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Why now?

There is a rising up of humanity on the planet right now and it will change the way that leaders think, create and serve.  It is truly the most incredible time to be having a human experience. In fact, it’s what we all came here for. YOU CAME HERE FOR THIS!  But you didn’t come to just experience it.  You came to be a leader of it.  And through your expansion you show others what is possible for their life.

New paradigms are being created for leadership.  It has already started and will continue to evolve over the next 5-10 years.  Everything is changing.  The “perceived” chaos that many feel in the world right now is setting us up for new paradigms for leadership, prosperity, well-being, and relationships.  It’s ALL changing. ALL of it!  That’s why so much in the world no longer resonates with you.  Perhaps your old messages or teachings just don’t have the same impact.  Or maybe it’s an unusual message that is having an impact (that you never expected).

Humanity is on the rise and everything is changing.  And there’s only one person that knows what you’re here to do and why…and that’s YOU. Specifically, it’s that higher part of you that knows the way.  That knows the role that you came here to serve at this time.  Not the role that you have played up to this point. We’re talking about the expanded role that you’re here to serve from this point forward, as we approach this “all new” space.

Who do you work with?

From the entrepreneur that wants to bring a new creation into the world, to the public servant aspiring to positively impact his/her state or country in an unprecedented way, to the pastor that wants to take his/her congregation to new levels, to the public figure that wants to live his/her mission to make the world a better place, to the corporate trainer that wants to empower his/her team to reach their highest potential. If you want to positively contribute to the planet in a small or big way, then I can connect you with YOUR even bigger voice.

What does a bigger voice mean?

Your bigger voice is that part of you that knows the way.  I know about it because I searched many, many years to find my own.  I knew there was a part of me that knew the answers to my biggest questions in life, that could tell me about my “mission” and why I chose this life experience.  I just knew there was a higher consciousness that could give me guidance on my path, but I had no idea how to access it or where to begin.

I had so many questions about my personal journey.

– I wanted to know why I always felt this sense of mission.  Did I really have a mission?  And if so, what is it?

– I wanted to know if there really was a team behind the scenes helping me.

– I really wanted to know what life was like on the other side of fear, lack, limitation, and self doubt.

– I wanted to know if there really was a bigger plan for my life, a purpose, or was this all there was?

And then it happened!

Over the course of a few months, I began verbally having conversations with that part of me, and those conversations have happened every day since.

It’s like a best friend that always answers your calls and always knows exactly what to say.  Always reaching to meet my vibration and ready to answer any questions that I had about life with the most love, compassion, and excitement I had ever experienced. Never sleeping. Never giving up on me. Never tiring of sending messages that I would discount as “random.” Never judging for decisions or paths I had taken in my life. Always working behind the scenes to guide me through this life experience. I call it my Higher Self.  It is that this part of me, tied to ALL THAT IS and it has a perspective on this human experience that is so profound and life changing.

Receiving this higher wisdom and guidance changed everything in my life. And then as my energy expanded, I began to pull in what I refer to as collective energy (think- our Higher Selves and any others that are vested in your success).  That’s when even more magic came into my life and this wisdom began to greatly impact other leaders that received it.

This is the quantum leap of self-development.

I now know that our lives are so much bigger than we ever imagined. Our contributions are so much bigger than we ever imagined. We are being invited to shatter the glass ceilings of what we thought was possible for our lives and step into something beyond our imagination.

Why Leaders?

Because you are needed in the world right now. Everything is changing, including the way you lead.  And it will all be born from the inside out.   As you raise and expand, so too will the way that you serve. Your projects will be changing. Your inventions will be changing. Your technology will be changing. What you bring into the world will be changing. There is no playbook for where we’re going so you have an opportunity to truly pioneer “all new ways of leading.”

I am an Ascension Guide for Leaders.  The word “ascension” means to rise up.  And that’s what’s happening now.  I work with leaders to help them make sense of what’s happening in the world, in their organization, and in their own lives.

I coach the coaches, lead the leaders, and uplift the uplifters.  I don’t do it with my words, but with yours, by simply being a conduit so you can connect with your higher voice (until you begin connecting with it yourself…which is available to us all).

How is Leadership Changing?

The old rules no longer apply. Every message.  Every product.  Every initiative.  Every effort.  We have a responsibility now, as leaders and pioneers, to create from a higher perspective in order to serve humanity at the highest level.  I can tell you from my experience, what is being created now HAS to be created from a place of impeccability in order for it to live on.  If you are creating or leading from your head (ego/personality self), it’s going to have a short lifespan.  If you are creating from your heart, it has the potential to live on for a VERY LONG TIME.

How do you help Leaders?

I have worked with Trainers, Coaches, Entrepreneurs, Non Profit Leaders, Corporate Leaders, Consultants, and many more.  The needs are always vast so the options are always customized.

  • (Creators/Entrepreneurs) Do you have a product or idea that you want to energetically field-test? Meaning, do you want to see if this product, idea or message can assist and improve the lives of humanity in this New Earth space?
  • (Government Officials) Do you serve your state or country and want to know how you can tap into your inner voice to do even more good in the world?
  • (Public Figures) Do you want to create messages that will inspire your audience or followers on an even bigger level?
  • (Non Profit Leaders) Do you want to create something new for your community, company, or team but aren’t sure if it will have the outcome and impact you desire?
  • (Coaches) Do you want to create a training class or message for a group that captures the much bigger picture for the role they play in the world?
  • (Consultants) Do you want to ensure your strategic plan is for the highest and best good of your client and their impact on the world?
  • (Corporate Leaders) Do you want higher perspectives to share with your team about health, wealth, relationships, and leadership that will propel them on the path to their highest potential?

There are so many ways to work together and all of the above can be delivered in the form of 1:1 conversations, retreats, training, workshops, speaking engagements, and more.

Humanity is ready for your gifts, talents, and contributions on this greater level.   It’s what you came here for. You are needed. And now is the time.


Ways to work together

Work one-on-one

One-on-one sessions give us an opportunity to do transformative work.  This is a unique time in the world where everything is changing.  We can work together to “energetically” field test your technology, ideas and initiatives to ensure they are coming from the highest perspective for the highest and best good of those you serve.  We can access the higher voice for your life so that you can inspire your audience on an even deeper level.

Want to talk in more detail about how we can work one-on-one?  Reach out here and let me know how I can assist you? 

Retreats and Workshops

Would you like to host a transformational retreat or workshop for your friends or your team? This opportunity to deep dive into personal transformation can be held over the course of one or two days.  Retreat topics vary by audience.  Corporate retreats typically center around building new paradigms for leadership in your organization.  Personal retreats center around self actualization, living our purpose, and stepping into the “more” that is here for us in our life.  A combination of both can also be designed.

Want to talk in more detail about how we can work together to create a transformational retreat for your group?  Reach out here and a customized retreat agenda can be created to meet your needs.  

Director / Leader Project Consulting

Are you planning to roll out a community project or new product / initiative within your company? The mindset that is used in creating the new strategy is the determining factor in how impactful and successful your project is. Let’s tap into higher wisdom and guidance to make sure what you are creating will have the highest impact on those you serve. This session can be done with a group leader or collectively with an entire team (both are highly effective). The ah-ha moments that come from this are always so insightful and always result in a shift in strategy that makes the project so much bigger (and more impactful) than ever planned. This can be likened to strategic planning with the universe and it is how companies can truly begin to change the world.

Would you like to learn more about how we can work together on your project?  Reach out here.

Online Training

If you are pressed for time and can’t commit to a one or two-day workshop but still want you, or your group/team, to experience higher wisdom and guidance, let’s discuss some online training options.  Content can be customized to your needs and created for 30-60-minute webinars.  Some very popular topics are:

– Leadership & changing the world: how to change the world without force & control

– Supporting friends, colleagues, and family going through difficult times

– Pioneering a new form of leadership in your group or organization

– The power of YOU:  tapping into (and trusting) your inner guidance to make important decisions

– Why your “why” matters.  Finding your purpose in life

– Do less:  The new way to do less and achieve more

– How to start playing BIG in life

– Why your gifts and talents are so needed right now

– Avoiding the accidental fear-based culture (at work and at home)

– Beliefs: how they impact your life and could be limiting your potential.

– Intuition, shame, guilt, and the many emotions of entrepreneurship

Want to learn more?  Reach out and let’s see how we can work together.

Speaking Engagements

Higher wisdom and guidance is truly applicable to any discussion or group- whether it be religious groups, leadership teams,  support groups, or community leaders.  If you are interested in a speaking engagement centered around how to live our highest potential; personal development; human potential; life on the other side of lack, limitation, and fear; new paradigms for health, wealth, and relationships; or impacting the world with your team, let’s talk.  The above online training topics can also be incorporated into speaking engagements.


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