Podcast #22: Activating Your Blueprint for This Next Phase in the Journey

You and that incredible light have now merged.  And you know that in this NOW moment that that is a part of the blueprint that you are unlocking. It is your next phase. You are unlocking the next phase of your blueprint.

Welcome back!  What incredible times we are in right now.  Many emotions, many experiences, many choices of the reality we want to play in.   

This podcast feels as if we are already being guided to the next phase in our journey.  Beyond the current events and into creating our Heaven on Earth.

In this podcast, Spirit begins to work with us to help us UNLOCK the piece of our divine blueprint that is necessary and relevant for each one of us, to take us to the next level in our journey.  That blueprint, that code, is different for each person, yet all of our blueprints connect.  So as one unlocks their code, it opens up a potential for the entire collective.  It’s incredible!

Most of my work in the past few weeks has been around unlocking these codes.  This feels important right now.

I often see the image of a large puzzle.  In the last year, I began to see clusters (or pockets) of the puzzle pieces joining together.  And then one piece would come along and it would join two clusters to complete an even larger section.  While I still feel those puzzle pieces coming together, it now feels as if through these activations each piece of the puzzle (which is us) is lighting up.  As if the artwork on each puzzle piece is now beginning to show and we’re soon starting to see the beautiful image we’re creating (Heaven on Earth).

There is no intro so the audio begins immediately with the channeled message.  I hope you enjoy this message.

If you would like to go through a personal activation or begin to work on an even deeper level, I’d love to connect with you.  We can schedule a private session to work together here.

Let’s begin and let’s share messages with you all today. And we will say, what an absolute joy that it is to be with each of you. This is a very important time on your planet, as you already know, and you already sense and feel. What we are inviting you to do today is to begin to consciously and intentionally create the reality that you want to explore next. There are many potentials that are playing out right now in your earth experience. It is through your intention, it is through your thoughts and it is through your words that you are choosing in every moment which reality you want to experience.  Which reality that you want to participate in.

And so we are inviting you, in this NOW moment, to choose and to participate and to play in a most beautiful potential. In a most beautiful experience for your earth lifetime. If you have been listening to these transmissions, you already sense and feel or already have an innate knowing that where the planet is transitioning to, where we are going, is the creation of truly Heaven on Earth. We are creating a new version of Earth.  We are creating a higher human experience.

And so you have an opportunity now, to be able to choose the reality that you want to play in. And we will tell you, this is incredible sacred work that you are doing. And each of you through this transmission today will have an opportunity to unlock a piece of the puzzle that you brought into the human experience.  That you wanted to contribute during this incredible time and during this transition. So now you have the opportunity to choose. What reality do you want to play in? What reality do you want to experience? Do you want to continue playing in the reality that has some lack and some limitation?  And there is no judgment in that at all. Or do you want to play in the reality where you are creating a newer version of the earth experience where there are new potentials and where there are new possibilities?  And again, the choice is yours.  There is no judgement. You know in your heart when and where you’re ready to go.

If you feel like you are ready to begin to play and to experience a new, higher, version of the earth experience, of the human experience, then what we are going to do with you today is began to help you unlock that potential.

You see each of you have a beautiful piece of the puzzle. You carry with you many components within that puzzle. It is not even just one area that you are contributing in.  You are contributing in many areas.  But much of what you came here to do and to experience is to usher in this New Earth. Is to be the leaders, the creators of this New Earth experience.  And often, it is from chaos. It is from seeing what we don’t want that propels us even quicker and further. It becomes a bit of a quantum leap into the reality that we do want to see. And that is why this time on your planet is so very important because during this time you are seeing many things that are propelling you into the next phase of your journey. And we will say that this phase of your journey is by far the most exciting and this is what you came here to create within.

And so, right now we want you to imagine and to drop down into your heart space. And we want you to take your awareness to your heart. And we want you to imagine that deep within your heart lies a blueprint. And it is the most beautiful blueprint because it is the blueprint that you have created for your life.

And it is a blueprint. It is likened to a grid system. And you can imagine that it connects also to a much larger grid system that is a part of the divine plan. That is the divine plan. And your divine plan is also a part within this blueprint. And we want you to imagine the beautiful, beautiful grid.  And as you were looking at the grid and you see these Lights. Your blueprint is just full of the most beautiful, beautiful lights.

And you imagine that a, an area of your blueprint begins to make its way right in front of you.  And you began to see it.  And it begins to open up to you. And you can see it as if it’s even a small box.  And the box begins to open and you see each side of the box begin to open. And within the box is the most beautiful light.  The most beautiful ball of light.  It is full of so many colors.

And you know that this is a part of your blueprint. It is an Energy. It is a part of consciousness.

And you see that as you begin to unpackage and all of the sides of your box begin to open, that this light begins to fill.  And the light gets bigger and it gets bigger and it gets bigger. And as the light grows, it now becomes a part of you.  You and that incredible light have now merged.  And you know that in this NOW moment that that is a part of the blueprint that you are unlocking. It is your next phase, if you will. You are unlocking the next phase of your blueprint.

And as you are one with us Beautiful energy that has emerged, we want you to imagine that energy continues to grow well outside of your physical body and the energy expands and it expands. And it is your energy that continues to expand at a much, much greater level.

And as you expand it for yourself, you realize that you are expanding that energy and you are making that energy, you are making that potential, available to all who are within your collective.

You realize that through you unlocking and activating the blueprint that is within you, that is not only accelerating your journey but that now there is a level of consciousness, there is a an energy that is now available for anyone within your collective to access.

It is the unique signature that you have brought into the world. It is your contribution. It is a potential for not only your life, but it is a potential for your human collective and beyond. You are allowing that energy to grow and grow and grow. And you are making that energy available within your collective for others to access to also help them on their journey.  To help them in their expansion.

Your piece of the puzzle is not only supporting you, it is supporting the much larger, larger perspective.  And the much larger larger group.

You are allowing that energy to fill the entire collective space. It is an incredible, incredible service to allow that to happen.

And so through this process, you are expanding what is possible for you and so many others.

And we invite you now to take your awareness back to your heart space.  Back to that beautiful box.  And the light that was in that box, it still remains on your grid and it is fully activated and it shines so bright. And it will always shine so bright from this point forward in your human experience.  And you will continue to activate other parts of your blueprint. This is just one piece of it that is a part of your journey.  That is relevant to your journey right now. More will unlock as you continue to progress along your path.

But what is so exciting is that you have also unlocked a potential for your human family because you hold certain keys, the puzzle pieces, that are a part of this magical divine plan for the world. There is much unfolding for you here.

You are going to find that your journey accelerates. There’s so much that is happening.

In the transmissions to come, you will receive beautiful guidance about this amazing, incredible, New Earth that is being created. And you have an opportunity to choose how you want to serve, how you want to play, how you want to participate, how you want to enjoy, and how you want to create within this new space. It is the most incredible time.   And it is no longer out there.  That incredible time is here for you now.  That energy of New Earth, the energy of creating all new paradigms of living, all of that energy exists for you to simply connect with.   Just as others have an opportunity to now connect with the energy that you have activated from within you.  So too do you have an opportunity to connect with energy that is of New Earth. That is New Earth. That is all new paradigms.

This is so amazing! We invite you to just open up and enjoy this beautiful, beautiful experience that is here for you now.  There is much more to come. We will be talking about what these new paradigms begin to look like. We’ll be helping you to raise your vibration so that within your imagination, you begin to see what the New Earth looks like.  You’ll begin to see what you are creating. It is all beginning to unfold. It is the New World.

We have so much more to share with you. We remind you of how divinely guided that you are, how divinely loved that you are, how divinely protected that you are. These are magical magical days that you are in right now. And we remind you that with every thought, every word, every action, you’re choosing the reality, the world, that you want to play and experience in.  There is no judgment either way, but it is your choosing. Be conscious and intentional in what you choose.

We will leave you now. In love and light we serve. We are one.

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