Podcast #13: Your Unique Skills and Talents to Carry Out Your Divine Plan

I believe that as we go through our awakening and ascension, we will bring a level of gifts and talents into this world that we never dreamed..

Wow!  I often bring in guidance that talks about the divine plan for our life.  Recently, I was able to see that in action.  This podcast talks about my experience in seeing (a small piece of) the strategy and precision that goes into a life experience.  The podcast wraps with a channeled snippet about the divine plan.  This is information that I have shared recently on a previous podcast, yet still resonates so much.

I believe that as we go through our awakening and ascension, we will bring a level of gifts and talents into this world that we never dreamed.  Life is about to get really amazing.

This podcast shares:

– What is the divine plan?  When did we create it?  What does it mean?

– How we use our unique skills and talents to carry out our divine plan.

– The role that Galactic Astrology played in helping me connect the dots (this blew my mind…still emotional about how strategic each of our lives are).

– How to really step into your divine plan to let it unfold.

– Why this part of your life is going to be the most exciting yet!

Other notes:

If you want to check out more about Galactic Astrology/Grayham Forscutt, visit:  https://galacticastrologyacademy.com/

If you want to look at chart options, visit:  https://galacticastrologyacademy.com/chart-options/

*I purchased the full chart option and plan to go back and order the skills charts for my children. 

**Also note, this is not an affiliate link. I have no obligation in sharing this information. This is solely to assist other seekers who might want to learn more.  

You are ready to step into what is here for you.  You are ready.  So again, we remind you to stay in your excitement.  Focus on your joy and what brings you joy but don’t try to figure it out because it will never be as big as what you created for yourself in your limitless essence.  What you created for yourself, your destiny if you will, your plan, when you were in your essence, when you were in the love and light with full knowing of the wisdom of the path, of what New Earth looks like and where we’re going, of what your real gifts and skills and talents are, you created a plan that is so custom to you, it can’t possibly resemble what anyone else on the planet is doing.  So don’t try to compare yourself to others.  Don’t try to model after others.  You will only dim your light in doing that. You will only lessen what you really came here to do.  and we say this message to you and want this message to be shared with all.  Because that same message applies to every single person on the planet.  Every single person on the planet create their destiny, created their divine plan, when they were in their true love and light stage where everything is possible.  Where you feel only love.  You feel only completeness.  You see the highest potential for what you can do and you see the highest potential for humanity and you know, you created this amazing amazing plan, that only you could carry out with your own unique gifts.  It is so amazing.  The impact that each of you have on the planet.  And now it is time, it is time for those gifts, for those gifts to truly be spread into the world.  We all have them.  We all have the way in which we are contributing at this time.  So now it is time for us all to step up and to come forth and to share those gifts.  This is such an incredible incredible time in the world and this is what you came here for.  This is the time that you came here for.  From the chaos comes the new paradigms and you are all beginning to create the new paradigms.  You’ve already created them. There is already a part of you that has created them. There is already a space or place in time where they have already been created.  You have done that on one level already.  Now we begin to step into that.  It is so much fun.  this is your destiny.  And we encourage you to begin to enjoy the way divine orchestration will be bringing your gifts and talents your service to the world.  Have fun with that!  And know that it is coming.  Know that as you surrender and you trust and you open up that your divine plan within you, it has always been in place but the most exciting part of that plan the part that you truly came here for, it is unfolding.  It is unfolding.  Think of it as your strategic plan if you will. It’s done for you.  It is already done.

It is so much fun and the ways in which you will contribute to humanity are all so powerful.  So it is time to begin to take our blinders off a bit.  Begin to take our blinders off and begin to look at the much bigger picture for our lives and for the planet.  you are here, your destiny is so much bigger than what you might feel right  now.  It is so much bigger.  And the excitement of that alone, wow!  That’s what we’re stepping into.  You are exactly where you are meant to be right now.  There is no sense of rushing.  There is no sense of feeling behind.  You are exactly where you are supposed to be.  You are hearing the message at exactly the right time that you were meant to hear it.  This is the unfolding.  This is what’ next.  This is the start of what’s next.  It is all perfect.  Continue to let it all unfold.  Through divine timing.  Through divine orchestration.

We hope that you are as excited about your lives as we are in non physical.  This is what you came here for.  This is it!  This is what you came here for. And everyone on the planet has a role to play.  Everyone on the planet has a role to play and it is a role so unique to only you.  So we want you to get excited about that.  Imagine a big earth, planet earth, as this huge big puzzle piece and you are a piece of that and the puzzle if you will, the magnificent puzzle would not be complete with out you and your unique gifts and talents and what you have already brought and what you are bringing.  What you are about to bring to the world.  You are very needed.  It is such an amazing time.  Continue to stay in your heart.  Continue to stay in your joy.  That is where all of this is going to unfold in such a beautiful way.  We thank you for all that you are.  We see your essence.  We see the light.  We see the amazing potential.  We see the amazing contribution.  We see your expansion.  We see what is possible for all of you.  We see your divine plan.  We see that.  And it excites us.  It excites us to see what is coming and remember divine orchestration is a win win win win win win to the infinite degree all around.  So as you are expanding and stepping into divine orchestration know that it is impacting so many more people more than you might even realize.  That is the power of divine orchestration.  It reaches the galaxy if you will.  It has such an impact and is far greater than what you might see or think.  So we encourage you and remind you to stay in your worthiness.  Stay in your self love.  We so thank you for you, for your excitement, and for your joy.  We love to be with you there.  That’s when we are with you.  It is so much fun and that is when all of your dreams begin to unfold.  It is a beautiful time.

So we leave you now. In love and light we serve.  We are one.

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