Podcast #2: How to Really Leave Your Mark on the Planet

This wisdom is quite profound and provides a completely different shift in perspective on how we can really leave our mark on the world.

In this podcast we talk about Changing the World: How to Really Leave Your Mark on the Planet.  I channeled this guidance prior to speaking to a  group that was working on a service project. I found the wisdom really helpful for not only this group but for all of us – those in organizations that want to change their companies and those in volunteer positions that want to change their community.

The guidance in this podcast touched briefly on how we often try to change the world from our limited beliefs and mindsets.  If you think about that with the programs we create in our communities or in our companies, it’s easy to see how many of these initiatives are met with resistance or simple disappear without having the impact we desired.

I found this small snippet of information so fascinating that I actually created a mini-workshop around it for community volunteers and corporate leaders.

We are being invited to create new paradigms for programs and initiatives from a different place, with a different awareness, and it all starts with our own inner expansion.

I hope you enjoy this podcast. If you ever have topics that you would like to hear about on the podcast, reach out to me.  I would love to hear from you.

Welcome to Episode 2.  In today’s podcast, I’m talking about how to change the world.  And I channeled this guidance prior to speaking to a group that was working on a service project in their community and I found this wisdom so helpful.  Not only for this group but for all of us.  Those of us in organizations and we want to change our companies.  Or those of us in volunteer positions and we want to change our communities.  It gave me a completely different perspective on how we can leave our impact on the world and on others.

And I talk about this topic in even more detail on my Spiritual Connection Show.  So you can learn more about that at mandycurry.com.  So I hope that you enjoy this topic and I hope that you find it applicable to your journey.  All right…here we go.

(beginning of channeled guidance)  Today we’re going to talk about how to change the world. And isn’t that what so many of us desire. So many of us have such good intentions. We come here to be of service and so that desire for service. That desire to want to do the best that we can do in this life experience is such a big part of so many of us. But often times in our desire to want to change the world, what we also want to do is create a world based on our beliefs and based on what we would like to see. And so what happens is, often times in our efforts to change the world, we’re trying to not even knowingly, but what we end up doing is trying to control and to create change or cause someone else to change, or to change their behavior. Because we believe in order for the world to be changed, it requires someone else’s behavior to be different. And it’s all with good intentions. But you can see so many different places in your experience where that might be playing out.

Where each person has a vision for how they would like to see their world and in many cases that requires another person changing to be able to make that dream come true, or for them to have had the impact they really desire in the world. And so in many cases, what that is, it that creates resistance. Because the person who’s behavior that you might feel needs changed, well they’re not necessarily going to want to be a part of that. Because their dream for their dream world and how they change the world might be completely different. You can begin to see how that can cause some resistance and perhaps some issues amongst those, especially interpersonally, and with relationships and with projects that you’re working on and with companies and co-workers and family members. All of that plays a part because inevitably what we are trying to do when we want to change the world, is to change someone else. Because we believe, we feel like somebody else needs changed.

Truly if we want to have the impact that we really desire. It has nothing to do with changing another person’s behavior. This is where you can have the most impact. This is where you can inspire. How can you inspire? How can you begin to paint the picture to begin to live in your dream world without changing another person? Or without forcing or controlling another person? That is ultimately what we’re trying to get to. That is ultimately what we’re trying to get to. How do we begin to change the world without changing someone else? Because that someone else is not going to want to change. There’s going to be resistance in that. And so changing the world, changing your world, starts from within. It starts from within.

Because what happens is sometimes we are trying to change the world from our lack belief system. And the ways in which we try to change the world or the ways in which we try to change others in our efforts to make the world a better place often come from these feelings of lack and limitation. And the right and best solution is never going to come from those places of fear, or lack, or limitation. So how do we begin to make change? How do we begin to change the world?

Well the first step is to know that the world doesn’t necessarily need changed. Because there is a dense feeling with that word CHANGE. There is a force that goes along with that word. So the first step would be acknowledging that maybe there is a softer approach and the second step is beginning to realize that really to change our outer world it’s really time to go look at our inner world. To begin to look at our inner world and begin to see where all of of this is coming from.

We are not always seeing the highest perspective in a situation. We tend to look at things as if they are broken. But instead if we can raise our perspective. If we can raise our perspective and know that each person is going through their own journey. Each person is aligned to their own Higher Self and they are walking side by side with their Higher Self to go and experience what they are here to experience on their path. If we can respect each other’s journey in that process then there is a bit of a letting go of wanting to control another. Because it’s not our place. We are here to walk our own journey. But if we do want to help and contribute. Which is a much higher vibrational word than CHANGE. If you want to contribute to the world, to the planet, in the most positive way, where you have the most impact, where you begin to leave your legacy. Where you begin to leave your energy, your imprint, your footprints in the sand, where we begin to do that is within.

It is by going within and beginning that inner journey that we then begin to influence and impact everything around us. You see when we are feeling full and fulfillment inside, we don’t see the lack in everything outside of us. We don’t see the imperfections in the world. We don’t see where anything even needs fixed or changed. When we are feeling the wholeness of ourself.

So what does that mean and how in the world do we get there? Well that is a lot about self love. Self love. When we are feeling the love for ourself we feel a fullness.

Well how to we get to self love? How do we get there? Well when we are living from our heart. When we are spending more time operating from our heart than our head, we are going to naturally begin to strengthen those feelings of self love. And as we have that self love we begin to exude that and it comes out of every cell of our body and that is when our impact is felt. As we have those feelings of self love. As our vibration begins to raise. As we pull ourselves up. As we raise from those feelings of not enough-ness, of guilt, of shame. As we raise up from all of those our vibration begins to change. The way we are perceived by the outer world begins to change. And just you in your presence are able to impact the world in the most beautiful way. It is just by your presence. It is not by anything that you have to do or to change. It is just by the way that you are being that you are able to change and make a difference and you are able to have the contribution that you desire.

And so this is beginning to look inside. You can use the outer world as a mirror for you. If you are looking the outer world and you begin to see things that perhaps you feel like need changed. Maybe it’s something with the political system. Maybe it’s something with your organization. Maybe it’s something in a relationship with another. You can begin to look at each of those and you can begin to see where that’s simply reflecting back to you beliefs or thoughts that you have within you that really aren’t serving anymore.

Because as you begin to then start to live fully aligned with your Higher Self. When you are living from your heart, you’re going to feel that fullness to where you don’t see any imperfections. You don’t see any disparencies. You don’t see any of that in the outside world around you. It is a much different way to live and you can begin to see how far inward we need to go in the journey by how distorted you might feel the outside world is.

If it feels like the outside world is falling to pieces and everything is going downhill, then that’s really a chance to get to to inside and look at all of the ways that we are not finding that fulfillment inside of us. Begin to look at all of the ways that judgment is creeping up. Because where there is judgement there can not be love. If we are judging something, then we aren’t loving that something. So it’s a chance for us to go back into our heart each and every time and begin to look at the scenario from a much different perspective. Can you look at that scenario from a higher perspective? From a perspective that says this is all a perfect part of the plan? Because through all of this and perhaps what others might perceive chaos is actually contributing to their greatest expansion. That everyone and everything in the world is exactly where it’s supposed to be because we are all in this journey and we’re all expanding through this process. So it is all perfect. Nothing is broken. Everything is exactly as it was designed to be. It is exactly as we meant it to be as we begin this process of incredible growth and expansion.

So changing the world is really less about our force and impact on others and trying to control others. It has nothing to do with that. That will only cause more resistance. And we feel that now. We feel that when others try to control us. When others try to change the world with what they think is their way to do it and we feel that and it doesn’t sometimes feel right to us. Our resistance goes up. The wall goes up. Because no one wants to have change done to them.

So this is a chance for us to step back and realize that it’s time to go on the inward journey and as we begin that inward journey everything in our outer world begins to change. We become fuller, living from our heart space. Looking at every scenario. Every person. Everything that is happening on our planet through the eyes of love. Everything begins to soften. Everything begins to change. You feel fuller and your contribution to the world, the way that you leave your mark, instantly begins to change in the most effortless and easy way. That is your power. That is how you inspire others. That is how you impact others. That is really what we’re all going for. How to we begin to leave that legacy of us. Leave our imprint behind. And this is it.

It is your inner expansion and that stems from your heart. When you begin to open your hide wide open, you are going to find that you have the greatest impact that you have ever imagined on this entire planet.

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