Podcast #12: Wisdom For Parents When Children Are Judging Others

But others who are consciously tuned into it begin to establish a connection and that connection then takes them on a life experience that will lead them to living their highest potential.  That will lead them to living the dreams they came here to experience.  That will lead them to living the role that they came here to play.

I felt a strong desire to bring forth a message from higher consciousness that would help parents, grandparents, and teachers (anyone that works closely with children) when children are critical and judging of others.

What came through was far more than I expected and shows the much bigger picture and role that our children play in the world.

We have a unique opportunity to create new paradigms for relationships with children.  In doing so, we will empower them in an unprecedented way to step into the role they came here to play.

And while this podcast talks about the relationship with children, much of this applies to relationships in general.

I hope you enjoy this message.  If you ever have any questions that you would like guidance on, please reach out.  This is a very exciting time for humanity as we step into the next phase in our journey.

[Show Intro:]  Higher Wisdom and Guidance to live your dream life.  This is the Mandy Curry podcast.

[Episode Intro:]  Thank you so much for listening in today and I am so excited to bring you this topic in as we talk about kids and so we’re actually taking it from this huge planet/galactic conversations that we’ve had over the last couple podcasts, and we’re bringing it really close as we begin to talk about our everyday life.  And I don’t know about you, but I think sometimes we are all looking for this higher wisdom and guidance that will just help us in our life.  And the topic of children has been coming up really heavily in my awareness lately and I feel a lot of messages just coming through, even throughout the day, around children and specifically, how do we as either parents or teachers or grandparents or whatever your relationship might be to kids, but how do we begin to help when we feel like children might be judging others or perhaps  putting others down in an effort to lift themselves up.  And how do we begin to help them see things from a different perspective.

And so I want to bring through some channeled guidance.  And I bring through this guidance and it’s a process to be able to kind of put my mind to the side and be able to bring through messages from what I call higher consciousness and to bring those through to help give us a much higher perspective on really how we can help and really live this life that we came here to live.  To live life on the other side of fear, lack, limitation, judgment.  And to really step into a remembrance of love.  And in doing that we begin to raise ourselves.  We raise our vibration. We begin to raise in all areas of our life and we step into truly the life that we came here to live.

The ways in which we interact with our children is really important because it’s one of those funky dynamics where we often feel a lot of control.  And we also often feel a lot of responsibility that we have to reach them a certain way or to make sure they are doing things and sometimes I think in that process we create a lot of resistance and friction.

And so again today I’m going to pull in a bit of a higher message that can help us to reframe our perspective.  Perhaps help us to expand our perspective as we really look at the role that we as adults have with children.

So I hope that you enjoy this message.  I feel that it will be filled with quite a bit of wisdom and love that will help us all in our journey.  All right.  Here we go.

[Channeled Message]  Let’s begin and let’s share messages for all of you today as we talk about children.  And it is such an incredible important and timely topic.  And much is happening on the planet.  There is so much, what we call divine orchestration, happening on the planet right now. And so how you can serve children the best right now is to open up your mind and to expand your awareness of why they are here and the role they are here to play.  The most limiting thing that you can do for your children is to put them into a box, is to label them, is to expect them to act the way that you acted as a child, to expect them to act the way that others have acted as children, is to compare them to anyone else.  That is not why they came.

You see children come into this life experience to help and support the planet in unique ways. In ways that are needed at that time.  You begin to look at children who came onto the planet in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s who had a desire and a love for peace, for harmony, and for love. You began to see children come the next generation perhaps that came with this feeling of wanting to be systems busters, if you will. You then begin to see the next generation who comes into the world who exudes oneness and unity and acceptance of all.  Acceptance of all of our differences.  You then begin to see those come in with unconditional love.  You see children now who are so creative, in a way that you have not seen before. You see children who have unique skills and talents that perhaps you have not seen before.  You see children who come in with just a knowing, a knowing of love, of unconditional love.  Because that is what they are here to assist the planet with.  And there is so much more.  They have so many roles that they are playing right now.  Some of them depending on their age, are here to be society busters.  They are here to show society that we don’t need to conform to the old society anymore.  We can put that box away.  We don’t need that anymore. I don’t need to conform to society.  It’s not what I’m here for.  And in their BEING they are able to spread that to all of those around them.  They are such a gift.

They are such a gift in the world because where we are going as a society, all of that, all of the old rules, it all falls away.  And these children have come into this life experience, bravely come into this life experience saying, “That’s me. I will be the teacher. I will be the teacher.”  And you see that is often where we get hung up as a humanity.  There is a mindset that once you become an adult that you are the ones that teach the children and that you are there to control, and to force, and to effort with your children.  And you see often that is where things get hung up a bit because in many cases your children are your greatest teachers. Because they come in, that is their role. In their BEING they are here to teach you.

And so what happens though is when we force hierarchy, when we force rules and standards onto children, we are dimming their light.  We’re dimming what they came here to do. They are our greatest teachers.  We have to empower them. We have to give them the freedom to live the role they came here to live.

Some of them are living that role now.  Some of them will step into that role in time.  But they came here with such a big role to play.  And so often when yo get hung up as parents, it is simply because you’re trying to control.  Perhaps you have a vision of how you thought your child’s life should be.  And that’s not at all the vision for how they intended their life to be.  And so when they feel that expectation placed on them, their resistance goes up.  Their resistance goes up. And wouldn’t yours too?  And perhaps yours does.

You can easily relate that perhaps to even your work experience.  Maybe you have a boss that places an expectation on you and it’s not something that feels like it really resonates with you.  It’s not something that you want to be doing. You don’t find joy in it.  And so how does it make you feel?  Your walls go up. The resistance goes up.  And the same is true of our children.  When we place our expectations, OUR expectations on them, the resistance goes up.

You probably find, if you are in a role where you have dealt with children for many generations, you probably are beginning to see this where even at an earlier age they know, they feel the expectations placed on them, and their innate being says, “No. This isn’t for me.  This is not how I want to live my life.” And so in some family dynamics that might play out as a lot of arguing, a lot of tension.  It is a wonderful opportunity for you as the parent who is now able to expand your perspective to now look at it from a higher point of view.  Because you are the one who can now understand it more. Your child might not be able to understand that.  They just know how they feel.

It’s a powerful time on the planet as we make very very big shifts.  Your children are ready for it.  They are closer to Source energy than anyone.  This is so naturally easy for them.  They are making this shift so much faster, quicker.  Their bodies are ready for it.  They are there.  We just simply have to lessen, we just simply have to let them out of the box that we have placed them in for such a very long time.  And there’s no judgment in that. The parent/child dynamic is unique.  And it is something that is a part of our expansion. It’s not by accident.  It is not by accident.  It is a part of the divine plan that children choose the parents that they want in this life experience.  The parents that are going to support them in their souls expansion.  There is something much bigger at play in every life experience. It is all divinely orchestrated.  And there is a great bond in that process.

What is important now regardless of anything in the past is that we now open ourselves up to let our children begin to step into the roles they are here to play.  And you have a role to play too.  Many think that once they are a parent that their children become everything.  And naturally. But they begin to put their own life to the side because they feel that commitment to do everything for their children to make sure they are taken care of.  They are provided for.  And we would simply remind you first, that your own expansion is so very important.  Your expansion is so very important.  We can’t give to another what we don’t have.  We can’t unconditionally love our children if we don’t unconditionally love ourselves.  And getting to that unconditional love of self sometimes takes a bit.  We can assure you the greatest good you can do for your children, the greatest example you can set for your children, is for them to see you from your place of fullness.  For them to feel your unconditional love.  For them to see you loving yourself.  That is the greatest gift.  That is the greatest example that you can set for your children.  They will feel that. They will understand that. And it will give them the courage to find it within themselves.

People often want to change the world. We have shared that message before.  But in wanting to change the world, it often means we are seeing some sort of lack and limitation and something that needs changed.  The same can be true for your children as well.  In wanting to change your children, or wanting to make sure they have the best life possible, there is a bit of fear in that.  There is a bit of fear. You have fear of “what if I go wrong as a parent?”  I want to make sure they have every opportunity because there is fear in that.  That you don’t want them to go astray.  That you don’t want them to get with what you might call “the bad crowd.”  We wouldn’t call it that at all. We would say it’s all for your soul’s expansion.  But there is fear in that and there is a pushing that is in that and that can be felt.

Much of this life experience is about giving our children the freedom. That’s what they’re looking for.  And aren’t you too?  Many children can’t wait to be adults.  Perhaps you felt this same way too.  You couldn’t wait to be an adult because you felt like it would be freeing.  You could feel, sense, the freedom in that. No one would tell you what to do anymore.  You could make your own decisions.  That’s how our children are feeling.  They want the freedom just as you wanted the freedom.  They are looking for more freedom. And we would remind you that they too have their Higher Self that is guiding them and their Higher Self knows exactly why they came.  Knows exactly what they came here to do and is taking them on that path.  And yes, you are a big part of that.  Because you are needed on that path, of course.  But there is a part of them that knows the way.  And we often have to remember, to consciously remember that, when you are working with children.  That they are on their own path. It’s a really great thing that you can also pass on to your children.

What would be one of the greatest things that you could share with your children?  What would be one of the greatest things that would help them in their journey?  Help them with their connection to themselves.  Help them to understand their connection with their Higher Self.  Help them to understand intuition and how to begin to feel their intuition. Those intuitive thoughts or insights.  Those intuitive feelings that they have.  Help them to just be aware of that.  And you might say, “well, I don’t know how I can help them because I’m still learning it myself.”  And that’s perfect.  Because as you begin to go through this expansion yourself, you naturally are going to expand those around you.

Intuition is a valuable, wonderful blessing that every human has in this life experience.  Ofen that is how your Higher Self communicates with you.  And you might say, “What is my Higher Self?  What exactly is that?” And we would describe it as that part of you, you could even imagine if you will, an invisible cord that connects you in your human body to another part of you that what some might say lies beyond the veil. Lies in higher dimensions.  Lies in the heavens. Whatever resonates with you.  But it is that part of you, an energetic part of you, that resides in an energy level that is connected to ALL THAT IS.  It is connected to ALL THAT IS. It is that part of you and it’s guiding you.  It’s guiding you through your life experience.  That’s what it does.  And it’s able to communicate with you in multiple ways.  It can communicate with you through people. It can send signs and synchronicities.  It can send that wonderful red cardinal right in front of you at that perfect time.  It can send that other beautiful bird right in front of you at a certain time.  It can put that penny on the ground right as you’re walking in front of it.  It can send you that number sign that grabs your attention. It can be that message from a friend that really was exactly what you need to hear at just the right time.  Or it can be that feeling in your stomach.  It can be a feeling of absolute love and excitement.  Or maybe when you feel like you’ve gotten off path a bit, there might even be a little bit of discomfort in your stomach.  And it might just be the way your Higher Self is grabbing your attention just to get re-centered again.

It is a wonderful.  It’s your best friend. It is always there for you. It never sleeps.  Never gets tired of sending you messages. Of clearing the way. Helping you on your path. Never tires of any of that. It is always there for you throughout this entire life experience.  Some may never quite consciously realize it and that is ok.  Because your Higher Self will always be there whether you consciously realize it or not.  But others who are consciously tuned into it begin to establish a connection and that connection then takes them on a life experience that will lead them to living their highest potential.  That will lead them to living the dreams they came here to experience.  That will lead them to living the role that they came here to play.  That is one of the greatest blessings that you can give your children.  Is to understand.  It’s the God within them.  It’s the Spirit within them. Connected to them.  When they can begin to feel that and then experience it, that will guide them on their life through their entire journey.  That is one of the greatest things that we can do for our children is to open them up to that.

You can see how the parent/child or teacher/child, whatever the relationship might be, you can see how often there can be a lot of force and effort when we try to force them to do it our way.  When they have this innate knowing of where they’re going.  Of the path that they want to take.  It doesn’t always translate into an easy relationship because we know that that takes a lot of unlearning of the way that we thought that parent/child relationships was intended to be.  But we can assure you that when you can help your children connect to that part of them that knows the way, help them to expand their awareness around that, that is when everything will begin to change.

And so often that is what happens and we will relate that back to your question which is “How can we help and support our children when they are perhaps a bit as you might say critical of others or judging of others?”

And it’s simply because they are still trying to remember that connection with that part of them. YOu see when we haven’t consciously remembered that connection in our human experience, we get a bit confused.  And this isn’t just for children. This is also for adults too. We’re sure you can very much relate to this.  Because often when we feel disconnected with our self, we unintentionally will try to feed off of others if you will. We’ll try to perhaps even put them down in an effort to kind of lift ourselves up a bit.  We’re trying to kind of pull the energy from someone else to lift us up. And that has happened all throughout  human history. Of taking the power away from another to build us up.  Or you giving your power away. Perhaps you are the giver, you are the taker, you are the receiver.  You have played all parts.  And your children are too.

They are experimenting with all parts of power – the giving and the taking.  But once they begin to realize there is a part of them that knows the way, then everything else begins to change.  They realize that they’re not climbing the school’s ladder. They’re not even climbing the family’s ladder of success.  They’re climbing their own ladder of success.  It’s when they try to climb the ladders’ of everyone else or of other groups that they begin to get a little bit disconnected again.  They get competitive. They want to try to take power away from others so that they can rise and lift up.

Again, it’s all a part of the soul’s expansion. Understanding power.  But we will say the ultimate power is within.  the ultimate power is within.  Power, ultimate power, requires no forcing, manipulating, efforting, from another person. It’s all within you.

And you find that through this connection with that higher part of you. And for a child, and even for an adult, that is where your magic cape comes into play.  You see your Higher Self is the magic cape of your human experience.  Isn’t that what we all want?  It’s what gives your cape that magic touch.  Because your Higher Self is connected to ALL THAT IS.  That means it’s able to collaborate and have divine orchestration with anyone, anything, to help you on the path to the highest and best good for your journey.  It truly is, it’s the magic in your step.  And so when you connect with that, all things are possible. There is no limitation to your life.  You don’t need to take power away.  You don’t need to take it away from anyone else.  So you begin to get re-centered back again and you realize the power within you and you realize your journey is specific only to you.

We remind you of the big puzzle piece and the same is true for your children.  There is a huge puzzle and your children are a piece of that puzzle.  They have a role to play.  They are here for a specific reason.  If they try to model after another person’s journey, that’s not what they’re here to do. That’s not it.  They’re just going to dim their light in the process.  It’s stepping into the role they came here to play.  And we will tell you there is no one else on this entire planet that has the same skills, qualities, traits, the unique skills, qualities, and traits that you have.  And the unique role that you came here to play to put those skills into use.  To use your talents.  No one else has that.

You are truly unique.  You are truly unique.  No one else is here to do what you are here to do with your unique talents.  And so the more that you are able to remind children of that, the less they will be focused on anyone else’s journey.  The less they will be focused on anyone else’s journey.  Because as we all know that is where the suffering comes.  The suffering comes when we think we know how another person’s journey should be.  The same would be true for our children.  And that wisdom also applies to the way they interact with others.  What causes us suffering is when we think we know how another person’s journey should be.

So it is time to get recentered and as we are doing that ourselves, we also carry that vision for how our children are able to get re-centered and back, back in alignment with that higher part of them that is guiding them.  And we, as the adult, simply have to acknowledge and appreciate.  Give them freedom.  Give them freedom to explore and to create and know that they are on the path to their highest potential, to their soul’s desires.  And it’s probably going to look a lot different from what your path looks like.  And the best thing that you can do is to honor that and give them the freedom to explore that.  We remind you again of the important important role that children play on this planet right now.  They are so divinely connected, as we all are.  They are so closely tied to Source energy.  Much more than you might even realize.

For many their roles are already in place.  They are anchoring love onto the planet.  Anchoring in their creativity.  New perspectives on the world.  They’re holding up the mirror for the planet and saying “it’s a little bit different now.”  It’s a very unique role that they play and it’s just getting started.

We have so enjoyed this message with you all today.  Your children are a blessing to the world as are you.  It is truly the most exciting time this planet has ever seen.  You have an important role to lay here and the ways in which you inspire your children and you give them the freedom to explore and to step into their role is one of the most beautiful things that you can do.

We thank you so much.  And we will leave you now.  In love and light we serve.  We are one.

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