Podcast #14: How To Tell Who’s Really Talking…Your Higher Self or Your Ego.  

Because once we begin to tap into our Higher Self, which is that part of us that can see the much bigger bigger perspective for our life, everything begins to unfold effortlessly.  But that doesn’t meant that it unfolds logically.  And this is where we often get a big hung up.

This is a biggie.  As we begin to tune into our intuition and inspiration for those messages from our Higher Self, there are times when we struggle to discern which voice is actually talking.  Is it our personality self/ego or is it our Higher Self, the voice that knows the way to our dreams?  Not only is it hard to differentiate the two voices in our minds, but the guidance from our Higher Self may not always feel logical, which throws an even bigger curve ball into the realm of discernment.  That inevitably leads to confusion and overthinking it all.

I can speak from experience that tuning into the guidance from our Higher Self leads to a life beyond our wildest imagination.  But learning to recognize and trust that voice takes some effort.  In this podcast, I bring in a channeled message to give us some clarity and insight on all of it.

This podcast shares:

– The difference between intuition and our rational mind and how to discern which one you’re hearing.

– How nurturing this communication with our Higher Self helps us in making the journey from our head to our heart (the most difficult and important journey we make in our lifetime).

– How to trust your Higher Self when what you’re being guided to do doesn’t feel logical at all.

– How to feel if you’re being guided by your Higher Self (it’s even more than your intuition).

– How stepping into the “more” you desire for your life requires this relationships with your Higher Self.

– and much more.

I hope you enjoy the podcast and feel the love from our friends in non-physical throughout this episode.

If you ever have any questions that you would like guidance on, please reach out.  This is a very exciting time for humanity as we step into the next phase in our journey.

I hope you enjoy this message.

Show Intro:  Higher wisdom and guidance to live your dream life. This is the Mandy Curry podcast.

Episode Intro:  Welcome back to Podcast 14.  Thank you so much for joining. In today’s podcast we are talking about intuition vs. our rational mind.  I can also probably call that the personality self vs. the Higher Self.  And it’s interesting to see how the two work hand in hand.  And also to be able to understand which one is the one that’s sending you messages.  It’s sometimes hard to understand.  This is also the journey from our head to our heart.  Which is quite the journey and quite the process to make.  And so I have found in the last little bit of time really trying to nurture and trust the intuition.  Which is that gut feeling. That knowing, that inner knowing.  And yet then, I always have that rational mind that kicks in with why it shouldn’t happen and I find that I’m always going back and forth with these two. Trying to discern what is what and then to make decisions from the highest and best place.

And so last week an opportunity hit my awareness that I wasn’t expecting at all. It was completely irrational.  It was not at all how I thought it was going to be.  It was not at all what I thought was the next step.  And I received a call from an individual about this opportunity and it was so interesting to watch, kind of as an observer of myself, to watch it all play out.  Because my first initial reaction was that of my rational mind.  Which was that of my personality self, which was, “Absolutely not! There is no way. This isn’t gonna work. I don’t like it. I don’t want to do it.  No.”  And as soon as my personality self stopped talking and I’ll admit that talking went on for at least a day or so, as soon as my personality self then stopped talking, I could then begin to hear a much quieter, softer, voice of knowing that said, “Not so quick.”  It said to really sit with this and to process it and to begin to look at it from a higher perspective before you rule it out.

It was that intuition that really helped to guide the decision and then as soon as I was able to do that.  As soon as I was able to feel into it from a different place. Really recognizing it using my intuition, not using my mind, I began to see the absolute divine orchestration.  The beautiful orchestration in that entire opportunity.  And in just about 24 hours I was able to make a very quick decision. I probably could have made the decision quite frankly within about one hour but I let my mind go through all of the process, get out what it needed to get out, and then began to listen to my Higher Self.  And the reason for it.

And I found that many other actions have happened since then, all from that place of inspiration.  All from that place of intuition. And sometimes those actions aren’t always logical.  They don’t always make sense but we just have this feeling that it’s the right thing to do.  And yet I find that in that process, I still have a little bit of that personality self that doubts.  So today I wanted to bring in a message that is all about that.  To give us some higher perspectives and guidance around intuition. Around inspiration. And around divine orchestration. But also helps us to understand a bit our personality self and our Higher Self.  Because once we begin to tap into our Higher Self, which is that part of us that can see the much bigger bigger perspective for our life, everything begins to unfold effortlessly.  But that doesn’t meant that it unfolds logically.  And this is where we often get a big hung up.  So I am so excited to bring through this message.  I just have a feeling that it will give us the clarity on really how to nurture this relationship.  I hope that you enjoy it.  All right, here we go.

Channeled Message:

Let’s begin and let’s share messages for you today as we talk about many many things.  We talk about intuition and the beautiful ability to experience this guidance from this higher part of you.  And it’s the unseen part of you and that’s why so many often discount it.  We often don’t feel or hear or see the messages from that higher part of us.  It’s a unique experience when you come into a life experience because you come into a life experience without any remembering, without any remembering of what your mission is, what your purpose is, what you came here to do, what you came here to experience. That’s also a part of the beauty.  It’s a part of your soul’s expansion.  A big part of why you came here is to remember.  Is to actually go through the process of remembering. It’s a part of your ascension.  That’s a part of your awakening. You begin to awaken as you expand and bring in more energies.  You’re able to embody higher dimensional living.  You begin to remember more about why you came and the role that you came here to play.  And you begin to see all the ways that your life was divinely orchestrated to experience what you came here to experience.  Or what you came here to contribute. It’s a beautiful, beautiful process.  But when you come into this life experience, many call it coming through the veil.  There is a veil of forgetting. And that is by design.  If you were to know everything. If you were to have access to everything, every experience, it would be so much for your mind. You mind find that if you were to have access to all of your life experiences, that you would spend more of your time looking back than you would really embracing the beauty of this lifetime.  But there’s a part of you that stays behind the veil, if you will.  There is a part of you that stays connected to ALL THAT IS.  That guides you along the way.  You’re never ever alone on this journey.  Although you might feel it, you are never alone.  And so there’s this part of you that is connected to ALL THAT IS, that guides you along the way because it knows the plan that you came here for.  It knows why you came.  While with your brain, with your physical eyes you might  not see where you’re going, there is a part of you that is guiding you.  And that part of you is able to communicate with you, if you will, in many different ways.  One of the ways that it does that is through your intuition.  Because you are a feeling being.  And so it’s able to communicate with you in that way.  Intuition comes to you in many different ways.  Many might call it that feeling in your gut.  And there’s other ways that your Higher Self communicates with you as you have a merging with your Higher Self as we have shared on previous podcasts.

You begin to hear a different voice.  You almost begin to hear a different voice in your mind in addition to this intuitive feeling that you might have in your gut or in your stomach.  It’s very very different the way that your Higher Self can communicate with you.  Being able to nurture that relationship.  Begin able to nurture that communication takes practice and it takes effort.  It takes conscious effort.  It takes really in every decision, in those important moments, really just pausing for a moment and becoming present and checking in.  Because what happens often times when we are presented with a decision, the loudest voice is often your personality self.  It’s your mind.  It’s that part of you that tries to always keep you safe.  But it is also filled with lack and limitation or programming or beliefs that have been passed down.  It’s often filled with the reasons why something can’t happen.  But if you’ve had a dream of something you want to happen, that dream is there for a reason.  That’s your Higher Self planing those dreams in your awareness because they are meant to happen.  They are meant to be.  If it’s a dream in your heart, it’s meant to be.  But we sometimes have this programming that tells us that it can’t happen  And so being able to discern, and we say discern because we would remind you not to use judgment in this process.

Your Higher Self and your personality self are a wonderful team throughout this entire journey.  You will simply find though, while in your life up to this point, your personality self has led the way, there is a part in your journey as you begin to consciously step into the more that you desire for your life, that’s when you begin to flip the roles.  You begin to swap seats.  And you begin to let your Higher Self take over, while your personality self takes a back seat.  That shift doesn’t always happen overnight.  But once you begin to make that shift, so much changes.  And so as your Higher Self begins to guide you on the path, it’s always going to guide you on the most effortless, harmonious way to your dreams.  But guess what, that means it might not always seem logical or rational to your mind.  And that’s because your mind can’t see the whole picture.  The way your mind thinks something should happen or the way something should come to fruition, may not at all be the way that your Higher Self sees it from a much higher perspective.  Because the universe is efficient.  It’s always going to present to you the easiest most effortless way, even if that doesn’t feel logical or rational.

And so then it’s a matter of choosing.  And there’s a trust that comes along with that. There is a trust in the much bigger picture. There is a surrendering to that part of you.  And that’s often where we get a bit tripped up.  And so sometimes what we need is to connect the dots backward and then we begin to build that belief in our brain of what’s happening. But we will assure you, what you aren’t going to be able to do is to connect the dots forward.  It’s not always going to make logical sense but it is always going to be the path to your highest potential, to your biggest dreams, and to what you came here for, and for your soul’s desires.  That’s the path your Higher Self is always going to lead you on.  And your brain might not be able to understand that and so you begin to get those glimpses of what that is. You begin to get that through your intuition.  That’ show you’re going to feel and know what’s next and where you’re going.

You also get that through your inspiration.  Your Higher Self will plant ideas of the next perfect step. The action that needs to be done on your part.  When there is action to be done, you’re going to get the inspired thought.  And again, that inspired thought might not feel logical. You might all the sudden feel like you need to go to a certain store. That you are somehow desiring to go to a store that you never go to.  But you have this thought that you really want to go there. And so you go.  And at that store you meet someone that you haven’t seen for a long time.  And it’s that person that you needed to meet at that place in your journey.  You just never know where it’s going to go.  And those are the types of things happening all day long in your life.  And so much of it is surrendering to the sheer awe and the sheer wonder and the sheer excitement of what every day is going to bring you because when you surrender to your Higher Self, when you begin to let that part of you guide the way, you can then wake up every day in absolute excitement to see what the Universe has in store for you.  You begin to just get so excited to see all of the synchronicities. All of the ways that the Universe is going to put you in the right place so that you can be the miracle for someone or they can be the miracle for you or both.  That’s happening all day long.  That’s what your inspiration is.  Your inspiration might not make any sense.  It might not relate to the job you’re doing right now.  But there is a much bigger reason for it always.

So that is a big part of your journey.  Of really beginning to practice this relationships, this connection with your Higher Self.  Beginning to listen to that voice.  And again, it might start out mostly as a feeling.  It could be a knowing. It could be visions. It could be dreams.  It could be that small voice that you hear.  There are so many that your Higher Self begins to communicate with you. Open up to them all.  Open up to them all and know that you are never alone.  But also know that you are the only one that is going to understand and you might not even understand it at the time, but we can assure you that no one else is going to understand because this is your journey.  Only you, at your highest level, from your highest perspective, know that this is exactly that this is the right next step.  This is the right next step on your journey.  It’s a beautiful, beautiful relationship and we will tell you, strengthening that, nurturing that, is where humanity is going.  To be able to connect with that Inner Guide in a way that has previously not been experienced.  That is where you’re going.  It is so beautiful and you know once you connect with that part of you, you’re never off path.  You’re never alone. You are always guided in the right direction.

So your inspiration and your intuition are such valuable valuable parts of this journey and we would invite you to begin to play around with them.  Begin to play with them.  Feel into where your thoughts are coming from.  Feel into, when you have a big decision to make, notice, just notice, without judgment. Just begin to notice what the different voices are that are coming though. Begin to look at those.  Those that are filled perhaps with doubt, fear, judgement, lack – you know where those are coming from.  Those that are filled with love and potential as if anything is possible for your life, because it is, you know where that is coming from.  And you know that if it is a feeling or thought that is given to you from your Higher Self, it’s taking you some where.  You’re on the path.  You’re on the journey to that manifesting and it’s so very beautiful.  So have fun with this.  Have fun with this part of you that is guiding. It is truly what makes this the most incredible life experience.

We have so loved sharing this message with you today and we know we will have so much to share with you again so very soon. We will leave you now our friends.  In love and light we serve.  We are one.

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