Podcast #6: The Answer To Our Frustration With Others

It’s funny how something so small and petty can be a teacher of something so much bigger in our lives.

Have you ever gotten to that point where you nearly snap at the smallest thing that someone around you is doing?  Maybe it’s the way they sip their drink, chew their gum, or make quirky noises.  That’s exactly the position I found myself in recently.  It was honestly the silliest experience but it turned out to be one of the most powerful channeled sessions I’ve received so far.

In this podcast, I share the higher wisdom and guidance that can help us reset when we feel the frustrated by those around us.  Sometimes the smallest and silliest experiences can be our greatest teachers and this one was a biggie.  Occasionally during channeling, I will be guided through a visualization that will fill me with an emotion so intense that it’s often hard to get the words out.  This was one of those.  Get ready for a dose of liquid love.

I hope you enjoy this message.  If you ever have any questions that you would like guidance on, please reach out.  This is a very exciting time for humanity as we step into the next phase in our journey.

Intro:  Higher Wisdom and Guidance to Live Your Dream Life.  This is the Mandy Curry Podcast.

Welcome back to Podcast 6.  Thank you so much for being here and I am excited to share this next podcast with you.  And this is a bit of a personal one.  And it’s such a funny story.  You know how we have those things in our life that just annoy us, that just annoy us to no end? And maybe you’re one of those that can’t stand to hear people drinking water or eating or you have just some sort of aversion to some of those little noises.  Well I was driving down the road with a family member in the car and this family member was chewing their gum so loud and I found it just crawling under my skin.  I know it’s such a silly thing but it was driving me nuts and I found it so crazy.  So this went on for a little and I felt my energy starting to get a little bit tense and I wasn’t even very personable at this point. I was just completely annoyed.  And I knew there had to be more to it than that.  I just knew it!  I knew that it had nothing to do with the gum chewing, but that was what was triggering me in the moment.

So I had an opportunity at the end of that day to get into this channeled vibration and to be able to pull through some guidance and wisdom and oh my gosh…it was so incredible.  And this message feels like it relates to all of us, it applies to all of us, and it felt very timely.  And so if you find that you get very annoyed by things outside of you, perhaps this will be a great reminder of really what’s going on inside of us.

Much of what I have been personally working on is self love and self worth and what came through about mid-way through this podcast around that was so powerful and truly it’s been a couple of weeks since this was recorded and I feel such a big shift already after experiencing this and hearing what has come through.  So I hope that it inspires you as much as it has inspired me.  I feel like this is a message for all of us.

All right, here we go…

(beginning of channeled guidance):  Let’s talk about your negative thoughts. And just simply remember that your negative thoughts are a part of this evolution in your consciousness. It’s all a part of the process and the fact that you are acknowledging them. The fact that you are even ready to begin to consciously choose higher thinking thoughts is all a part of the process. That’s a part of the awakening. That’s a part of the ascension process. You are beginning to see that you have the power to choose the thoughts that you think. You have the power to create from those thoughts your reality. That’s the power of that and so much of that is remembering to step into your worthiness. To step into the worthiness of all of the good that is available for you and is ready and here for you to come into your life. But that’s all that this is. You are getting to experiment with being the conscious co-creator that you came here to be. And you will continue to find that those impeccable thoughts, impeccable manifestations, all of that comes from your thoughts and from you consciously choosing those thoughts. So it’s all perfect. Again, the beauty of this is that you recognize them very quickly now. You recognize when your thoughts begin to get a bit of momentum and then you can quickly shift them. That’s all that you’re doing. So there’s never any judgment. There’s never a frustration over that. This is all a part of the development. It’s all a part of beginning to bring some of these limited beliefs to the surface and the biggest limiting beliefs that you are processing through right now are worthiness, self love, which truly go hand in hand.

So let’s begin to talk about unconditional love. And we’re going to talk a lot about love because that is a really big one. That is a really really big one.  What is unconditional love? That is love with no strings attached. That is no judgment. That is love without judgment.  So if you are still feeling or thinking judgement, thinking judgment thoughts, judgmental thoughts around others then there’s still a lot more of the heart that’s ready to be open. Unconditional love is where you begin to operate from your heart. You can look at any individual, any individual, despite what you might have heard about their past, despite what you might have heard about their current circumstances. You can look at any individual and see them as God sees them. See them as non-physical sees them. You can see them through the eyes of love. And so how do you begin to do that? Well at first, it starts inside. As you know, your relationships, what you project onto others is simply a mirror of what is happening within you. If you are seeing judgment in others, it is simply a part of you that can use some more love and can use some more self love. So it’s never about anything or anyone outside of you. It is always about you. It is always about you and your love of self because as you begin to unconditionally love yourself, then you begin to unconditionally love others.

If you are feeling a lot of judgment in your life, if you find that you are judging, critical, gossiping with or against others, it’s just simply a chance for us to turn the mirror around, back at ourselves, and look for those places that we are not loving ourselves. That is all that this is. That is self love. Unconditional love begins with unconditional love of self and so where are those places within you that you are not fully loving and embracing yourself. And perhaps it stems from a belief system. Perhaps you are still feeling a bit of unworthiness, self doubt, lack, a bit of limitation, a bit of scarcity, a bit of fear. Perhaps you’re feeling all of those. Those are opportunities to see where you are not loving yourself.

And so what’s happening? What’s happening that you’re not loving yourself?  You’re feeling that lack right now. You’re feeling that feeling that doubt. Those feelings of unworthiness. Like “can I do this? can I pull it off?” It all stems from that unworthiness. And the doubt and the worry about what others will think about what you’re doing. It’s all ok. But you are feeling a lot of emotions right now in a myriad of different places. Look for the ways you are not loving yourself.

As we have said before, we can tell you one million times how perfect that you are. How loved that you are. How brave that you are. How protected that you are. But you have to believe it. You at your subconscious level have to believe it. And so this is an opportunity for you to be able to bring those beliefs again to the surface and release them. And begin to love yourself. And it might sound like that’s all so easy. How do I begin to love myself?

Go back to the love and light that you are. Shed the awareness of your body, of your personality, shed all of that right now, in your mind. And see yourself as love and light. See yourself as the brightest light. As if your body just radiates the most magnificent light that you have ever seen and it is so bright. If you were to stare at that light it would hurt your eyes. It is so bright. That is you! That is your essence. That is the true you that you are. That is how we see you. That is how you are seen. That is you. That’s the true you. This body is just a cover. It’s just an overlay of the essence of you. And so when you see your perfect light that radiates love, that is you. And whenever you are feeling down. Whenever you are feeling that lack of self love. Whenever you are feeling that lack of self worth, just remember your real essence. Just remember who and what you truly are. And then you begin to realize how unimportant everything else is. You begin to realize how unimportant everything is. The density, the heaviness, those deep dark feelings, all they do is just to dim the light. And so the more that you are able to see yourself as the bright light that you are, radiating, that is how you are seen in the world. And that’s when you love yourself. When you love yourself, when you see yourself as the love and light that you are, that is self love. And that radiates, that radiates out to the world and then as you do that and you feel and see your perfection and the fullness that you are, then you begin to see that in others. You begin to see deep beneath the others and their dense feelings, and their dense emotions, and their dense beliefs. You begin to see them for who they truly are and you begin to see their love and their light. And just you holding that vision of them in your mind will help them to see it for themselves too. You’re simply holding up the mirror for them to see the love and light that they are.

It is time to shed all of those feelings, those stories, those beliefs that pull you down. That dim your light. This is the time. Your love and light is needed. Love and light is needed in the world. It is needed.

The only person that can ever dim your light is you. Remember that! No one else can dim your light. No one! The only person that can do it is you. You get to choose in every moment if your true essence is coming through. As you begin to step into that. See yourself as that. As you begin to identify less with your body, less with your personality self, and to identify more with the love and light that you are, instead of focusing even on beliefs and thoughts and all of the density of that. If you simply see yourself as the light that you are and in every situation picture yourself. How strong is your light? How strong is your light? How strong are you shining your light for others? And with others? And with yourself? Begin to see yourself as that. It will change your perspective. It will lighten your perspective. That is who you are. That is how we see you. As your love and light. And we greet you and your beauty and your essence and your love and light is felt. It is felt.

We leave you know with the knowing of the essence of who you are. The love and the light that you are. That is eternal. That is eternal. Forever you. That is who you are. Now you can begin to love yourself as your true essence, the perfection that you are. You can love yourself, the eternal you.

We leave you now. In love and light we serve. We are one!

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