Podcast #17: The Next Level of Our Journey – Expanding the God Spark Within

Everything that you desire, it is all within you. And as you begin to tune into the Truth of that, you will begin to see your life transform. You will begin to transform into the butterfly.

I have recently been on a deeply intense journey purifying my body of heavier, dense, emotions.  Not really understanding why, but with a knowing that it was a necessary part of my expansion and ascension. As my body began to fill with love I started to feel an expanded energy within me.  This energy felt different – there was a fullness to it that was hard to put into words. It was so perfect! For days, all I wanted to do was just connect with THAT. I was literally in love with this energy. Little did I know, this was the energy of my Soul – the God Spark within. The eternal part of me – patiently waiting for me to raise my vibration high enough to merge so that we can walk this life experience in an entirely new way.

Within us all is a Spark of God/of the Creator. If we clear out our inner shackles, we begin to make room for its light to brighten, and then everything gets super charged. It is the multi-dimensional part of us that is everything we have ever desired. And it comes with an eternity of experiences, talents, wisdom, and super powers ready to birth Heaven on Earth.

I now understand and believe “anything is possible.”

In this podcast, I share my personal experience with the God-Spark within and then channeled some guidance to fill in the gaps of my experience. If you have a desire to live your highest potential in this life experience, this podcast is for you.

We are being invited to go deeper into our human experience and take this lifetime further than imaginable.  I hope you enjoy the message.

*If you want to hear more about how to release the old to allow your Soul’s energy to expand, check out Podcast 15:  Clearing the Mental Chatter. 

Mandy Intro:  Welcome back to Podcast 17. Thank you so much for joining. I’m really excited to share today’s message with you. This has been one that’s been on my mind for a couple of weeks and it is, we are being invited to go to the next level with our journey, and actually kind of piggy backs a bit on what we talked about in the last podcast as we were talking about removing the inner judgment. So I’ll step back even a little bit further. When I first began channeling and into much of this work, which has only been in the last couple of years. I began to hear and then also begin to pull in messages from what I referred to as my Higher Self. And that was always the way that it felt to me was that my Higher Self was the connection to ALL THAT IS. It was like the connecting point. So I was able to pull in that energy and it always, or at least when I first began this process, it felt a bit outside of me. I was connecting to that Higher Self who was then connected to ALL THAT IS. Universe. God. Everything. You name it. All of it.

As I was able to raise my vibration, I then began to feel a merging with that Higher Self. And so it was no longer outside of me. It was beginning to be a part of me. And so what that felt like is that I would begin to have 2 voices going on in my head. So something might come up in my experience and I would immediately then hear the voice of my ego or personality self. And then I would hear then the voice of my Higher Self. Which was the voice of wisdom, and love, and the higher perspective. It was almost like it was in my head. I could see and feel these two different voices and I started to be able to discern which one was which. And it was a pretty awesome process. And then I began to feel over a little bit of time that the HS voice was becoming more of the dominant voice and the personality/ego self was becoming more of, I was hearing that a little less. So that was that process.

Then as things began to go on, then I began to kind of work on increasing my vibration. Raising my consciousness. Continuing to invite more and more light into my body and as the last podcast talked about, there was still a lot of inner judgment that I was going through. And as I began to release the inner judgment, something very different began to happen and I began to feel something that started in my heart area and then in a very short amount of time I felt it begin to spread into my stomach – my solar plexus area. And so it was a whole different feeling. It felt like the next level. And so I began to, then as I was releasing the inner judgment, what came through is that I was beginning to expand the God Spark, the Soul, part of me that has always been inside of me, and always inside of all of us, but I was beginning to expand that and as I released all of that inner judgment that was essentially holding up the space, that was consuming some darker denser energies, as I was beginning to release that, it was allowing that soul, this God Spark light to begin to grow and grow and grow. And from that moment everything began to get super charged. Amazing things began to happen. I have been, my own personal guidance that I get, and I channel messages for myself nearly every day, and the messages bean to change. The perspective began to change. Everything started to get different and so much bigger. And it was about embracing this part of us, this Soul, as we talk about bringing Heaven to Earth, the heaven, it’s within us. Our Soul that IS ALL THAT IS. It is the God Spark. And so it was no longer about having that connection to ALL THAT IS. It was about ALL THAT IS, the Universe, being inside of me and that beginning to grow.

And it changed everything. And so I wanted to bring through some guidance because I believe this is where we are all beginning to journey to and through is this soul embodiment. It is embodying the God Spark that is within us. And as we do, we then begin to embrace the highest potential for our life and it begins to change everything.   So I wanted to share a higher perspective on that. I have been receiving this guidance now for a little over a month or so and it is just incredible and it is so much bigger. And I continue to be reminded that this journey that we are on it’s going to take us as far as we will surrender to go. And if we will surrender, even though we might not see where we are going, if we will surrender to the much bigger vision for our life, that it is going to far exceed anything that we ever thought was possible.

So with that I can’t wait to bring in a message from higher consciousness that supports this and goes into this at a much deeper deeper level. And I hope that you will just sit back, relax and enjoy the energies as you begin to now tap into that God Spark within you and as it begins to grow and grow and expand within you. All right, here we go.

Channeled Message:  Let’s begin and lets share messages for you all today and we are so excited to bring to you an awareness of the incredible divinity that you are. The divinity that is within you. The perfection that is within you. The God that is within you. You have within you a spark of the divine. It is a spark of God. It is a spark of the Creator. There is a spark within every person on this planet. As you begin to make your way through this awakening journey that the entire planet is embarked upon, as you begin to make your way through your ascension that the entire planet has embarked upon, as you begin to grow and you are sending through higher levels of consciousness. And we have brought this through before but as you begin to ascend through the denser layers, what is often referred to as the 3rd dimensional state of consciousness or awareness, where there is separateness, where there is anger, and there is fear, and there is hatred, and there is judgment. As you begin to rise up and you rise out of that, you begin to embody more of the love that you are. You are clearing, your are purifying your vessel, your body, for the truth of who you are. To allow your True Self to be able to expand more and more and more within your body. And as you begin to rise and you begin to rise and as you begin to play in higher levels of consciousness and awareness, some may refer to that as the 5th dimensional state of consciousness. As you begin to rise up what you are rising, how you are rising, is because you are letting go of all of the density that was part of your life, that has been stored within your body, that is a part of your experiences, you are beginning to let that go and as you do you find that your life, your body, your experiences, they all become lighter and they are filled with more love, with more excitement, more hope, more fun, more adventure, more prosperity, more abundance, more health. You find that every thing begins to change in your life. As you do that, you are making way in your body, you are clearing, you are clearing out the old and you are giving your God Spark the opportunity to begin to expand. Because your God Spark lives and swims and resides in higher dimensions. It is the HEAVEN. It is the heaven that you think of when you talk about Heaven on Earth. That is your God Spark. That is your Soul and it resides in these higher dimensions. And so as you are clearing out the old. As you are bringing in and living in and spending more time in higher dimensions and higher vibrations, you are allowing that God Spark to expand more and more and more. But it can’t expand when it is covered up with the density of the old. When it’s covered up with the fear, the criticism, the judgment, and the worry. It can’t live there. So as you are clearing out all of the old, what you’re going to find is the light, the true light that you are, begins to grow and expand more and more inside of you. And you begin to birth truly heaven on Earth.

How is the Heaven on Earth going to happen? Many wonder, many want to know? They hear as we begin to have our ascension and we begin to move into higher dimensions and vibrations that we are bringing Heaven to Earth. How does that happen? It is happening through each of you. The Heaven is your soul. It is your God Spark. And as you are ascending and growing and expanding, you are also allowing, you are giving the space for the Soul to expand and shine it’s light even brighter through you. That is the Heaven on Earth and your Soul did not come here to play small. Your Soul did not come here to sit on the sidelines and to watch from afar. Your Soul has the much higher perspective for your life. It has THE highest perspective for your life. It was your Soul’s choosing what you came here for. It was your Soul’s choosing and your Soul’s desires what it wanted to experience in this human life form, the experiences, everything that it wanted to be a part of. How it wanted to grow and expand through your personality self. Through your human vessel.

So as you are embodying more of that you are embodying your TRUE self.  You are embodying your TRUE SELF and when you do that, you are bringing the Heavens into YOU. The Heaven is no longer out there. The Universe is no longer out there. The Universe is within you. It is all within you. When you allow and embody more of your Soul essence to shine through you, you begin to set your life on a trajectory that will far surpass anything that you thought was possible in a human life experience. Because your Soul is multi-dimensional. Your Soul is outside of time and space. Your Soul has had experiences, your Soul has talents and skills that have not even been seen on this planet. Your Soul is all that you desire. All that you desire, all that you desire, think about all of the qualities and traits that you admire in other people. Maybe you admire others because they are adventurous. Maybe they are fearless. Maybe they love to just be spontaneous. Maybe there are things about you that you love and you embrace this. Maybe it’s that you’re such a loving person. Or that you’re so nurturing and caring. Those traits and skills that you notice in others and that you notice in yourself and you love and you admire them, you do that because that is the essence of your Soul.

Every Soul has its own imprint. If you were to see your Soul, think of it as seeing different lights. Because that’s what your Soul is. Your Soul is light. This is the eternal you that is never-ending. The eternal you is light. And every Soul because of all of its experience and its unique blueprint all lights have a different essence to them and you can almost sense the personality if you will of a Soul by the essence of its light. And so as you begin to embody more of your Soul, you’re going to feel and experience everything that you love in admire in other people, you couldn’t love and admire that if it wasn’t also a part of you. If it wasn’t your Soul at its essence and if it wasn’t what your Soul also exuded. You are truly bringing in to your body and to your vessel a light that is so full of experience. That is so full of skills and talents. So full of wisdom. So full of knowledge. So full of love. And so tuned in to its role in the planet and what it’s here to do in this lifetime. So the more that you begin to embrace that, this is the time that you can begin to let your personality self take a step back. And begin to let your Soul lead the way because it knows exactly where it’s going and it has the entire universe there supporting, helping, helping it through its journey and to serve in the highest highest way.

It is an incredible time on your planet. And we tell you that often. But as you begin to even acknowledge the God spark within you, it is the God within you. It is the God that you are. It is all within you. And that part of you is expanding and expanding and expanding more and more as you begin to let the old go that no longer serves. Because they cannot live in the same place. Your Soul resides in higher dimensions. It can not live in those denser feelings of fear, anger and hatred. So as you begin to release those and release your judgment and your inner judgment, as you releases those you begin to rise up and you begin to allow your Soul to flourish through you. And you walk on this planet then, in a new way. Transformed truly as the butterfly. That is your transformation. And as you do that, everything becomes so effortless easy. Every day becomes magical. Your manifestations begin to happen instantly because you are not just tied to universal abundance, universal health, universal relationships. You ARE them. You are not just tied to them. You ARE them. So begin to allow this part of you to grow and to thrive because it is here for a mission. It is here for a very important time on this planet and you could not wait for all of this to happen.

So as we wrap this up we will simply end by reminding you that everything that you desire, it is all within you. And as you begin to tune into the truth of that, you will begin to see your life transform. You will begin to transform into the butterfly and you may not even consciously know that that is possible right now. But you will begin to transform and your life will get so amazing and it is what you came here to experience.

We will leave you now our friends. In love and light we serve. We are one.

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