Podcast #20: Season 2 – Beginning to live (and create) in New Earth

Welcome to Season 2 of the Podcast.  This season is all about living in New Earth.  It’s no longer “out there.”  It’s here for us now.  We choose through our beliefs, emotions, and moment-to-moment mastery how much time we want to spend in it.  It’s an all new game with new rules and new ways of being and living.  So this season is now about living and creating in this new world.  I believe we have/had to play the Earth game first before we roll into creating in this all new space.  We’re all wrapping up our own game at our pace, in our own way, and in our own time.  There are no comparisons, no competitions, no rushing.  It’s a finely orchestrated plan that we are each on.  And the beauty is in the unfolding.

This podcast picks up at the end of Season 1 where I shared my personal 40 day/40 night journey and the conclusion of my game of life and the start of a new one.  There was no fanfare at the end of it.  No celebration!  No pomp and circumstances (that’s all ego).  It was simply a completion and an immediate beginning of a new way to live.

This first podcast is a primer for Podcast #21 – an incredible channeled journey/tour through a Temple of Golden Light and Healing Chamber.  Podcast #20 talks about how this Temple was created.  It’s a magical story and just the start of what we’ll begin experiencing, creating, and playing with in New Earth.

Here’s the brief backstory:

In September 2019, I received through channeled guidance an expanded vision of my role.  My role had felt so choppy before.  I would spend a few months on various projects and then move to something else.  I judged myself harshly thinking it was my scattered brain that couldn’t focus or commit to anything.  It wasn’t until I raised my consciousness a bit more that I could get above it all and see the bigger picture.  I’m here to assist in creating a New Earth community.  This community could be likened to living in “heaven on earth” and include all new ways of healing, new ways of educating, high vibrational foods/gardening, new ways of leading, sound healing, etc (all of the projects I had been led to explore over the past 10 years).  There would be other communities across the world and we would all begin to work with each other (each having its own expertise) in an effort to further support the planet’s ascension.

As the vision filled in, I learned that there would also be a “physical manifestation” that would be the nucleus for this community.

Shortly after that vision came through, Spirit took me on a 40-day/40-night journey.  I was in near seclusion.  It was intense and culminated in the conclusion of this Game of Life and a shift in consciousness that was needed for this next phase.

I came out of the 40 day/40 night journey on a really big high.  And then I hit a really low, low for a few weeks.  It was a dark time.  Literal HELL.  I didn’t know what was happening or how I could be so miserable (especially after feeling such bliss). Turns out I was in the hallway in between games/worlds and just hadn’t made the decision to walk through the new door yet.  Details…ugh! 🙂

Things began to level out after that. Then two days before Christmas 2019, I was guided to start creating an “energetic portal” on a physical land location. This process took place over the course of a week.

Shortly after that, I received guidance that the “physical manifestation that would be the nucleus of the community” is a TEMPLE.  On Jan 2nd, I was guided in meditation to begin energetically building the Temple using God Particles of Creation.  It was the most profound experience of my life.  Each day, in meditation, we constructed a new part of the Temple.  While my human aspect has/had no idea what I was doing, there was clearly a part of me that knew this well.   After six days, the temple was complete.

A brief time later, Spirit guided me to a wonderful new friend, Linda Jarrett, who was able to see the Temple of Golden Light.  It exists in the “etheric” realm.  Linda is a clairvoyant and has beautiful inner sight.  In her work, she has identified 144 other Temples of Golden Light across the planet in the etheric realm.  These Temples are here to anchor the female/divine/goddess energy on the planet.  While I can only feel it and see it vaguely through inner sight, she can actually see it in detail.  She was a beautiful blessing along my timeline to strengthen my trust in the unseen.

The next step beginning to unfold is the watching a structure in the etheric make its way into physical reality.  I am beyond excited for this phase.

There are other pieces unfolding in tandem as well.  I sense the people/community beginning to form and that at higher levels, we’re working together to anchor/activate the blueprint for this New Earth community.

This first podcast shares a bit about the experience in working with God Particles of Creation.  The next podcast (Podcast 2) is an energetic walk-thru of the Temple of Golden Light and Healing Chamber.

I hope you’ll join along for the ride in Season 2 as we all explore New Earth together.  I believe that we are all Founding Leaders of New Earth.  This is the piece of the journey that we couldn’t wait to experience.

If you ever have any questions or want to hear about certain topics, please reach out.

Welcome back to season two. Thank you so much for joining. I’m so thrilled to be kicking off this next season and does it ever feel like a new season? It has been a pretty incredible couple of months. So I thought I would spend this very first podcast back into a new season, new topics, new themes in general.

The theme of season two for this podcast feels very much like all new ways of being. In the first season we were talking so much about where we were going. About creating New Earth. About the journey to New Earth. And now we’re here! We are in it now. And we are now beginning to create the all new. So it’s no longer out there. It’s no longer outside of us. Now it’s here.

And so much of this season feels like it will be our around what does that begin to look like? Let’s really start beginning to create the new community, the new ways of being, the new ways of living. It’s all here right now. And if you don’t find or don’t feel as though anything feels different for you right now, well it can, because right now, we have the opportunity to dip in and out of New Earth as much as we want to. And so it is our conscious choice, how much time we want to spend in New Earth and how much energetically, how much time we want to be there.

And I find myself that there are times when I’m dipping in and out of it.  But consciously getting back to it is becoming so much easier and faster now. And that’s where all the magic begins to happen. So, what you’re going to feel is that New Earth is this feeling inside of you and what it’s doing, it’s, you’re raising your consciousness. And as you began to raise your consciousness to such a point, I kind of call it the tipping point, you began to kind of tip the scales to where you’re predominantly spending your time in these higher vibrations, which is the New Earth, which is where all of the new is being birthed and created from. And so that’s what we’re doing.

We’re all finding it our own way, our own pace, that we’re all beginning to make this journey upward. But we’re there. It’s accessible to all of us now. And I just started to feel that in just the last couple of weeks. It’s been pretty amazing!

So I wanted to share a bit and pick up where we left off at the last episode at the end of season one. At the end of season one I was sharing about tipping the scales with what is called Christ Consciousness, this elevated state of awareness, this elevated state of being, and what it began to feel like. And at the time of the last recording, it was such a high blissful place to be. And it was a completely new perspective. It was as if there was a quantum leap in consciousness that had been made. And so after that, it got very, very strange. And so, after that time, of being on this really high high, I began to feel the biggest low that I had ever felt. And it was a few weeks, it was actually around December. It was some weeks of what felt like literal Hell for no reason. It was as if being so so high, and then dipping so low, for no reason. And I began to question everything that had happened. What’s going on? How could I be so high and then feel so low, and there was so much that was going on internally? So much clearing out, so much letting go of old dense emotions that had to come out.

It was often described as there was a clearing out almost of the refrigerator, if you will. Like before it can go, you have to look at it before it’s tossed away forever. And that was much of what was happening in the latter part of November and of December. And it was a really low point.  The lowest that I’ve probably ever felt. And then I found that things began to level out. Right before the holidays, things began to level out.

But what happened shortly after is when everything really got pretty amazing. And I’m so excited to share that story with you.

But first I want to talk a little bit about what I call and what I now have some words I guess to frame is a bit of this spiritual quest that has been unfolding and I think this is probably if many of us were to look at our lives, we’ll see the spiritual quest. Sometimes it’s hard to see it and frame it while we’re in it. But once we get a little away from it, we can begin to kind of see it in a bit of a different light.  We get above it a bit. And last January, this would have been January 2019, I began to feel this was the very first part of what really became the funnest part of the spiritual quest. I can look back and see where even the eight years prior, building the businesses and what we had been focused on was a really fun part of that, but what happened in January 2019, was I began to have this feeling that came out of nowhere. And the feeling was that I wanted to bring technology to the planet from home. Not really knowing what home was or where home was. But I just had this very strong desire that I wanted to bring technology from home to help the planet.  And I wrote that down. It was a different feeling for me. But it was a very strong knowing and there was no resistance around it. I’ve likely talked about this on previous podcasts before. But what unfolded from that point was beginning to then start this spiritual quest of what would that idea be? And the idea came within a week.  The idea came within a week. And then it was this deep quest of not being able to do much anything else. I mean, it was going very deep and researching and finding the right people and reaching out to people. And I was reaching out to people in so many different areas that I was reaching out to, because I felt like I had this desire to just keep exploring and understanding and learning and every step was getting me a little bit closer. Often that’s called the breadcrumb trail.

And so I was following the little pieces of breadcrumbs that my Higher Self and Spirit Team would be putting out in front of me just guiding me along the way. And then I ended up finding unbeknownst to me, I ended up finding the one person who had this Technology and had this amazing gift that I had been looking and searching for. And it was around sound technology. And this person happened to only be two hours away. And so we met, we began to form a relationship and have felt, I have felt at least, that our relationship went back many lifetimes prior. In fact, it had felt as though we had had an Atlantis connection. And so we maintain this wonderful connection. And I just knew that that some way we were going to continue to work together. I knew that would be one of the next steps. But yet I also felt that there were other pieces. There was also the food part.  There was gardening. There was also this church – not really church – but more of a community, this uplifting of a community. There were all of these different aspects of this and I felt as though in the last few years, I would be guided to spend months at a time in each of these areas, in these themes, if you will.  But yet whenever I felt like it was time to,  “okay, I’m going to launch a program,” or “okay, I’m going to do something,” it was like everything just shifted immediately. And I found that I would be judging myself thinking what’s going on? Why am I so scattered? Why is nothing really seem to be unfolding? And it was around September.  It was right before I began to learn about the 40 day/40 night journey that I talked about in the last show. It was right before then that I began to get the much bigger vision and the guidance came through and it said, “you are a part of creating a new community, what might be likened to a heaven on earth community and a high vibrational community and it will have all aspects of that which you have been feeling and sensing and putting your energy and vibration into. It will have the food, and the healing, and the sound technology, and the uplifting, it will have all pieces of that.”

And so all of that began to unfold. It was as if everything began to start to make sense a bit.  I began to see again the much bigger, bigger picture. And the guidance said that there would be a physical manifestation that would be the nucleus to this community. And that the physical manifestation of it, it would come into physicality, it would come into reality in a much different way. But that it would be the nucleus of the community. And I immediately began to feel a bit of how you might feel perhaps like in an Atlantis community, where you have this central kind of nucleus and other pieces of the community. I mean, I began to feel all of that and I could resonate with that. And so that went on for a while.  Add on top of that the 40-day/40-night journey, my own continual ascension, tipping the scales with Christ Consciousness. So much was happening around that time, and not much more the vision really filled in from that point, but I had already known that that’s what it was and knew that it would all begin to unfold in due time. So as the new year approached, and what was most interesting about after the 40-day/40-might journey and that, that shift in perspective, that shift in consciousness, I could no longer and I still can no longer feel the future. So in the past, I could kind of sense when things might be happening. I could sense that, “Oh it’s going to be a wonderful year. 2020 will be such a wonderful year.” I could always sense and I could feel an excitement for something down the road. But as this shift happened, I could no longer feel that.  It took quite a bit of adjustment because I had always been able to feel, I thought what I could kind of feel maybe was the future, for lack of a better word. But as I began to embody more of the Soul Consciousness.  Our Soul is outside of time and space.  There is no time outside of our experience here in this Earth experience, so our Soul, there is no time to our Soul. So as I’m embodying more and more of that consciousness, it would logically begin to make sense that I wouldn’t feel that.  But that was a big adjustment. And it has been one of the bigger adjustments because now I’m beginning to play in what is this NOW moment.  Everything is right here.  You create from the right here NOW moment. And so it’s not so much about everything being out there anymore. It’s all right here.  And we began to create from here.

So the month of December and the month of January, have been very big and were very big for beginning to understand this all new way of living. It felt as though all of the rules have changed. None of the old rules apply as we began to live, and spend more time in this New Earth space.

And so I began around the middle of December, to feel inspired to create a portal. This would be a physical portal on a location that I am at, that I walk through, and that I walk and visit every day. And I’ve never had any experience, nor do I know anything about, nor did I know anything about what that might be like. But that was the intuitive guidance that it was time to begin to create an energetic portal.

And so I began to create and I felt and I even heard the guidance that you’ll know exactly where to go. And there were various stones that I had. And I knew I would feel where to go and where to lay these the stone, the first one that I had. And so I did and I went to that special location. And I found the spot that intuitively felt right. And I laid the stone there. And this was a space probably about the width of my, of my footprint, my body if you will. And I thought that that was it. I thought that that was the portal. And then I began to get guidance the following days of other locations. And there were even two instances where when I didn’t know where to place a stone, that I heard the guidance in my ears, in my head, to follow “X-marks the spot,” and I looked up into the sky and twice the jet streams had made an X. And as I follow the X down, I could see exactly where the next spots were. I was completely guided every step of the way. It was the most incredible journey and I had no idea where it was going, how many sides is portal would have. I just kept going.

And so at this point, there were also some other landmarks, if you will, that were also a part of the dimensions of this portal. And I too, was a part of the portal. I was, I myself, had been working on my own, opening up my own portal – me. And I think all of us are also our own portals, if you will. Portals to access and to receive higher levels of light, and more consciousness, if you will. But this process went on for about a week. It was so incredible and it was so led by Spirit. And I even remember one time where I thought that I was to take a stone and place it in the middle. Right in the middle of all of the dimensions of the portal. And I was, I was up there and I had the stones that I was planning to use, and something happened that immediately took me off of the site. Off of the land and all the way back home. Because it was clear, I didn’t know this at the time, but it was very clear after, that wasn’t supposed to be a location for those stones.  I wasn’t supposed to put anything there in the middle of it.

And so it was an amazing process. And then through meditation, I was guided through activations of actually activating each area of the portal and then beginning to activate it all. And so within about a week or so, the portal was completely activated. And I didn’t know anything else at that point on the portal. It ended up having six sides.  Still don’t exactly know the significance of that, but that was how it all ended up. And so it was just a short time after that, that I began to get the much bigger vision. And for the previous months, every time the channeled guidance came through the channeled guidance always referred to the physical manifestation as that.  It was the “physical manifestation.”  I really had no idea what the physical manifestation would be that would be a part of this nucleus of this community. And it was around the time of the portal creation, that the guidance came through that it was a TEMPLE. And the guidance was coming through Temple of Golden LightTemple of Golden Light. It was not a phrase that I had heard of before. I had no awareness of Temples. I’ve never been inside of a Temple. This was all new to my human aspect of me. But I kept hearing Temple of Golden Light.

And so it was around the early part, it was, I believe, January 2, and I was in meditation, and it all began to unfold. And I was guided in that time and that day and the six days following to begin the creation of the Temple.  And it was very, very profound process. And it was imagining first being in the middle of that portal.  Not physically there, but energetically.  Imagining being in the middle of the portal. And at first, it was the creation of a beautiful diamond pyramid of light. And that was the middle.  That was the center point of the portal and the beginning of the Temple. And so it was the creation of a diamond light pyramid. And I would imagine being within this pyramid.  And this pyramid would go all the way up to the Heavens, and it would go all the way down to the Inner Earth and there was this beautiful connection and the ability to sit within the pyramid. And so that began to happen. And I could feel that that structure beginning to take shape.  Once the pyramid was complete, that was day one. Day two was beginning to be bring in God Particles of Creation. And this too was new for me. But it was imagining sitting it within the pyramid of light and allowing the God Particles of Creation, those within me and also those from the Heavens, allowing that all to come through the portal, and just imagining the most beautiful, glistening white light particles of creation, filling the space as if it were just snow coming down and all around.  And it was incredibly beautiful.

And then it was beginning to pull and to form with those God Particles of Creation. And it was a profound process. And I even remember at one point in time that I was standing there surrounded by God Particles of Light and it took my breath away, because it felt so big. And it was so vast.  And it was so grand.  It was anything,  it was within that moment anything could be created.  It was truly stepping into the creator role that we all are.  It was stepping into that role with that, and it was such an incredible process. And it took a while to even adjust to that. And it was feeling into the bigness of playing with God Particles of Creation.

And as that happened and as they began, that was an entire day which is allowing the God Particles of Creation to just come in and to just be there and to play a little bit, forming small little circles with the God Particles of Light.  And then as the day’s progressed it was a step and a new step and a new step and we began to create the platform for the Temple. And it was beginning to move the God Particles of Creation to create a platform. And it will be a platform that the pyramid could sit with on, that the entire Temple would rest upon.

And it was beginning to create columns of light all around the pyramid. And these columns of light would go all the way up to the Heavens as well. And they would surround the beautiful pyramid and it became known that the pyramid was actually a Healing Chamber and that was where anyone could go either in physical or energetically can go there to be connected to their Spirit Team. They can be connected to All That Is.  They can be healed within that beautiful Healing Chamber. That is when they are connected to that. And it was such a beautiful, beautiful process and the guidance came through exactly on that.  It was only allow one person at a time in the Healing Chamber because when they’re in there they they will feel their Soul.  They will feel connected to All That Is. So don’t mix energies just allow, allow those who use it and those who are in it to just experience themselves and experience their own healing. And it was so wonderful.

And so as the day’s progressed, we began to then create the bottom floor and the bottom floor was full of the most beautiful things. It was full of meeting spaces. It was full of higher uses of the sound technology in its highest use.  Of food in its highest use.  Of gardening and all things living in their highest use. And then there are rest and renewal rooms on the second floor. All of this was unknown to me. And I found it absolutely an amazing process to go through. But what the guidance that came through said, “you in your human state don’t have to know exactly, you don’t have to draw out what your Temple is going to look like.” It said, “you are working with God Particles of Creation. They have their own consciousness. It’s you and your light. It is the light that is within us. But it’s, it’s that.  It is like attracts light. It’s the Christ consciousness within you that is attracting the God Particles of Creation.  That is like attracting like. They know where to go. They know exactly where to go.  They know how they serve.” And so it wasn’t the human trying to figure it all out. It was just open an allowing and allowing the consciousness and you, the light within you, to be that which attracts those God Particles of Creation into the right place.

It was the most again, profound experience that I’ve ever been a part of. And then after six days, it was done. The Temple was complete. And I could feel, I could feel how amazing that that it was. I could feel the space. I could feel the energy of the space. And it was shortly after that, that I was guided to create the first walk through.  The actual opening up the space to those who want to be a part of it and to experience it. And so that’s the next podcast is that walk through of that experience. And it was just, it was completely channeled, and it is so beautiful and it is so healing. This particular walkthrough was more focused on the healing, although the Temple serves many uses. Healing is one aspect of it and I’m continuing to go spend a little more time in each of the different areas of the Temple.  Beginning to understand and and feel the energy within them.  And more and more audios will be created around those different themes, but this one has such a beautiful healing feel to it. And I’m so excited to share that with you.

But what began to happen even after that is, I felt like things for a week’s time, really just in the last week of even this recording, things began to get supercharged. And I began to find and connect with people that that I hadn’t even expected.  I was talking to a friend about the Temple and in conversation, another Temple came up and it led me to want to research another Temple. And then I thought, “well, I’ve never actually researched Temples of Golden Light.” And so I wanted to see if that even was a word or just to see what might even exist on the other side of that. And what I found was a connection to a beautiful woman in London, and we have since connected and have had the most wonderful session. She is Ambassador to other Temples of Golden Light that are across the planet. And these temples exist in what’s called the etheric realm, which is an unseen realm to us, but they exist and they function and they are also places where we go at night time for healing, and we are met by our Spirit Team, we are met by the Angels, we are met by the Ascended Masters. That’s where we go to learn. That’s where we go to, to heal. And that’s where we go to meet with our family and our team. And it happens often when we are in our dream state.

And she is an ambassador, she has been able to locate and channel 144 of these across the planet, and she even wrote a book about them. And so we connected and she had heard the guidance that there would be more Temples that would be coming up.  And she had found for more since the writing of her book, but this was the first time that a Temple had been brought to her.  And she was able to see it.  She was actually able to see it. And to see the temple.  And she was able, with her inner sight, to see it. I’m able to feel it. I’m still beginning to grow that inner sight and that inner vision. So I don’t have as clear vision of the Temple itself. But she is able to see it. And it was just incredible. And she could see what it looks like and she could see, and much of what she said also matched my experience, my feeling experience, and the visions that I get when I’m inside of the Temple.

And it was, it was just a wonderful… much of this – much of this journey has been so unknown, and so when you’re able to meet someone who can serve as a bit of that validation, it is such a wonderful process, and it just seems as though it kind of takes us to the next level. And she certainly did that and was a great source of strength.  And now the true fun begins.  It is beginning to use this Temple.  It is beginning to open up to what is next.

I’ve learned in this process and I’ve learned from talking with her and from others a bit more about why even Temples are a part of my life. And they have been a part of my life and it does go back to the Atlantis timeframe. And post the Atlantis timeframe too.  But I certainly never thought that creating a Temple would be a part of the plan. And that’s the beauty of this. It’s so much of the unknown. And so I’m beginning to open up a bit more to who I am. And what I’m here to do. And I think we all are.  We are all beginning to do that. And it is so beyond a logical journey at this point. And that feels all right, and that feels fine now. It took a little bit of time to process through that and to be okay with no part of this journey be normal.

And so now the fun begins. It was a beautiful process to create the Temple, the Temple that exists. And I’m so excited for you to listen to podcast to where you’ll have a chance to energetically experience the Temple. But I also know that Temple will make its way into physical manifestation. And that is the journey that I’m so excited to see how that unfolds.  It is going to be the most amazing, amazing part of this journey. It is a part of us stepping into the Creator role that we are here to be in, to play and to do. And it’s about creating New Earth. And what do we want New Earth to look like? What do we want to create with a New earth? That’s what we are stepping into right now.

So there’s so much more coming.  It is going to be a pretty amazing, amazing time on this Season 2. But I wanted to share all this because it’s been a pretty wild two months, full of ups and downs, and full of just magic, nothing short of magic, and beginning to step into, all of us. We’re beginning to step into a level of skills and talents that we didn’t even know existed within our own being.

We are also beginning to step into what we will begin to really know and feel, which is a an authentic power. And I know that I have through this process found that even as I was feeling the God Particles of Creation and working with them, that there was a part of me that got scared of my power.

And that too, is a part of the journey. And so I’m working with that still now.  Perhaps you can relate to feeling as though you’ve been playing small.  And I think as a humanity, we have just limited what we can do and part of that was a limitation, energetic limitation, you name it. But now we are beginning to rise above that. And we now have the Planetary energetics to support it. And so now we’re stepping into a different level of power. But to step into your authentic power, it’s a letting go of every aspect of your ego.  Because it’s the ego that loves power.  It’s the ego that wants to control, that wants to force and wants to manipulate. And so we really can’t step into our highest authentic power and what we’re here to do until we begin to let that ego power go – completely different levels and types of power that we are speaking about here, completely different.

So that is the next phase, is stepping into our authentic power. And I know that we are so guided by our Spirit Team the whole way. They are guiding us through. I have felt so held and comforted and led by Spirit the whole way. And there’s such a sense of peace in that. So we are opening up to the most incredible part of the journey so far. A New Earth is here. We all get to play in it now.  We get to decide how much time we want to spend here. Maybe it’s only a minute a day, or maybe it’s hours, or maybe we’re spending the majority of our day.  It doesn’t matter. We’ll be fluctuating up and down and back and forth. But it is here for us right now.

And what we begin to create from here, this is what our Soul has come to do . I can feel the mission now, unfolding, unlike ever before.  But it’s so effortless. And it’s so easy because it just happens. It just happens! There’s no DOING now. We’re just LED in that direction. For what we’re here to do. We are magnetizing it to us. It’s coming to us.  It’s our light that it’s attracted to. And really what we are being asked to do right now is to stay in our highest vibration.  To do as much of the inner work as we can.  Let go of the inner judgment. Stay in our heart space.  As much time as we can spend in those higher vibrations. That’s where all the magic begins to unfold.  It’s staying there. It is staying there.

So I’m so glad and excited to be back and to be launching this next season of the podcast and I can’t wait for you to hear the next one as you have an opportunity to take a wonderful guided tour through the Temple.  And I hope that you know that this is your Temple too.  It is created for all of the world. It is our collective gift back to the world. And it is where we will feel the energy of Home.  We’ll feel that connection with a Soul family, our Star family, our Guides, we’ll feel that connection there, as well as with our Earth family and our Earth friends.  We will feel all of that within this space. It is just so beautiful. So enjoy, and I can’t wait to be back again with so much more so very soon.

Take care everyone.

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