I am inspired by a new way to live, a new awareness of what’s possible for our lives, as we begin the journey to connect with our spirit within.

    I’m Mandy. I am a mother, wife, and entrepreneur inspired by new paradigms for religion, relationships, health, and abundance, as we begin the journey to find the spirit within.

    My life, by societal standards, has been very traditional.  To the outside world, my life has been very normal. But inside, I have been on a lifelong journey to know my authentic self. I have always known there had to be “more” to life.

    As a little girl, that path for “more” felt very mission focused.  I always felt like I was here for a mission. I never knew what it was but this life experience felt very important.

    As a teenager and into my early 20’s, that path for “more” unfolded in the immersion of all-things personal development. I spent 20 years in Corporate Management, Leadership and Training.

    Around 2010, and after 16 years in corporate, I began to feel the pull toward entrepreneurship.  For a few years, my husband and I built our first business while also working in corporate.  Our first company, Healthy Kids Inc, was a technology platform to help families with meal planning and cooking.  We then formed a second company, Start A Garden, which created garden technology to help classrooms start gardens.

    In 2015, I intuitively knew it was time to leave.  I left my corporate career and emerged into entrepreneurship. We then started our third company, Project Healthy Kids, a non-profit organization to support our work with children, schools, and communities.

    I can easily look back and see all of the divine coordination that was building throughout this time.  It’s all pretty incredible!

    In 2016, the Universal pieces started pulling together a little more (although I didn’t know it).  We joined friends to create a consulting company called Business Uplifted.  This led us back into the corporate world to serve leaders, while still operating our technology businesses.

    And then just a short year later, everything began to change (on the inside).  We had 4 businesses and nothing felt right.  I was full of questions about my purpose, what was next in life.  I began to questions all aspects of life.  Suddenly, nothing resonated or made sense.

    I stepped away from all of our businesses for 6 months to journey to the depths of my soul.  It was then that everything changed and the answers began to come to the surface.

    I knew there was a version of me, connected to ALL that is, that knew my path. Some might call it our Soul, our Higher Self, God, or the Universe. I just knew there was a higher consciousness that could give me guidance on my path, but I had no idea how to access it or where to begin.

    My first step was turning to religion to fill that void. I explored various religions and tried to get myself into the weekly routine, but it never quite felt right. I still felt like I was being sent to something outside of myself. That I could only access God through someone or somewhere else and that message just didn’t resonate anymore. I knew there had to be another way.

    I had so many questions about my personal journey.

    – I wanted to know why I always felt this sense of mission.  Did I really have a mission.  And if so, had I missed it?

    – I wanted to know if there really was a team behind the scenes helping me.

    – I really wanted to know what life was like on the other side of fear, lack, limitation, and self doubt.

    – I wanted to know if there really was a bigger plan for my life, a purpose, or was this all there was?

    And then it happened!

    Over the course of a few months, I began verbally channeling what I refer to as my Higher Self.It’s that higher voice for our lives, connected to ALL THAT IS. It took some help getting there (from some very special people in my life) but I was able to raise my vibration to a point where my Higher Self could essentially merge with me and we could have a conversation. And I had A LOT of questions!

    But having a conversation with that part of me, also meant that I had to shed the wall that I had built around myself. It meant surrendering to the unseen. It meant unlearning a lot of what I grew up to believe about religion, relationships, health, and wealth. It wasn’t an easy process. I was relentless on the path to talk with my Higher Self, yet skeptical of whether this kind of communication was even possible. But once it happened, and I felt the energy of my Higher Self and then audibly spoke the words coming through, all doubts disappeared.

    While in that state with my Higher Self, I feel God energy. The God that we’ve always heard about that loves us unconditionally. That love!

    Never any judgment, never any self conscious beliefs, never any fear. It is truly life on the other side of lack, limitation, fear, and self doubt.

    I began to receive hours and hours of channeled guidance (transcribed into hundreds and hundreds of pages) of guidance from a lifetime of questions about this human experience.

    What I began receiving was a perspective on this human experience so profound and life changing, that it’s a bit hard to put into words. It changed my world in a single day and blasted all of the limitations I had placed on my life about what could be experienced/overcome in a human lifetime.

    It was my awakening and ascension journey.  It was exactly how I intended it to be.It was a part of my divine plan that I would begin engaging with higher consciousness and that the details of my mission would start.It was (and continues to be) a very magical time.  The world that once felt so cut off and isolated now feels alive and bigger than I ever dreamed.

    How I serve today…

    Today I serve as an Ascension Guide. I work with leaders to help them make sense of what’s happening on the planet, within their organizations, and in their own lives.  We not only connect with the higher voice for their lives, but we also weave higher wisdom and perspectives into their companies, messages, products, and creations.

    It was the role that I came here to play but I first had to experience my own awakening and ascension.  I didn’t “remember” this until I began communicating with my Higher Self and Higher Consciousness. And as I continually raise my vibration (and expand my consciousness) more and more becomes available.  I talk about this on various podcasts if you want to hear more.

    So what lights up my soul? It’s pioneering a new way to live.  I came here to be a Pioneer as we make this transition to higher dimensional living.  Relationships, Leadership, Prosperity/Abundance, Health…it’s all changing and my soul couldn’t wait to be here for it.  But I had to experience all facets of relationships, leadership, prosperity/abundance, and health in the “old” Earth, in order to step into the new paradigms that are ready to be created in the “new” Earth.  We are experiencing a return to love and I had to find the love within and for myself in a way that I had never experienced before.

    And in order to live my highest potential, to truly take this life experience as far as it can go and live the mission I came here to fulfill, I had to gently move my personality self (or ego) to the backseat as my Higher Self now takes over.  It’s been quite an interesting journey and my personality self didn’t acquiesce so easily.

    It is said that the longest journey a person will take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart and that was so true for me.

    The last few years have truly been the adventure of a lifetime.  The signs, the synchronicities, the divine orchestration, the people, the service. It’s all beyond words and it’s the life that humanity will all be experiencing over the coming decade. Surrendering to the unseen part of us that knows the way is one of the scariest, yet most fulfilling things we can do in this lifetime. Only through this can we step into the bigness for our life, the role that we came here to play, the life beyond our wildest dreams.

    What I know now is that our lives are so much bigger than we ever thought. Our contributions are so much bigger than we ever thought. We CHOSE to be here at the most incredible time of our planet’s history. And if your life doesn’t feel too exciting yet, get ready! It’s coming.

    Want a glimpse of the higher wisdom and guidance?

    Click each image for just a snippet of the wisdom and guidance I have received to help me on my journey.
    This guidance is here for you too.
    Living life with no limitation

    You just begin to realize that layers have been placed on top of the love and light that you are.  Kind of like a blanket over the light, is what we might call these feelings of fear and doubt.  It’s ok. As you recognize them you can then slowly start to pull the blanket off.  That’s how easy it is to begin to live as your true authentic self with no limitation.  

    What's ahead in the journey

    Where you are going is beyond what even your imagination can conceive.  This is about surrendering and knowing that your Higher Self is taking you on a path that will far exceed what you ever thought was possible for your life.  Right now you’re giving it the gas and holding on to the brake.  This is about surrendering to IT ALL so that you can live the life you came here to experience.

    I want to be a part of THAT!

    You came here because you cared so much about Gaia, about the Earth, about humanity.  You loved it!  You wanted to experience all of this.  To raise the vibration of humanity because at your soul level, at your higher self level, you saw the bigger picture.  You saw the bigger picture of what that would mean for the planet and you said, “I want to be a part of THAT.”

    The Path to More
    The path to more is about finding your spirit within to be, do, and have anything you want in life, live your highest potential, and step into the “more” you only thought possible in your imagination.

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