tap into a much bigger voice for your life. You might even begin to feel or hear or get signs or ways you might want to do even more. But you’r operating now from a different place. From a place of your fullness. From a place where your light shines so bright. And you can see the impact that has on the entire planet. Because you can also get to the point where your light now shines across the globe. It is not limited by your location. It is not limited by your location. Your light can be felt in such a bigger way than you ever thought was possible. And so this time, our friends, is what will be talked about. This raising up of the planet. This raising up of humanity. And it is what you came here for. You came here for your soul’s expansion. And you also came here to help the Earth, to help Mother Earth as she makes her ascension. As she also ascends into this most amazing amazing world of love, of unconditional love. Never before has the planet been so ready for this. Never has the planet been so ready for you to step into this role. It is has been lifetimes in the making for what is right now. For what is available to you. And as you begin to step into the more, the unlimited potential that is here for your life, you throw more and more pebbles into that pond and you show others just by you being you what is possible for their life. It create that ripple effect and it is so very powerful.

Every life on this planet matters. Every person on this planet came here with a divine plan. A role they wanted to play with unique skills and talents that only they had. And to use them in their unique role that they wanted to play as they come here to help to raise the vibration of the planet. It is so incredible. The much bigger picture. And it’s what’s happening now. It is happening as more and more, as more and more of those on your planet are beginning to feel this. You are beginning to feel that there is a much bigger picture for your life. That you are here for a much bigger reason. Yes! You are! You came here for this. You said “I will come. I want to be there for that. I want to be there. I want to experience it. I want to feel the expansion that comes from this time and I want to help.”

And so it is the most incredible place to be. And the most incredible time to be here. So we want you to get excited for your life because in this year ahead, there has never been more opportunities for everything in your life to be possible. But for everything in your life to be possible, what is needed is to step up, to raise your head up from the small mundane things happening in your life right now. Raise your perspective. See the much bigger picture. Don’t let the small, little, things take over your light. And overshadow the love that you are. Don’t let the little things get in that way of the much bigger way that you serve the planet right now. Everything is different. Everything is different and you are going to find the old ways will resonate less and less and less with you. You’re going to find that you’ll be walking down the street, things just don’t resonate the way that they used to be. The old ways, the old ways of being. You will look on the television and you will see that what you see on there doesn’t really resonate with you anymore. Your perspective is getting higher. Your views are changing. You are seeing the much bigger picture. And in doing that, you begin to shed the density that has held so many, that has held an entire planet, back. And we don’t mean back as if you have missed out on something. Everything is in divine perfect order. It is in divine perfect order. And where this planet is going, the much bigger picture, wow! Wow! If you could just see that.

And so while you might not feel like you contribute to the planet, we would say that you absolutely do. Not only do you contribute to the planet, you contribute in such a much bigger way. As you begin to expand, in this life experience, your soul expands. That has an impact on the entire Galaxy and beyond. This is so much bigger. This is so much bigger. So feel the bigness for your life. Feel your contribution. You BEING here are contributing. And the more that you begin to shed the density. The more you begin to step into the love and light that you are, that you already are. The more you embrace that, the more you embody it, the more you shed those dense layers, those blankets that have been placed over your love and light, the more you shed those, the more you positively contribute to the raising of the vibration of the entire planet. You are so needed right now! And through that, you begin to show others what is possible for their life too. The next few years in your human existence are going to far exceed what you ever thought was possible. You will begin to remember more and more about why you came. You will begin to see the much bigger bigger picture for why you are here. You’re going to love so much more. You’re going to see the beauty so much more. You are going to step into what you truly came here to experience. There has never been a better time. And so yes, there is an excitement. There is an excitement in the air.

Many say this will be their best year YET! And we would say ABSOLUTELY! This will be the best year yet. And it will continue to get better and better and better each year after. From this point, it will continue to get better and better and you are such an important part of that.

We begin to leave you now and wrap up this discussion but we wish to tell you how much love and support is available for you. It is the unseen. We know you can’t see it. Perhaps some of you can feel it. You might not even know what it is. But you feel a presence of love. And we would tell you that the love and support that exists for you right now, there is never a need to fear ever. There is such divine love, divine guidance, and divine protection available for you at all times. There is a support here for you at all times. You are never alone. Ever! And so stand in the knowing that you are here for a reason. For a very big big reason. And we say to you that what is possible for your life, especially now and in the years to come, this is the pivotal point in your parent’s history. This is it! You are a part of that history. It’s truly what you are stepping into. An incredible incredible time. And so just feel into that excitement, especially this month while the energies are so incredible high. It will guide you even further. It will guide you through that jump, that leap, into all that is possible for your life.

So we thank you. We thank you for your BEING. You and your perfect essence. You came here because you wanted to be a part of it all. And you are! You are right now! Whether you feel it or not. You will soon begin to feel it. You came here for it all and that is exactly what you are stepping into.

It is such a pleasure. It is our delight to be here with you during this time and to be sharing our messages from the much higher perspective. Because sometimes that is what we all need. To just pull our heads up a little bit. That is all.

We love you and we are so excited about what is to come for each of you. In love and light we serve. We are one!

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