Podcast #27: Founding Leaders of New Earth (Part 5/6)

The next part is beginning to then step into the Truth of who you really are.  What does that even mean?  That means beginning to embody and embrace the Soul, the God Spark, within you.  Because that is the part of you that will be creating the all-new.  This won’t be coming from your human brain, your mind.  This will be coming from that part of you that has the much bigger vision.  That has the much bigger perspective.  

Part 5 of the Founding Leader series is a continuation of allowing visions and images of New Earth to come into our awareness.

If you missed Part 1, 23, or 4, here is a bit about the Founding Leader series and how it began.

Last year as I was feeling into New Earth, the words “Founding Leaders” kept coming up.  Similar to Founding Fathers, this was “Founding Leaders of New Earth.  It wasn’t from an egoic perspective.  In fact, all of humanity is actually a founding leader of New Earth.  

About 6 months ago, I felt very inspired to channel this audio series.  They were shared with a few close friends knowing that when the time was right, they would be shared with more people.  

NOW is that time and we are being invited to step into our role as Founding Leaders of New Earth (all of us) and then begin unlocking our piece of the puzzle in creating the new world.  (check out podcast #22 to go through that activation).  We all hold a piece, a code, many codes, of New Earth.  So these 6 Founding Leader podcasts are a bit of a calibration.  And then I believe we’ll start going deeper into the magic of New Earth right after.

With so much love.  xx

Let’s begin and lets share messages for you all today as we continue to talk bout this incredible project of bringing New Earth, of birthing New Earth. What this means. What this begins to look like.  And we again would invite you to begin to clear your mind.  This is unlike anything that you have created.  This is unlike anything you have seen in your history books. This is unlike anything that has existed.  


This has been so many eons of time in the making. There is an acclimation to this process. There is not only an acclimation to humanity.  There is an acclimation to you. There is an acclimation to your body. There is an acclimation to your mind, to your brain, to be able to prep and get ready for what is coming.  Because it is all so different. If you were to see it all right now.  You have enough of the vision. You have a tiny glimpse of the vision. But if you were to see the full vision, then it would throw your mind into a panic and you would try to figure out HOW?  How are we going to make that happen?  And you see the problem with that is trying to use 3rd dimensional state of consciousness, 4th dimensional state of consciousness – trying to use that level of consciousness to bring a 5th dimensional state of consciousness to the world, that doesn’t mesh. You can’t bring those ways of being into this higher realm.  The old ways of how you brought things into the world don’t work there.  This is the all-new.  So you would try with your mind and your brain that has lack and limitation and you would try to figure it out.  And when you found that it was so much bigger than what you possibly thought you could do you would just shut down.  And the lack and the limitation would just take over and you would just feel so deflated.  And so that’s why we say this is an acclimation for you as much as anyone and anything and beginning to get your body, your energy, all of that prepped for what is coming for you and what you are here to do.  Does that mean you will spend an entire lifetime doing that?  No. It is all based on how you are willing, consciously willing, to progress through this process.  And what does that look like?  That means beginning to let go of all of the old.  You are beginning to see that now.  


What many of you are beginning to wake up to, for lack of a better word, is what you might consider to be the dysfunction in the world.  Yes! That is a big part of this.  You are beginning to wake up, to wake up from what many would call the dream, the illusion. You’re beginning to wake up and you’re beginning to see that so much of what is in place no longer resonates. It doesn’t fit anymore.  And so from that, you are slowly beginning to shed all of that.  You’re beginning to shed the lack, the limitation, the programming.  Simply being aware of it is the first important crucial step and that’s where all of you are.  Now the next step is to also then ensure that we are not judging it. We can be aware of it, but not to judge it.  Because that’s when we then begin to bring resistance into your life. We don’t want to push against anything.  Being aware though of the lack and limitation and the programing in something is perfect.  But don’t push against it.  Just be aware of it and know that all new paradigms are beginning to be created from this point.  


The next part is beginning to then step into the Truth of who you really are.  What does that even mean?  That means beginning to embody and embrace the Soul, the God Spark, within you.  Because that is the part of you that will be creating the all-new.  This won’t be coming from your human brain, your mind.  This will be coming from that part of you that has the much bigger vision.  That has the much bigger perspective.  


But how are you going to be able to tap into that?  As you begin to release the  judgment, your inner judgment, as you begin to release the judgment of all that is around you. As you begin to embrace the love, the love of everyone around you and your self love.  As you begin to do that you are clearing your vessel for more of your soul’s light to fill your body.  As you do that, you are beginning to swirl in higher dimensions of consciousness.  THAT is when you begin to merge with your soul. 


Your soul, your God Spark, dwells at a higher vibration.  That is why for quite some time, perhaps you felt as thought your Higher Self was your connection to the upper worlds, if you may.  You felt this connection outside of you because your consciousness was still at a place where it couldn’t merge with your Soul because your Soul was still at a higher level of consciousness, a higher dimension if you will.  So for a period of time you felt, and were accessing that through your Higher Self, which was the bridge between the two.  And then you began to pull in and merge with your Higher Self as you raised your vibration.  As you raise your vibration, your Higher Self is able to merge with you and that begins to pave the way for even more and more and more of your vibration to raise.  And as you are doing that you find that you are beginning to make the ascension up and up and up.  And as you begin to swirl and swim in these higher dimensions you are making it easier for your Soul to descend into your body.  But your Soul is only going to descend to a certain level of consciousness.  And it is once you reach the 5th dimensional state of consciousness that your soul is able to do that.  Because your soul is not going to swim with you in those lower thinking thoughts.  In those lower thinking feelings.  It is not going to swim down there.  That’s not where it lives.


Many have wondered and said and talked about God.  And why isn’t God able to answer our prayers?  It is not that God is not able to answer your prayers.  It is when you are swimming in lower states of consciousness.  When you are in the muck. When you are in the shame.  When you are in the fear.  When you are in the guilt. When you are in the self-judgment and the self-criticism.  When you are in all of those lower denser feelings,  you can’t feel your God presence.  You can’t feel the energy of God when you’re down there.  And so how do you begin to raise yourself up?  When you begin to let go of all of that.  You just begin to let it go.  You realize it’s all of the old programs.  You realize it’s really not the truth of who you are.  It’s not your TRUE self.  And what you are being invited to do, which is to live a human life experience unlike any that you have lived in your soul’s journey on this Earth plane, you are being invited to walk in your human body as your Christed Self.  As your Soul.  As your God Spark.  That has not been done.  There are some who have done this in your human existence.  And that opportunity now exists for all of humanity.  


So as you begin to do that, as you begin to embrace and embody your God Spark, which means you are swimming in higher levels of consciousness where you are beginning to feel the love for everyone and everything, including and most importantly yourself.  As you are beginning to do that, you are going to begin to feel a merging.  You are going to begin to feel the energy of your Soul begin to expand within your body.  And what that that even feel like?  You’ll begin to feel a love that starts in your heart area.  And it begins to expand. You might find that it first begins to expand to your stomach area and then it begins to expand up and it will happen over time as you embrace more and more of it. But as you begin to feel that and maybe it’s just a glimpse for just a moment.  But you’re going to feel that everything begins to get and feel so magical. And what you’re going to find is that everything becomes so effortlessly easy.  You’re going to feel a flow within your day.  You’re going to feel that you are so perfectly stepping into your skills and talents and maybe even beginning to have an interest in new skills and talents that you have never had before.  


Maybe you’re going to find that you just magnetize the right people, the right projects, the right resources, the right abundance, the right prosperity to you.  You are going to find that as you embody more of your soul that you become multi-dimensional because your Soul is.  Your soul exists outside of time and space.  Your Soul exists outside of time and space so as you are naturally and expanding that part of you, you also begin to tap into all of that.  You are tapping into all aspects of you.  Aspects of you that would absolutely “wow” your mind.  Of things that you have done throughout your soul’s existence.  Things that you have been a part of throughout your soul’s eternal history – past present, future.  Your soul’s full eternal existence.  You begin to have access to all of that.  You are becoming a multi-dimensional galactic in a human body.  It is so much bigger.  And we tell you all of that because that is the key to beginning to create these all-new paradigms.  It doesn’t happen with your 3rd dimensional level of consciousness and it doesn’t even happen with your 4th dimensional level of consciousness.  As you begin to raise even more, that is when you begin to create the Heaven on Earth.  Just think about Heaven on Earth?  What does that look like?  That is what you are going to be doing and to be creating.  But it can not.  The HOW.  HOW are we going to make that happen?  The steps of the HOW can’t be created using those other levels of consciousness where there would be fear, lack and limitation. 


So what we’re going to begin to do on our next transmission with you is to slowly begin to raise your thoughts around what would that begin to look like to live in Heaven on Earth?  What does Heaven on Earth look like within your education? What does Heaven on Earth look like within a community?  What does Heaven on Earth look like in regard to the work and service that we do?  What does Heaven on Earth begin to look like for the foods that we eat and how we consume them and how we produce them?  What does Heaven on Earth begin to look like for your relationships?  What does Heaven on Earth look like for those who want to serve and to lead and feel as though they are way showers to help others to embrace a new way to live?  


That is what we will begin to be talking about.  But it is very important that before that comes through that you begin to again be reminded that with vision, with those visions and as they begin to come into your imagination, because they will, and you each have that vision of what that looks like and your Soul and your Higher Self will play in your imagination.  You’ll begin to see and get glimpses of what this looks like.  But the biggest piece of that, you hold that vision, with the knowing that you won’t try to figure it all out with any lack and limitation that might be still swimming within your consciousness.  Because if your Soul is guiding the way we can assure you, your Soul will take the path of least resistance.  Your Soul knows the easiest, most effortless, harmonious way to get to its Soul’s desires.  The brain doesn’t know that.  So it will try to figure it out with all that is has.  With the very limited viewpoint that it has and will overcomplicate the process. When your Soul is leading the way.  When your Higher Self is leading the way, it is always going to be the easiest, effortless, most harmonious way because it has the bigger vision and because it is ALL THAT IS.  It also has the ability to work behind the scenes in the most magical magical way.  Let the Universe, let your Sprit do all of the heavy lifting through this process.  That is when you are truly stepping into the flow of life and the magic and miracles begin to unfold. 


We will leave you with all of that to begin to embrace process through and to ground all of that. And we are so looking forward to our next transmission as we begin to really look at what Heaven on Earth looks like. And we begin to play in our imagination with those highest visions for the project that you are all working on.  We will leave you now our friends.  In love and light we serve.  We are one.  

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