Podcast #19: Season Finale – Living Death, Soul Embodiment & Playing the Game of Life

When the merge finally happened, the first thing that came to my mind was, “I thought I was the human. I thought that was me.”  It was like waking up instantly from a dream and you’re like, “ah, I get it. I thought it was the human. I know now I AM the Spirit, I AM the Soul in the human body.” And that was the shift. I knew this intellectually from the perspective of my human side.  But it was like all of the synapses in the brain just finally connected and the shift happened.  In a subtle instant.  In literally the blink of an eye.  I could then see life from the perspective of my TRUE SELF (my Soul).  And that completed my Game of Life.

What would a season finale be without death, journeying into the unknown, and playing the Game of Life?

Spirit led me on a personal 40-day/40-night journey into the unknown in late September. The journey culminated on 11/9/19. In this podcast, I share this experience as a chapter closed on thousands of years of life experiences and a new book started.

This podcast solely covers my personal experience.  If you want to hear the separate channeled message that coincides with this story, check out Podcast 18:  Letting go of the OLD YOU (so that you can create the New World)

*Spoiler Alert!  I’ll be back soon with Season 2 of this Podcast and will just say that the weeks post the “Shift” have not been as pleasant as one might think. 🙂 Soul embodiment has included some internal “cleaning out” and a lot of unexpected emotions associated with letting go of EGO.  Excited to share more, including wisdom from our friends in non-physical, so very soon.

Hello, and welcome back. Thank you so much for joining for podcast 19. This is our final podcast in this season. And it truly is the end of a season. It is the end of a chapter, a cycle, and only feels fitting that we end it here on the number 19 which is all about endings and beginnings. And for this final podcast, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. I wanted to share with you a bit about this final journey that I found myself on as I as I have wrapped up a very big cycle of many, many lifetimes. And that conclusion of that process. So today I wanted to share that story with you. It’s a bit of a transformational story and it goes back. If you even take the last podcast you likely began to kind of feel and hear about the transformation that we are all being invited to step into. It is the transformation of our Soul, and beginning to walk this Earth through the eyes of our soul, and beginning to really expand that God Spark within us that is, that always stays with us. That spark of the Creator that we are that stays inside of us. And if we will allow it to, if we will begin to shed all of the programming, all of the fear, all of the lack, all of the limitation, we begin to make way for that to grow. For that beautiful, perfect light to grow within us. And that was the journey that I found myself on over the last few months.

While I share these podcasts as messages for anyone, I also bring through messages for myself as well. And I’ve been doing that for a little over a year. In fact, it’s been about 175 messages, channeled messages, that I have brought through on my personal journey. And it’s been a very life changing experience. And I firmly believe that same guidance is open and available to all of us in whatever way that you may want to receive it. Whether it is in the form of bringing it through audibly, or writing it, or if you’re just opening yourself up to signs and synchronicities from the Universe, we all have this opportunity to open up to this, to this nudging from our Spirit Team. And so over the last two years, I would say of this whole journey, but especially over the last few months, as this God Spark began to expand, everything began to change in a much, much bigger way. And what I have found is that has become my primary focus and my primary purpose over the last few months as everything had been pushed to the side to be able to go much, much deeper into this journey. I call it the journey of the unknown because I wasn’t really sure where it was all going. But around around the end of September,

I began to feel that something big was coming through. There are two sides of the story. And I’m going to share the transformational side right now. There was also a second piece of this where I was starting to get visions of humanity and what things would begin to look like. But for this I wanted to talk a bit about the transformation because that is the part that we’re all been invited to step into right now. So around the end of September, I’m recording this around the middle of November. So around the end of September, the energies were obviously very, very high. After the 9-9-19 gateway, I was outside in nature. And I was doing my usual kind of nature walk and I have a few trees that I connect with. And I can often kind of feel a bit of the energy and even kind of hear some messages. If you kind of think about it all living things have a consciousness to them. So it’s very, very, very possible to tap into the consciousness of anything living – animals, people, plants, trees, grass, even the rocks – while a much denser consciousness, they still have a consciousness to them. So when you begin to do that, you can realize you realize that you can tap into any and all of that. And one day, as I was by my favorite trees, I heard the message come through 40 days and 40 nights. And that was it.

And while I’m peripherally aware of the Bible references of 40 days, 40 nights, I’m certainly not a Bible expert at all and have very little familiarity, really with a lot of it. But I was certainly aware of the significance of 40 days and 40 nights. And so I felt intuitively guided to begin to, to track and chronicle the journey that I knew was starting then. I didn’t know where it was going, but I knew that it was starting. And then I also heard the next day as I was passing those same trees that that once all the leaves fell off of the trees that they would start a new season, and I would too. And I began to watch. They were in full – all of the leaves were there at the end of September. And then I began to watch day after day after day, as they began to lose all of their leaves, and sure enough, it was exactly as they had said. The full 40 days was the most incredible life changing journey. It was the end of a cycle, far greater, that was an entire Earth experience in the making that was coming to conclusion. I’ll just share a bit of kind of what all transpired over these 40 days.

I began to feel as if two worlds were merging. And I can I can only describe it this way. This is how it felt to me at the time. And this was the vision that came through during meditation. I saw the world as if it were a bubble that I lived in now. And then I saw another bubble, another world, that I could only describe as the fifth dimensional energetic world. So it was the world that I had already created but it wasn’t quite my reality yet. It was kind of out there, if you will. So I was, I saw myself in this bubble here. And then there was another big bubble there. And then over that 40 days, I began to feel and get the vision that they were getting closer and closer and closer until they began to touch. And then I would get the channeled guidance to reinforce this. The channeled guidance came through every day that would reinforce much of what was being shown to me visually or the images that were coming through. And so they began to touch and then I began to feel them merging. And it wasn’t as if one was pushing the other out. It was then they there were no definitive edges, the edges had began to dissolve, and then the world’s were beginning to merge. And I was often guided in meditation to begin to feel myself merging with this future aspect of me. And that’s a bit kind of hard for our brains to get around. But I knew I’d already seen the vision of where that was going and what was happening. And I could see myself kind of merging with this future aspect of me. And so it was getting much, much closer. And the world’s were now beginning to touch. And this went on for a period of time. And much happened along that line. Every day was full of very big lessons, very big experiences. And keep in mind, I was also very much an isolation, by design. I spoke to very few people during that time, I didn’t leave the house very much. So to the outside world, there wasn’t a whole lot going on. But on the inside, there was a lot that was happening. It began to feel as though I was having a living death. And I started to think about death in a much different way. I began to feel the fear that often comes along with death because I know I knew that there was a part of me that will be dying. I knew that there would even be a reality of mine that will be dying. And that was is very, very big because I allowed many fears that I had about death to come to the surface so that I could visit those and began to transcend any of those feelings of death that I had or fears of around death that I had.

It was so strange because also in that 30 days, I had a lot of purging going on in my body. That went on for 30 of the 40 days. I was going through the process of meditation, and I was beginning to purge and release dense energies, those fears, I was beginning to release those and I was practicing with with releasing that energy releasing any density in my body. And I was letting it I was kind of flushing it out for lack of a better word. And some of it got a bit stuck, if you will, and kind of lingered on and what it created were some urinary tract discomfort and that went on for a couple of weeks. It also created a lot of head congestion and cough congestion that started first in my throat and and then moved down into my chest, the moved back up into my head into my nose and my ears. And this all went on for 30 days. And I kept thinking the whole time that I wanted to use that to play with my energy and I wanted to practice healing. How I could practice my own inner healing. I didn’t want to go to the doctor, because I wanted to practice my own inner healing. And so I began to do that. And I began to purge a lot and I was drinking a lot, flushing everything through that way. But I was also doing a lot of energy work and imagining all of the beautiful light that would come through my head and down through my body and it would just be flushing out. And I would also do a lot of Earth grounding, where I would just sit on the ground and allow the healing energies of the earth to just come up through me and allow that to transmute all of the all of the density and all of the impurities that might still be in my body because I felt like this, it was certain that this was a very important part of the process was getting my vessel, my body, ready for what was about to happen.

It was so amazing because at one point, I did go to the doctor to have my chest because it was the it was a very deep cough that I had had, and I have never experienced that before. So I went to the doctor had them check out my chest and everything was fine. It wasn’t, it wasn’t bronchitis, it wasn’t pneumonia, which is what I was wondering if it was. But when I was there, I still had a bit of that urinary discomfort. And so I went to the doctor and I kind of played it out: if I do have the doctor do a urinary test or if I don’t, and I felt that if I didn’t have the doctor do a urinary test that I might regret that. And even though I had no interest in getting on medication, no interest in antibiotics, I still felt that it was right to have them to do it to test it. And so they did it. This was on maybe a Thursday, I think, Thursday or Friday. And I got a call back from the doctor on the next Tuesday. And it said, yes, you do have bacteria. They said you have e-coli in your urine, and they said, you need to get an antibiotic. And I said, I don’t know, I don’t really feel like…I think I’ve, I’ve been able to, to flush this out. I don’t feel like I still have that anymore. I think everything is fine. And so at that time, my cough was still continuing on. And I went back to the doctor, because I wanted to know for sure, because I felt like everything was good. I wasn’t having that urinary discomfort anymore. And I continued to do so much energy work. So much energy work trying to flush all of that out. And I went back to the doctor again on that Tuesday before I went through with any medication and had them do another urine sample. And would you believe that it was all gone?

That bacteria was gone and it wasn’t there and that was the first time that I was consciously aware of the healing process. Of how we can begin to do our own inner healing. And it was so wonderful. And I began to continue to do that on my head, and on my throat, and all of that and just continue to let the energy healing come through me. And within 30 days, it was all cleared up. And yes, I did do some over the counter medicine. And I did do some supplements and I drank a lot of water and all of that, but it was wonderful to just see the impact that energy healing, even when we might feel like “Gosh, we have no idea what we’re doing. I’m certainly not an energy expert. Not in this lifetime, at least.” Much of it was guided while I was in meditation, and it was just allowing the energies to come through me. But it very much felt like that was something that I wanted to experience. Throughout that 40 days. I felt a bit as if I was wrapping up everything that I wanted to experience in a human lifetime. And that was one of them, which was seeing the full healing process. Consciously aware of the healing process. It was also interesting around that time too, because I was also beginning to feel some fears around lack and limitation and abundance. I was beginning to feel money fears. And I knew it was coming up for a reason. And that often rears its head. It has been an ongoing catalyst for me. Fears of lack of money. And so I knew that too, was a chance to get to practice. And within the 40 days, I felt guided that I want to consciously see the manifestation process in action. And so on one of those days, I set the intention that I wanted to manifest $1,000. And at that time, it felt very, very big because I had cleared away everything that I was working on. There were no projects, there was nothing that was really going on. So to manifest a thousand dollars felt very big to me. And so I did. And I went through I was guided in meditation, again a very new process to me on many different ways many different strategies of creation. And how we create some of it was even going into a hologram. Kind of imagining a hologram where you begin to kind of release that money in a hologram first before it makes its way into your physical reality. That was just one of the ways. Practicing with life force energy. There, there was just so much that there was quite a bit that was involved in the manifestation of this $1,000.

And I will admit that even through that process, there was still some fear. I even had fear as I was manifesting it yet I knew that it was going to be very possible. What I was beginning to feel -this is what had been growing in me over the last few months. I was beginning to feel the most Higher dimensionality of my soul. I knew that my soul could do anything. I knew that my soul was outside of time and space. I knew that my soul that God’s spark within me that was expanding, I knew it could move mountains, it can do anything. I knew that there was not a single doubt in my mind. And I knew that if I wanted to manifest $1,000, that my soul could do it effortlessly and easily. And so that was the biggest part of that journey of this 40 days was, was really just beginning to understand my soul. What my soul was here to do. What it wanted to experience. Because what I was feeling is a merging. It was a merging of my human body, my humaneness, my human personality with my Soul that was here to take things to the next level, and to walk this world in a much different way. So I knew my Soul could do whatever. And I knew $1,000 was very minimal, that there is no limit as to what my Soul can generate and bring into this lifetime. It can do anything. It is nothing but abundance. And so once that intent was put out there, then it just all began to take place from there. And within that timeframe, within roughly about a week or two, the first thousand dollar manifestation happened. And it was an opportunity that I didn’t expect that will be coming up, and then it manifested itself again, in two different increments that came out to be $1,000. And so I began to see full circle, the whole circle of manifesting money, I got to consciously see that in creation. And that was so amazing to me. Because then, what I was realizing is that we have a beautiful Divine power within us that we don’t ever have to experience lack or limitation. But but the lack and the limitation is what gets us back to understanding the power that is within us, the God that is within us that can do anything. And I began to see that.

And those were two big things that that my Soul wanted to experience and wanted my personality self to experience full cycle so that I could see that in action. The whole time during that process, magic, the word magic just kept coming up. And the questions that I would often get is, “Do you believe in magic?” And then it would ask, “Do you believe in the magic in you?” During my awakening process, I kind of liken it to three stages when we are what some might call when we’re asleep before our awakening, we are kind of asleep to all of this is happening in the Universe. We don’t we’re kind of tuned off to it a bit. Maybe we go to church, maybe we obviously are aware of God, Angels, Jesus, whatever you might follow. Buddha. You’re aware of that, but maybe not really aware of the whole Universe and, and, and how it all begins to work. And then you begin to wake up and you’re like, Oh my gosh, there’s something more to my life. And you began to wake up to a Universe out there that has been trying to get your attention. And that Universe knocks on your door and send you a bunch of signs and synchronicities, just to let you know that it’s out there and to try to get your attention. So that you can begin to expand your mind a bit of what is possible for your life. That’s your first stage of the awakening. And then you begin to realize, as you go through that process, and for some that might be many, many years, and for some, it may not, it doesn’t matter, but then you began to realize that the Universe that was out there is actually inside of you. And so then it becomes, “Do you believe in you?” “Do you believe in you?” And many times this 40 day process, I found myself questioning ME.

I knew that my soul could do anything. But I was worried that I, my personality self, would mess it up that would delay or prohibit my Soul from doing what it came here to do. Many times I felt that and I had to go through a lot, a lot within, a lot of clearing. That’s a lot of unworthiness there that I had to process through over that 40 days. And so I even remember being in the grocery store and overhead The song was, “Do you believe in magic?” And the messages kept coming around magic, around magic, around magic. Do you believe the magic that is within you? And it was around that time that I was guided to watch the Merlin series on Netflix. And oh my gosh, did I ever fall for that story. Could not have been more perfect and more magical for me. Merlin is an archetype of mine that I chose to embody in this lifetime and so I certainly resonated so much with that story. But also with the magic. Magic began to be so big because I began to slowly believe and slowly see that the power of everything that I wanted or desired in my life was within me. That the God that I saw outside of me was in me. The soul out there was within me. And the more that I could clear out the limitation and the fear, the more that could begin to grow within me. And so that’s what continued to go on. As it went on, probably about 30 days in to the 40 day journey, I began to feel the Soul energy began to to go up through, up through my head. It started in my heart space. I’ve mentioned this before but it kind of began to grow, grow, grow up, up, up, and then also go down as well. There was a lot that was happening in my lower chakra’s during that time as I was also beginning to expect in that area as well. But I could feel the Soul energy coming up through my head and beginning to to sprinkle over my thoughts. I could see and so much of that clearing of my head, the head congestion, was so necessary because it was taking all the density, those dense thoughts, that dense energy was coming out in the form of head mucus, if you will, that was all being purged and cleared, so that my head was clear so that it could receive this beautiful Soul energy that was starting to come through my head and make way to, for lack of a better word, alchemize any of those or transmute any of those older, denser thoughts and so it will be now the energy of my Soul that would be that would be kind of infiltrating my my mind. And it was a beautiful process. I could feel that energy coming up through and then as that began to happen, I began to feel that what was next was for my eyes. And it was so that I could begin to see multi dimensionally like my soul. My soul can see higher dimensions, lower dimensions. It has, it’s not bound by time and space. It’s not bound by the thick veil that we occupy in this Earth space. In this third dimension experience, which is very much bound by a veil that closes us off from the Universe, from All That Is. But the Soul can see all of that. And so I was working to adjust my eyes to that. And that still is happening. That still is going on. But I could feel the energy now much of the meditation would be then around merging the eyes of my soul, for lack of a better word, with my human physical eyes and beginning to allow that energy to happen. And then I began to see it and experience it in dream state.

In dream state, multiple times, one time in particular, I had an opportunity to visit another timeline of mine. It was another life experience. And it was quite profound. And that was starting to get my eyes ready to see multi-dimensionally. So I could see what my Soul was experiencing multiple, multiple lifetimes. And so that was a very big part, it was beginning to get my eyes ready for it along with my body and my mind as we were beginning to have this merge.

Within that same time frame, which is a part of a much bigger story that I’ll save for the next podcast, but a close family friend of ours passed away and we knew that that was coming and we knew that it would happen and it did happen. We knew it would happen around the month of September and at the end of September that happened. I knew that when she passed that I would hear messages from her. And I wanted to hear messages from her as she transitioned because I knew – I had a beautiful opportunity to see her her Souls experience before she passed. It was the most beautiful gift that I could have ever received and in a unique way her passing and watching the way that she prepared for her death was a wonderful way for me to prepare for what I was feeling, which was a living death as well. And so I found it quite ironic and how much that it helped me. But what I experienced with her is that once she passed, the very next day, I began to feel her energy and it was so beautiful, and it was so light, and it was so happy, and it was so wonderful. And the next couple of days then was her viewing, and it was the first time that I’ve been able to be at a funeral and to see a body there but know that I’ve felt the Spirit, that I felt her Soul. I felt her spirit in a much different way. And it was the first time that I’ve been able to see or experience a death of someone that was close and not feel loss. And I didn’t feel the last because I had already felt their spirit had already been blessed with that opportunity to feel Spirit and I knew that there was no loss. I knew that there would always be that connection. And I felt that very strongly. It was a beautiful, beautiful gift. And it helped so much during that process. Because for the first time, then as I was going through my own living death, I did not feel a loss.

As the days went on, I could see the season beginning to change. At this point, there were very few leaves on the tree, and I knew that we were very close. And sure enough, we were. I had been through a lot of transformation. I had seen visions of what of what would be coming on the other side. I still didn’t quite know what exactly was going to happen on the 40th day. But I knew the process that got me there was very transformational.

About four days before the 40th day, I got the channeled guidance that the merge had taken place, the two worlds – the 3D physical reality that I lived now and the fifth dimensional, which I would call heaven on earth reality that I had created energetically – that those two worlds had merged. And that in a very short amount of time, that my reality would begin to reflect that. That is what the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is, it is Heaven on Earth. And we create that energetically first and then our reality begins to reflect it. That’s how everything works in creation. And so everything was beginning to merge. I didn’t feel any different. My reality still looked the same, but I knew that it was so very close. And as I was feeling in meditation, the merging with my future self, I knew that we were right there and we were so very close.

On the 40th day, actually the day right before, I felt an amazing energy. It was, it was an excitement, knowing that something very, very big was about to happen and on the 40th day, that morning, I felt guided to do a life review. And perhaps you’ve heard of that experience that when we transition into non physical and we have our death, that we go through a period where we have a life review, and we began to look at our life, while you were in nonphysical. And you are back in your state of perfection, of course, always, as we are even here, but you are one with All That iIs, and you begin to look back at your life experience. And you begin to with discernment, not with judgment began to look at it. And all of the wonderful experiences. All the people that came into your life, and you begin to just look and you even start to begin to play a little bit, oh, this is what I want to experience the next time and you begin to just do a review of that whole experience. And so I felt very guided that that was an important final step because I knew that a very long, very long Earth experience was coming to a conclusion. And so I did that within meditation, I began to look back at my entire life and all of the people in it, all of the wonderful experiences that had that not happened, then it might not have progressed this journey the way that it did. Even those that were catalyst, even those that I felt like those moments that were hurtful to me, I can begin to see how we were all playing the part and how we were all trying to help and advance each other. And I began to look at all that all the people, all the opportunities, everything. And it was interesting, because it had nothing to do with, oh, did I make this much money or oh, did I get to travel that much? Or oh, did I live in that type of home or did I do this? None of that in that state of awareness mattered! It had nothing to do with that! The life review was all about your expansion. It was all about how much did you grow? How much did you expand? It wasn’t even about how many people did you help in the world. It was really about your souls journey and your souls experience. And some of this had been going on. I had even found myself even in months prior, even kind of tying up some loose ends. And you can very easily do that. You can look at things that have happened in your life. And you can begin when you begin to get a little higher above them, if you will, you begin to see the beauty in them. And that is the imprint to make. You might think of it as the Akashic records. I wanted the book of my life to reflect the highest perspective of everything that had happened. To see the blessing and everything. And that was what the life review was, and it was quite powerful. So I was finishing up the life review, and I felt almost like, imagine like a full circle like I was, I was finishing up the life review and it all just felt divinely perfect. I could see the greatest, most beautiful blessings in all parts of my life.

But I could just imagine there was like one little piece on the very bottom. It was almost like a small little door that was still kind of kicked open. It wasn’t closed yet. And this was on the 40th day. This was in the morning. And I knew that something big was coming. There was still something that I was still going to get from the day. I knew it. And I felt that it was a very, very big day. A lot was going on. I was also going through another program that a good friend of mine was leading at the time, it was called the Courage to Leap Program and we were all feeling this energy like something big is coming today. It was right before 11-11 so we knew the energies were really really high. So I was going through that program with some like-minded people, the energy was really high and we just knew something really big. I knew that Heaven on Earth was going to be my reality. That was my intention. That was my intention even for that day, that Heaven on Earth, the world that I created energetically, would be my reality that day. When when I first got the 40 days 40 nights message for some reason, I just felt that my personality self wanted to show one time that I could commit to something for 40 days. It felt so unnecessary to my soul. I knew that. But I wanted to, I don’t enjoy commitment of any sort. And committing to something for 40 days seems like an awful long time. But for some reason, I felt this real desire that I wanted to commit to something. And so I committed to going to the gym for 40 days. And I did it. It did happen. And it was consistently. And I began to see exactly why I felt that desire because there were many reasons for being there. And there were people that I met and there were things that needed to happen. So it wasn’t really for my Soul’s benefit, but it was interesting because I felt very complete after doing that as if I had completed everything that I wanted to do in a life experience. That was that was a fun part of it. But I left that day and that was my last day at the gym and I wanted to go to the gym, obviously. And I was sitting at the gym, and I knew everything was so close. It was so close, it was so close. And I could feel my Soul. Things were getting there. I was so close to whatever was happening. It was so very close. But yet I could still feel the separation from my Soul. I knew my Soul could do anything. But could I do anything? And that was the separation that I felt. And it was around 4:40pm on that day, and 44 had come up. 44 come up many, many times. It was a very, very special number. For me, it had a special meaning. To me it was a number of activating Atlantis, a Golden Age in humanity’s history. And that was to me what that activation number meant. And so around 4:40pm on the 40th day, I had the switch happened. And it was the Merge. And it was it happened literally in a split second. And for that split second, I knew the merge with my Soul had taken place. And I knew that I was no longer the human trying to expand the Soul. In that moment, I knew that I was the Soul that was in the human body, the merge had completely taken place. And it was from that moment, then, that everything switched. I didn’t even know what the switch was going to be about. I didn’t even know where this was going. But it was in that moment that the full merger took place. And I began to instantly then see through the eyes of my Soul. And that was when it all happened. And the first thing that came to my mind was, “I thought I was Human.” It was as if I woke up from a dream within a dream. And I had felt that disconnect because I thought I was the human and that I knew my Soul existed within me. And there was still that separation. We were still separate. And when the merge finally happened, the first thing that came to my mind was, “I thought I was the human. I thought that was me.” Now, it’s like waking up instantly from a dream and you’re like, “ah, I get it. I thought it was the human I know now I’m the Spirit, I’m the Soul in the human body.” And that was the shift. That was it. And then that closed it. Channeled guidance when I got home that afternoon was, “You just completed the Game of Life. That’s the Game of Life.” That as you were closing the circle on your life review there was one little piece that was still open. And it was that realization. It was not even just realizing it, because intellectually, I had heard that many times before. But it was when it happened. It was as if all of the synapses in the brain just finally connected, and the connection was made, and boom, that’s when it happened. And that was the Game of Life. It was waking up to who we truly are, which is the Soul, which is the Spirit which is the God that we are in a human body. Not just intellectualizing that, but knowing it, and feeling it and experiencing that. That was the Game of Life.

And it was an interesting experience because again, I had no idea what was going to happen. It was a very surreal feeling. I knew I was ending something knew. I was ending the chapter knew. I was ending this phase, cycle. And it was. That was the end of a 3D life experience that had been many thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years, millions if you will, in the making. That is what the Earth experience was, 3rd dimensional life experience. That cycle is done. Now it’s fully living in a fifth dimensional world as the Soul that I am. It wasn’t, the channeled guidance that came through from that day, it wasn’t as my personality self would have expected. It wasn’t hearing all of the bells and the alarms and the heavens clapping and and so excited that the Game of Life was completed. Not at all. It was, there was great excitement. There was great joy. But I already immediately felt the new game starting and it is one fully devoted to service. And it feels incredible. My mind, in my imagination, it was already about service. That’s the next phase. It is walking as what some might call Christ Consciousness. It is walking as your Soul. Embodied as your Soul and how can you serve.

So fast forward a couple of days, and it’s only been a couple of days, I feel a lot of integration taking place. I feel service-oriented completely. But I also feel that an old chapter has closed. It was a very long, long chapter full of the most incredible growth. Full of the most incredible expansion for my soul in this lifetime and many, many before it. But it feels wonderful, and it was the most incredible experience because I also got to consciously experience what I would consider a living death. And to consciously go through that process. It was so incredibly valuable. I didn’t know any of this. And I would say that my Spirit Team led me through all of it and true to their word 40 days and 40 nights it was. And when every leaf had fallen off the tree and the trees and started their new season, so too, did I. And so it it just opens up in my mind that there is so much more going on. And if we will just simply open up and let our Spirit Team in. If we will let them into our life they will take us exactly where we intended to go in the most effortlessly easy way.

When I was doing the life review, I noticed that the most fun that I’ve ever had in my life, the most fun the most excitement was during this awakening phase with The Universe was let in. When I began to play with the Universe that was the most fun that I’d ever experienced ever. To the outside world, it didn’t look at all like that. It would look as though I’ve been isolated from the world and truly was. But it was the absolute most fun that I’ve ever, ever had.

We hear many times, that when we transition to non physical, and after we do our life review, we can’t wait to get back in and do it again. Because it was so much fun. When you begin to see it from that higher perspective you realize just how fun it was. And I had that same feeling too. Would I do it again? Heck, yes, a million times. When you began to see it from that perspective, you see the beauty in everything and you would absolutely do it again. It was a pretty amazing, amazing experience. I would certainly call it a pretty amazing Game of Life that we are all here enjoying. And again, if we will open up to Spirit. Letting Spirit in, they will take us on a journey far beyond what we ever thought was possible.

And this isn’t the end of it. It’s also just getting started. The new game has started. And it’s going to be pretty amazing. I already know it. So thank you so much for listening. I have a really great feeling, a very great intuitive feeling, that when we continue on with season two of this podcast that it’s going to come from a much different perspective. And I’m very excited to be able to share some of that with you so very soon after, and as, some of this integration takes place. We’re going to go in a an even higher direction. And that feels like that’s just around the corner.

So thank you so much for listening to these podcasts. I hope that you have enjoyed them and I can’t wait to be back to share more with you so very soon. Take care everyone, thank you.

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