Personal Channeled Messages Dec 2020-Feb 2021

My Personal Channeled Messages…

In 2018 I began verbally channeling my Spirit Team. I could dip into a meditative state, raise my vibration, and allow my mind to slide to the side while a stream of higher wisdom and guidance came through my voice to guide me. I have recorded and transcribed every message received since August 2018 (to date almost 300). I still don’t know why it’s important that I record and transcribe each one, I just know that it is.

These messages pick up at the December 2020 Solstice, when I fully released my cords and ties to the 3D/4D Earth and fully (energetically) stepped into New Earth.  I have asked for a deeper connection to the Guides to help me navigate this all new energy (hence the messages below).  This is deeply personal but perhaps their guidance will support others in their journey into this “all new” space too.

My embodied energy is only at the very very tip of New Earth.  I still often want to revert back to what my human self knows from the 3D and 4D Earth experience – none of which applies here.  So I’m learning (using that word loosely because my Soul already knows) how my projects, dreams, visions and service is all experienced and created in New Earth energy.  The Guides shared recently that, everything up to this point has been very important because it has been a part of my Soul’s journey, wrapping up all that I wanted to experience in the 3D and 4D Earth experience.  But truly what I have come here for is the New Earth experience.  It is to create Heaven on Earth. This is what we have all come here for.  The greatest time in our planet’s existence.

I transcribe exactly the words are spoken, so it may feel a bit choppy to read until you get a feel for the rhythm. The audio is like a liquid love transmission (exactly like the podcasts). I look forward to sharing them at some point too.

Onward we go, to New Earth!

Let’s begin and lets share messages with you and our messages for you are simply an imprint. An opportunity for you time stamp this incredible day on your planet and while it may not feel as such to you, we will share with you this is a grand day indeed.

You have heard the words, the heavens rejoice.  And yes! Let us rejoice and be glad!  Why are we rejoicing? Because it is a collective choosing to usher in and to embody and to live in this new reality.  This new higher consciousness.  It is indeed the New Earth.  Your consciousness has been a part of it. Your reality even reflects it.  But your choosing over the last days and weeks, has allowed you to release any ties or energetic cords to an old world.  To an old energy. Through your choosing you now experience New Earth in all aspects and in all ways and it will continue to grow and to grow and to get stronger and to get deeper.  It is so grand.  And so we tell you to let this, let this sink in, if you will.  Allow this to be your full experience.  Your only experience!  This is it!

And there is a collective that has also made a similar choosing. And it is that collective choosing that allows this energy to fully, to fully expand. It is as if a collective is being propelled. It is a collective launch as this reality unfolds.  Today we will say there is strength in numbers.  There is strength in that collective choosing.  All while taking advantage of the energetics of the planet that allow the collective choosing.  It gives the collective choosing the strength, the momentum and the power to propel it even further into existence.  Into truly the heart of creation.  It is the heart of creation of New Earth.  That is what you live and work in now.  You have been!  We simply remind you there are no ties to the old now.  You may mark this and your previous weeks as the time in which you fully released from the old.

What you are about to step into is a world, a creation, of unlimited miracles, unlimited magic.  That is the energy that you fully live in now.  Your consciousness will continue to expand.  As your consciousness expands and you embody more higher levels.  More higher dimensions, if you will.  It allows your experience in New Earth to even become more grounded. It becomes such a dominant easy vibration for you.  So your journey is not done.  It is not getting started. You have already been on the journey.  But we will say that the period, the phase that you are in right now, is quite profound. It is quite profound from a planetary perspective.  That is the significance of this.  That is the significance of this. That you join your fellow brothers and sisters of humanity in this collective choosing.  Ushering in this New Age.  Ushering in the peace, the abundance, and the love.  Truly the Earth experience that you have all, that you have all dreamed of, unfolding now.

We applaud you. We thank you.  We honor you for all that you are!  For all that you have done.  For all that you are doing. And we say now, ENJOY! ENJOY NOW!  Allow all of the creations of New Earth to take shape. They are very different.

Let’s begin and lets share messages with you as much is already coming through you telepathically as you tune in to the energies on your planet, and especially in your country, where much is happening.

Much is happening within your Capitol today and you have chosen to distance yourself from it, but also to peak in a bit and to share your energy.  And we invite you, as you have already felt, to feel the connection with your Temple and to allow your Temple to connect with the Temples that are in and around your area.  Your area by your Capitol and your surrounding states – because there are many Temples that are on what you refer to as the East Coast.  And so allow your Temple to merge, feel the energies of your Temples merging.  And what they are doing is they are blanketing these areas with the most beautiful healing light.  The most beautiful love.  Feelings of ascension, feelings of renewal and rebirth. Allow those beautiful Temples, the energy, to simply heal and blanket these areas.  They are able to physically, physically be felt in these areas.  Just allow that energy.  Just see it, this beautiful connection, that your Temples have.  Now choose with your intention to allow that energy to be felt physically in this area.

You have already tapped into this.  But we want you to continue to see the much bigger picture.  To not fall into the fear, the panic, that you may be seeing and witnessing on your TV.  But to see the representation of so many who are champions.  They are simply Champions of the New.  They may not know what the “new” is and that’s all right.  But it is through this process, they are awakening to more.  They are awakening to darkness.  And they are Champions for the Light.  They show it in many different ways.  Maybe even a bit unconsciously.  But they are Champions of the Light.  And there are many that are not there physically in form that are Champions of the Light.  And so much is happening. There is so much that is happening on the planet through your virus, through your political system, through the lock downs if you will, through the closures of schools, through all that is happening, through the vaccines, there are so many aspects of what is happening that touches people in different ways.  One may be tied or interested in political and political structures, and one may not be.  Another might be interested in vaccinations, and another may not be.  There are so many triggers, if you will, that are happening on your planet right now that are contributing to this mass awakening.  Observe! Observe! Observe!

The reality that you spend your time in now and your vibration, your energetic vibration, is quite different.  But you are able to observe it all.  And you are able to share and spread your love and to blanket and create this most amazing energy that can be felt.  That is very palpable.  You can create that energy. That is your role as the Energy Master that you are. You don’t need to entangle with it. You can see the perspective.  You can see it from your view point. From your level of consciousness.  You can see the light.  And you can continue to allow your light to be infused into all that is unfolding.

Your body is going through many physical adjustments.  Many physical integrations of this higher light. Continue to honor your body and all that it is going through and all of the energy that it is holding right now. Continue to allow your body and all of those around you, to anchor it in.  To anchor in these energies which requires much rest on your body.  Much rest!

Continue onward our friend. There is so much unfolding right now

In love and light we serve.  We are one.

{note: when the Guides use terms like Energy Master, they are never attempting to stroke the ego.  In fact, the opposite is true as they have no interest in the ego/personality games.  The Guides believe we are all Masters and playing/mastering energy has been an important theme in my Soul’s journey both on and off planet.}

Let’s begin and lets share messages with you as much is coming through you telepathically and we will begin to share this as an imprint in your journey.

We will share that you feel as though you are in an unusual place in your spiritual journey as you have felt a bit more HUMAN and as though you are spending less time in the HEAVENS.  And it is not that way at all.  In fact, what is happening within your journey is that you are acclimating and adjusting to all of your energy being in this higher frequency.  So we share with you, this is your dominant frequency.  This is it!  It is a frequency that years back in your linear time might have been more difficult, harder for you to sustain.  Now it is your dominant vibration.

You are continuing though to go and bring in higher levels of light.  And so one reason that you are drawn to what you are reading about what you refer to, or what you have heard as, soul walk-ins, is helping to give you some clarity on what you are experiencing.  Because you indeed have been experiencing a merging of different aspects of you and this has been going on throughout the last few years of your linear spiritual journey.  Much more is happening.  You especially in this last year have spent quite a bit of time merging with different aspects of you, Angelic and Galactic.  Here is what we will share with you. You are feeing as if you are going deeper.  What we will say to you is that the deeper is to be able to bring in HIGHER levels of light.  More depth to the light of the aspects that you have integrated.  This is a progression.  You are pulling in small aspects if you will, small cords, small strands, however you prefer to liken it, of light.  Those will begin to expand. Your light is getting deeper and brighter with these aspects.

So what does that mean for you?  It means you will be going deeper into YOUR own journey.  That means your skills, your talents, your magic abilities, if you will, are going to increase even more.  You’re going to see them grow.  So where as you have had an interest in energy, for example, you will see that expand.  Where you have had an interest in healing, you will see that expand.  Where you have had an interest in sound, you will see that expand.  These are all gifts and talents that have come through the most recent integrations with these aspects of you.  That will be expanding.

And so much of what you are doing is getting your base vibration ready, acclimated, comfortable, grounded, into this energy so that you can now begin to bring in more.  Does that mean that you should focus on your body?  The foods that you eat?  Your meditation time?   Yes! Yes! Yes! All of those things that help you to increase your vibration.  That is so very important.

There is also more coming and you have felt this already.  You have felt the desire to want to go deeper into the knowing of your Guides, who they are, what your relationship is, is this a Soul Contract?  You will begin to feel and know more of that.  We will say, yes!  That it is!  Yes, it is.  This is a beautiful, a beautiful relationship that you have with your Guides, your Spirit Team. Your Spirit Team evolves, yes!  There are times, just as you have felt with your Soul aspects that you are merging with, you feel an ebb and a flow with the energies.  And the same is true with your Spirit Team.  Your Guides. There are energies that come in to support you for different phases in your journey, while others step out as your focuses begin to change.  That is all a part.  That is your unseen team helping you on your journey with all that you need and it goes to reinforce to you, just how guided, protected and loved that you are. There is so much support to guide you in whatever you choose to do.  If you made a very random, we say random because it would be different for your experience, if you just chose all the sudden that you wanted to pack up and move to another country and to start in a new profession that you have never done, your Spirit Team would quickly adjust to support you.

You have so much guidance and support always!  But we will say that yes, you are about to embark on an even greater, a greater deeper experience with your Guides.  And why is that?  Because you are stepping into a greater level of service work.  It is important for you now, more than ever, as you are creating in New Earth, to create with conscious intent for the highest and best good of all.  And so your work with your Guides is helping you with that.  Your Guides will continue to help you with that and your conscious creation.

You still can not see, you still can not quite see what is all unfolding.  You can’t see the bigness of it.  Your life still feels so very normal if you will.  But we see the bigger picture.  And so that is why your team is guiding you. You don’t have to know or to remember any of it now as long as you stay connected.  And your team will be helping you.  So this beautiful contract with your Spirit Guides is to help you remember and to help you through this journey because this, our friend, you are stepping into what you truly have come here to do.  Everything up to this point has been very important because it has been a part of your Soul’s journey, wrapping up all that you wanted to observe and experience in the 3D and 4D Earth experience.  But truly what you have come here for is the New Earth experience.  It is to create Heaven on Earth.  And so allowing the Heaven that is you, that full integration, THAT is what you came here for.

You are doing your Spirit, your Soul’s work, at the highest level.  That is the light that you continue to bring in.  We will say that when you look back, even if you were to look back 5 years from now and in 5 years you look back, you will be absolutely amazed at the gifts and the talents and all that has come into your awareness.  All that you are experiencing because of these integrations.  Because of all that you are able to bring in as you are able to hold more light. You will be utterly amazed.  You will be utterly amazed at the New Earth creations. They are so divine!  They are so divine!

And so we take this moment and we talk to you about the project you are working on.  There are moments where you feel as though you are all on board and there are moments where you feel like you want to devote your time to your spirituality and to helping others. We just want to help you again and to show you, you can choose any path.  You could have chosen any path.  All aspects of what you desire to do take place in any path that you choose.  You still have and you will be working to help those on their path, even as you choose this food path.  It all happens.  It all happens.  You don’t miss out on anything.  But you have already got a glimpse of the much bigger picture and what you will be playing with. And what you will be playing with is how you can create what you may often call or feel is coming into your awareness as this “magical fruits and vegetables.”  Magical fruits and vegetables.  That is a beautiful beautiful image because yes, what you are growing will transform.  It already has.  Those who have experienced it are those that needed to experience it.  You are already healing with what you are creating. There is an energetic signature to all that you are creating. All that you are growing. And it already has the seeds. It already has the seeds of healing, of renewal.  How amazing is that?  How amazing is that?  Will you have a retreat space? Oh yes, of course.  Will you have your beautiful Heaven on Earth community?  Oh absolutely! This is all happening.  It is all unfolding.  It is all unfolding.  And it’s coming to you and its coming quite quickly.  It is and you can feel that you are drawing it to you. Stay in this energy.  Stay.

Continue to swim in the heavens and allow your vibration to be so very strong.  You are still integrating.  You are still bringing more clarity in.  These are a very big few months for you as you begin to see a much clearer picture of where everything is going.  You’re already seeing so many puzzle pieces and a few of them are locking in place to create the bigger picture.  Just allow.  Just allow all of them to move into place.

This year is quite magical for you.  You may not feel it quite yet but indeed it is.  You are still feeling a bit of the winter months.  The hibernation, the cold weather.  You are going to feel all of that change and you will find that it was all so perfectly, divinely, timed as always.  Having these months, this colder weather, to stay indoors.  To really focus on your clarity.  To really hone in and expand your vibration because you will find that as the weather begins to clear and you step into longer days and warmer days, that you have so much energy, vitality, there is so much that you will want to do. You will find that the inspiration is in every part of you and it will be so exciting.  There is so much more that is coming for you.

As you look back on the year that you have, your previous year of 2020, you can see how much growth and expansion.  We shared with you at the start of that year, that your year before was so big and so grand and you couldn’t imagine it getting any bigger, and it did!  And the year of 2020 was even bigger even greater.  Not only with world events but with you and all that you experienced.  All of it happened.  And we now share that this year that you are in, it will be even greater than what you experienced in the year before.  You are going to find that its even greater!  It is just amazing!  There is so much here for you that you are stepping into.

You can now with ease, shed all of the old. You may still feel that it lingers a bit and that is ok because you are adjusting.  If you feel like there are any feelings of lack or limitation, scarcity, fear, it’s ok.  You can let it go now!  It doesn’t need to be.  Those are just simply, they are hollow. They are hollow. There’s no life to them.  Sometimes your human will still reach for them simply out of familiarity. But we will tell you that none of that exists here.  So go enjoy your abundant self. Enjoy the abundance that is all around you.  There is so much more coming.  You don’t quite even see yet the abundance that is coming for you.  You can’t feel it yet. You can’t sense it.  You don’t know where it’s coming from.  So we just ask for you to rest in a knowing that the abundance is coming!  All of your dreams that you have had, this home that you desire, this space to host this community, it’s all coming!  And we will share with you what is coming sooner than your community is what you will be doing on your property and you know that.  You already know that this time has been earmarked for your property and what you are doing on that.  Dream!  Dream and allow all of it to unfold.  It is so very big!

We are so so excited for this all new world that you are in, fully in, as we co-create together.  We have not left your side and we will not leave your side.  Your team supports you every step of your journey. It is our duty to serve, it is our honor to serve.  This is as exciting for us as it is for you.

We will leave you now.  In love and light we serve.  We are one.

Let’s begin and lets shares messages with you today and there is so much to share.  If you could feel your team and your support as we cheer you on! Because we know that what you have done, and what your intentions are, your commitment if you will is quite big.  And there is such excitement.

You are hard on yourself for not having channeled more or done more meditation and we will say there is no need to be hard on receive.  You receive the messages in many different ways.  You don’t have to be meditating, sitting down to receive the messages from your Team.  Don’t put that pressure on yourself.  But what you are committing to is much more than just sitting down and creating consistency.  You are committing to the vision of New Earth. You are committing and allowing the higher visions to come through you. You are ready to play in New Earth!  And for that, we are so so delighted.  And we will say to you, this will be a most exciting journey for you ahead.  This is big, our friend.  This is big!

You still haven’t YET seen New Earth, the New Earth creations, quite yet.  Your energy is fully in the 5th dimension, yes!  But you are still in that entry level phase, if you will.  Where it doesn’t feel a whole lot different, but yet, you’re starting to sense there is an ease and a flow.  There is an abundance.  It is different in this newer, higher, vibration.  And while you truly are at the entry phases, if you will, you can sense that it is quite different. You can sense that anything you experienced before, 3rd dimensional and 4th dimensional Earth experience, you can begin to let all of that go by the wayside.  It is different now.  You have tools in your toolbox that have been a part of your awakening and your ascension journey.  They carry with you, always!  But we are inviting you to feel into this newness.

What happens, now that your energy is fully in New Earth, is that now you begin to now move forward fully.  You have no cords and no ties that hold you back.  You can fully step forth and take big quantum leaps ahead. Your body is going through much.  Your mind is going through much.  Energy bodies are going through much.  This is a BIG time for you.  Be gentle on yourself.  Be gentle on yourself.

We’ll talk a bit about your project.  Your project is also going to be lifting, if you will, into the higher vibrations.  You have received this guidance. It has been some time in your linear time so this serves as a reminder.  The vision of your project is ascending, if you will.  That is important. There is no need to figure any of that out.  Just know that you are infusing a higher, an even higher vision, into this project.  Some of which you know.  Some of which you do not.  And that will become available to you as you continue down your path.  There is no need to figure it out.  Just allow it to unfold. But that is why you are still involved.  And why you need to still be involved.

You feel confusion over your property.  We simply share with you and we remind you, you can’t get this wrong.  Everything that is unfolding is unfolding for you.  For the good of all.  For the good of this property.  For the good of the vision and intention for how this property will serve.  We simply lift your head up a bit again to remind you that your property serves as healing and activations.  Everything that you are thinking and intending with your garden and what you are growing, yes!  Those are the high vibrational ideas. You are tapping into those.  That is what you are creating already within New Earth.  Those are the ideas that we speak of.  And you are going to find many many more of those ideas start to unfold.  That is just one early example. And we’ll say that what you will find is you will take your energy mastery to even higher levels.  What you are thinking and exploring is simply again the tip of the ice berg.  You will go further and further and further with these developments, if you will.  But yes, can’t you see the beauty of this?  We just simply remind you that what you are prepping this land for is a 5th dimensional experience.  It is a Heaven on Earth experience.  It is quite different, although not considerably different from how you already are interacting with the land.  You’re just simply going to find that as you are moving ahead and opportunities come up, more expansion, potential buildings to be built on the property, more gardens to be created, you’re just going to find that these higher ideas begin to come through you.

We have said before and we will say it again, it is all happening in divine right time.  Why have some things not manifested yet?  There are multiple reasons. One – it is about timing.  And #2 – it is because you are planning for and creating in New Earth.  As we have said before, you can’t put your fancy bow on the old ideas.  That also includes structures.  That also includes structures.  And so higher ideas are coming through you, and not just you, but that is what you are working with. There is no rush in this.  You feel a sense of urgency but that is self-induced, we’ll say.  It is unnecessary.  It is all unfolding.  You have done what has been needed to be done.  Now continue on your path.  Keep moving ahead.

How do you ensure the highest and best is always coming through you?  It is this time of connection.  We don’t mean that it is a necessity that you channel guidance.  We simply mean your time in meditation to connect. To get into that space where you connect and you regroup. You find that beautiful zero point where everything around you just becomes still. And it is within that moment, it is within that moment, that the connection is made always and you retune yourself to the much bigger mission at hand.  That is your greatest gift to yourself, is that you consistently find that connection to YOU.  We’ve shared before and this will become so so evident, but the stage that you are in, and how do you quantum leap within New Earth, it is by the light that you hold.  The more that you are able to hold, your Spirit, the more Spirit that you are able to hold and embody, THAT is your quantum leap.  That is how you do it.  And so everything centers around that.  It is how much light can you embody.  This is so very exciting!  And we’ll say to you this is also very new.  You have heard this for quite some time.  You have head this for quite some time.  You are in unchartered territory, if you will.  And that is so exciting.  Because this is where you get to pioneer.  And you have been pioneering.  This has been going on. Your energy has been in this space.  What is different now is that you now have all aspects of you, all aspects of you, are now, now, ready to move ahead.  We will repeat that again, ALL ASPECTS OF YOU ARE NOW READY TO MOVE AHEAD. That is your clue, if you will, for what you have been seeking.  That is your clue.

We so enjoy our time with you and we know that there is so much more to share.  Continue to observe your dream state.  Continue to ground ground ground the energy.  And let nature, your Heaven on Earth, let it help you ground in this incredible Spirit light, energy.  We share with you again, you are right on track.  Nothing is off track.  You have not lost your vision. Your vision is expanding. That is indeed for sure!  Your projects will continue to expand and get bigger.  Your dreams will continue to expand and get bigger, yes!

So allow them.

You are the butterfly.  You sometimes feel as though you are the butterfly in a confided space.  It is time for you to release your SELF from the confined space and to freely fly.  And we’ll repeat that again.  It is time for you to free your self from the confined space and to fly.  To freely fly, yes! That is YOU!

We share how so very loved that you are.  How much we enjoy this journey with you.  This is indeed a delight for us as well.

In love and light we serve.  We are one.

Let’s begin and lets share messages with you today as there is much that is hitting your awareness.  You feel as though you are in a loop, a loop of what you would deem frustrating things coming into your field. Constraints against time where things feel a bit forced and efforted.  And we will share with you that you are feeling and experiencing a denser vibration, if you will.  This is nothing new for you.  And this is guidance that you have received before. But as you begin to swirl in higher vibrations and you begin to embody more light, anytime where you are interacting in situations that don’t feel or contain that same amount or a matching vibration, it just feels off. It feels forced.  It feels efforted.  And that is all that is happening.

What you will continue to be playing with, as so many are experiencing, denser realities, is how can you be in it but not be impacted emotionally by it. How can you maintain your vibration while going THROUGH that density? In doing so you will lift up those within that reality.  This is you as your multi-dimensional self.

There are many many different densities that can be experienced right now on the planet.  Naturally you enjoy the feelings, the energy of New Earth where there is a flow and there is effortless ease, there is abundance.  But naturally, you still interact and will need to interact with all densities and vibrations and so it will be you, holding your light, that will help to raise others and will help you to lift out of these heavier emotions and frequencies.  That is all. It is an opportunity for you to practice your mastery.  And you will continue to have many experiences to practice it.

What you will find, and this is the beauty, and this is how you help to ground in the higher reality, the higher frequency that you are in, it is when you can maintain your vibration regardless.  Regardless of what dimension, what frequency you are swimming in, can you maintain your dominant frequency? And you will find right now it feels erratic, ungrounded, and that is all right.  This is a practice.  This is a growth opportunity.  This is a mastery opportunity.  You will be able to look back in just a short while and you will find that you are experiencing similar situation and you will see and you will feel that you are in your mastery.  And then you will know that you have been able to hold, ground in, this dominant vibration, as you practice multi-dimensionality.  That will be your barometer to show you how far you have come. And you will find that you will feel that stability sooner than later. Because awareness helps you to be able to do that.  So continue onward.  Allow yourself to be grounded now and to find your center again.

We will leave you now. In love and light we serve.  We are one.

Brief background:  I have had multiple vivid dreams about an aspect of me that is in the banking industry (an industry that I spent 20 years in but have been out of for 6 years).  I also have dreams about other aspects of me as well.  Some of these aspects live in higher frequencies (supporting the awakening journey from the Angelic/Spirit Guide perspective), while some are living in denser frequencies (and are experiencing the awakening journey from a perspective of trauma, shame, and guilt).  There are also many experiences in between (that I’m sure I will tune into in time).  As I have learned from this transmission, sometimes our collective energy is a bit off and this harmonization is important.  I have since had a dream about that aspect of me in banking and it felt different, less confusion.  It’s fascinating to observe.  I feel so much unconditional love, compassion and gratitude for our collective journey’s.


Channeled message: Let’s begin and lets share messages with you today.  And we are going to take a few moments within your linear time to help your mind to simply move to the side while we bring some beautiful messages through for you to support you in your journey.  Your imagination is quite active, and yes!  Because you are certainly creating. There is so much coming through.  And allow it all to come through.  Allow it all. You feel as though things are moving quite fast, and yes! That is the energy that you are in.  That is the energy.  You feel a difference when you are fully in New Earth energy and how everything begins to connect and unfold and happen in a much faster smoother easier way. And when you find that you are in what you would call, lower or denser energies, you feel the heaviness of time.  This is what your body is adjusting to.  You feel even a fatigue from it. And your body will continue to adjust to it.  To this beautiful pace, where the pace has such a flow, an ease and a grace to it. And so continue to play and let your body get acclimated to all of this. And also, find your time to stay grounded.

Commit your time to grounding your energy as your body is adjusting to this higher frequency and to all that is happening.  All that is happening as you are creating new realities.  Allow, allow that time to ground in your experiences and to ground in the energy. This is such a beautiful time. You feel an emergence.  And yes, it is the spring, it is the weather, and you’re going to feel that grow even more, as if NOW you are the butterfly that is flying freely.  That is what you are feeling. And that is what you are going to be stepping into even more because you are flying so freely.  And you have all of the tools that you need to fly and to go as far as you want to go. The travel, the distance, that you want to go.  You have all the tools to do that.  So just allow yourself to fly.

There is much that you are wanting to bring through.  We simply encourage you to ground your energy first.  To allow the highest and best to come through you.

Let us talk for a moment about what has come into your awareness.  Dreams that you have had about an aspect of you that is experiencing life in your banking industry.  And yes, there are aspects of you experiencing many things.  That is ONE you have tapped in to.  And as you tap into that, you have felt feelings of confusion.  Feelings of not wanting to be in that environment.  We want you to sit with that for a moment.  We want you to connect to that version of you.

That version of you, that experience, is very necessary in your Soul’s journey.  It is of great observation when big decisions are made to experience all opportunities.  And then to see where the journey takes each aspect.  Can you allow yourself to just connect with that aspect of you?

That aspect is not intended to merge, and we mean that in a way of merging life plans.  It is very much to experience the shift.  There is a shift that is taking place within your monetary system and to experience that shift and to be a part of it and to also have your energy, a piece of your energy, WITHIN that, is quite important.  It allows light to shine as great change is upon it.  And so while an aspect of you feels a bit unfulfilled, it is serving a great role because an aspect of your light is needed there.  And so to feel, to feel that.

And so we invite you to embrace that aspect of you with so much love and so much gratitude for her light is needed there.

{light language/song}

We now invite you to just feel, feel the balancing of all of the energies, all of the aspects of you. Imagine that you are at the center and you feel, you feel the balancing of all of the aspects of you, allow that.  See the harmony, the harmonizing of all aspects of you.

{light language/song}

Your energies are in harmony.  You have each, each aspect of you, has received a gift through this process.  It is the gift of a much clearer vision for the role and the service that you are here to play, to perform.  And the role of your Soul in this journey.

As you balance and harmonize all of these aspects and the light strengthens with all of them, your contribution, not only within the planet but far beyond, is so much greater.  And as you harmonize, you make room for even more of your divine light to come through.  And so imagine in this moment all aspects of you are receiving and being infused with even more divine light.  Allow all of that to be received.

There are many dimensions on the Earth plane and far beyond.  There are aspects of you that are serving in these dimensions, in these frequencies, each with its own mission if you will.  But the missions all relate. They are a part of a much grander bigger bigger picture.  So now all aspects of you are in symphony together.  All playing different parts.  All different frequencies, but all in tune. And that makes the most beautiful beautiful music and it creates the most beautiful experience.

Well done, our friend.  We will leave you now and we know we have so much more to share with you so very soon.  In love and light we serve, we are one.

Brief background:  I had a dream a week ago where my Aunt was telling me to talk to my Grandmother (who passed away a few years ago) before we do anything with her house.  That was a beautiful sign to tune into the energies for some guidance.


Channeled message:
Let’s begin and lets share messages with you today.  And we will help to fill in a few gaps from the dream that you had with a beautiful message inviting you to tune in to the wisdom, to the Universal Consciousness, that is available to you at all times.  This is in reference to a family home, family property.  You are being invited to step into your mastery and to feel the energy. Feel the energy that is on and within that home.  You have had this come into your awareness, but you are able to now observe and see how divinely orchestrated so much of the human experience is.  And how in simple rituals if you will, you may call them prayers, whatever it may be, in doing those there is a beautiful energy connection that is created.  In this case, your grandparents who felt a very strong connection to the Bible, to Jesus, to Mary, to Joseph, to St. Germaine.  In that, in those rituals, in that focus, it creates an energy connection with those who are being thought of.  And so it allows an energy to be present in a home.  It allows the energy of Mother Mary (for example) to be grounded in to a physical location.  It allows that energy to be embodied.  What a beautiful thing.

We invite you as you are making your way through next steps that you tune into that energy.  It can be felt, even in a home that doesn’t feel as though it has much energy.  There is a residual energy that continues.  Because it has been so ground in.  And so you are being invited to feel into that.

Your family, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, have all experienced similar things as you in your spiritual journey.  They too have experienced their own forms of miracles, their own forms of synchronicities, their own forms of divine guidance.  In their own way, not even spoken about. And perhaps coming at it from a different lens.  But their experiences were similar to yours and what you are experiencing now.  And that is fascinating to observe.

You begin to see that there is value in all forms of spirituality.

So for now you are being guided to tune into that energy as you are in that home and on that property.  Tune into the energy of nature.  And begin to create in your imagination, your vision.  Begin to create within your imagination, your vision.  You can’t get this wrong.  There is no right or wrong ever.  Just have fun and allow it all to unfold.  Just allow it all to unfold and you will feel very guided by your unseen team throughout the process.

We also remind you that you are creating within and for New Earth.  This is quite a stretch for the imagination in this way because you have been accustomed to thinking about structures differently.  So all that you have envisioned for structures that create harmony on the land, within the land, all applies.  It all applies.  Allow any structures created to work in harmony with the land.  And that will become very clear as you continue down your path. That will become very clear as you venture down your path.  There is no need to figure it all out now.  Just keep walking.  Just keep walking. Just keep walking.  The beautiful energy still lingers there.  Tap into that energy.  Tap into that connection that has been made, that was made, many decades ago. Just allow that to guide you and remember that you are creating within New Earth now.

We will leave you now.  In love and light we serve.  We are one.

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