Podcast #8: How Worthiness Impacts Our Journey

I AM WORTHY OF HAVING IT ALL.  Step into that knowing and watch your world change in weeks.

I have had to do a lot of inner work around “unworthiness” over the last few months.  Much of which stemmed from some very deep (and old) beliefs.  I can’t remember if the idea came intuitively or through the channeled guidance, but recently I began to reverse engineer my beliefs around worthiness.  That process started by saying the affirmation, “I AM WORTHY OF HAVING IT ALL.”  And not just saying it in my mind.  Actually saying it OUTLOUD!  At first, I could barely muster the words out loud.  My whole body tensed up.  It was tough, but I kept saying this affirmation for a while (weeks, maybe even months) and noticed that finally my body and brain were adjusting, and getting on board with it.

Releasing my beliefs on worthiness took me to my core but I now know it was a critical part of stepping into a new phase in the journey.  In this podcast, I channeled guidance on worthiness.  The guidance shares what has led to our feelings of unworthiness, how to embody our worth, and a powerful affirmation and exercise that can shed light on any blockages or beliefs that might be holding us back from stepping into our highest potential in the year ahead.

I hope you enjoy this message.  If you ever have any questions that you would like guidance on, please reach out.  I would love to hear from you.

Enjoy! 🙂

(Introduction)  Higher wisdom and guidance to live your dream life.  This is the Mandy Curry Podcast. Hello and welcome to Podcast 8.  Thank you so much for joining today.  I am thrilled to share this podcast with you.  And this is one that I actually sat on for a little bit of time.  It took me a little bit of time to have the courage to share this one.  And not because it’s anything deeply personal but parts of it have some references that may not appeal to all. And so it took me a little while to share this but it still feels like such an important message that I just wanted to get it out there and I feel like with this time of year right now, this is a really important topic to really ensure that we are going into this new time, this new space, this new year, really having released a lot of the density that is holding us back.

And so in today’s podcast we are talking about unworthiness.  And that’s a topic that is very near and dear to my heart.  Because I have personally had to release a lot around unworthiness and I didn’t really even know that it existed at the level it did until I began to do a lot of the inner work.  And so this channeled information is a bit of, “well, how did we get to this point?” and then “how do we begin to release those feelings of unworthiness and step into our worthiness.”

When I began pulling this information through and really focusing on worthiness, there was an affirmation that I began saying.  And I found it a bit life changing.  The affirmation, and this is a wonderful exercise that you can all do at any point in your life, but you can say the affirmation- write it down, say it out loud- but say the affirmation, I AM WORTHY OF HAVING IT ALL.  I am worthy of having it all.  And then begin to notice what immediately comes up as you say that.  Do you feel your body tense up when you say it?  Do you feel it in your stomach when you say those words?  How does your body respond when you say those words?  That’s how you’re going to know if there are some deep rooted beliefs around worthiness that you might still be processing through.  And so when I first began saying it, I found that my whole body tensed up.  And I could think of a million reasons, and I wrote them down, why I wasn’t worthy of having it all. Because that’s such a big, powerful, affirmation.  But as I began to really do the inner work around that, I began to see exactly all of the ways that I was holding myself back.  And so after doing this exercise.  After pulling through this channeled content and really beginning to set with that, I found that in just a couple of weeks.  Actually just a couple of weeks from the time that this channeled recording came through and going through this work that everything began to change.  It was really rather quick but it was also a lot of unworthiness that I still had to process through.  So I’m excited to share this with you and as always, I encourage you to use your discernment.  If something doesn’t resonate with you, just move past it if it doesn’t resonate.  But I think this is a message, I hope that will, that you will find timely as we approach this new year.

I will also mention too that the audio is a little funky on this one.  There was a little bit of interference and we worked to try to remedy that as much as possible but you’ll notice a little bit of an audio difference in this.

But I hope that you enjoy this. This is how unworthiness impacts our journey.  All right…here we go.

(Channeled content)

Let’s begin and let’s talk about how unworthiness impacts our journey.  And if you were to look at your deep rooted beliefs, if you were to first – let’s get a little more high level – if you were to look at your life and look at those areas, those playgrounds that we tend to have the most expansion in –  your health, your wealth, and your relationships.  If you look at any of those areas and you feel as though there is much more to your life than what you are experiencing now.  If you begin to look at your emotions, if you begin to look at your thoughts every day, perhaps there is a lot of fear that is swelling around inside of your thoughts.  Inside of your experiences.  Inside of your reality.  When you begin to dissect what’s at the root of that, which are our beliefs.  The beliefs are what is fueling the emotions, it’s fueling your reality. So it fuels your reality. What you believe has to become your reality.  So when you begin to dig a little deeper and get to the root of your beliefs, you might find that many of your lack beliefs, many of the limited beliefs that you may have, not even knowingly have.  They might be just beliefs that have been perhaps in your lineage.  They’ve been a part of your generation, your family for many generations.  When you begin to peel those back and get to the root of it, you will likely find that unworthiness is a big part of that.  You will likely find that unworthiness is really at the root of all of this. And so the questions is, well how?  What happened that we no longer see our worth.  That we no longer feel our worth?  What happened along the way that we lost that connection to ourselves and to our own self worth?  And you can look at a lot of ways that has happened.  And it was never by design.  You can even see the ways in which religion, which has the greatest intent, but you can even see the ways in which that has given us feelings of unworthiness.  That we are not worthy of the creator.  That we are not worthy of heaven.  That we are sinners and we are not worthy of God’s love if we are sinners.  You can see the ways that that is fear but at the deep rooted part of that, it’s an unworthiness.  It’s an unworthiness. And that is certainly not the way that it is intended.  Because God is love and as you know, where there is love there can not be judgement.  If there is judgment, there is not be love.  And God is love.  So to say that we are sinners or because we are sinners we are not receiving God’s love well that creates a lot of judgment and we begin to feel the unworthiness.  We begin to feel how we are unworthy of whom many call their Father and that trickles down from that highest level, that begins to trickle down into our lives and we begin to feel that.  And that’s trickled down many many many generations.

There are other areas of our lives that also create feelings of unworthiness.  You can see the ways in which hierarchy plays a role, plays a role in organizations and it places someone in a perceived higher position than another and it creates feelings of unworthiness amongst employees.  It’s never intentional.  It’s never by design but you can see the way that structures have been put in place that just fosters more unworthiness.  And so as we begin to live life on the others side of lack, limitation, and fear, a big part of that is beginning to pull back or strip down those layers of unworthiness that have been placed on us. That we have placed on us over time.  And it was never our intent.  It was  never our intent. And all of this is a part of our greatest expansion but once you begin to pull back the beliefs and you can see the way that unworthiness has played a part in your life, you can see the unworthiness that plays out in relationships.  Perhaps desiring love in your life but never feeling worthy of it.  Or desiring money in your life but truly never quite feeling worthy of the abundance that is here for you.  Of the prosperity that is here for you.  That is your birth right.  All of the resources are here for you. Everything that you need.  We just sometimes feel the unworthiness in accepting and allowing and receiving it.  So receiving and opening ourselves up to receive is a big step in that journey.

Our unworthiness, those feelings of unworthiness, sometimes create a barrier to receiving everything that we desire in life.  That’s all that it is.  It’s just simply a barrier.  And as we begin to slowly bring down the barrier.  Slowly bring down the wall, you’re going to find that you are naturally bringing into your life everything that you desire.  But unworthiness is one of the biggest walls that we put up around ourselves.

So how do we begin to create worthiness?

How do we begin to live a life where we feel worthy?  Where we feel worthy of receiving it all.  And it goes back to your innocence.  It goes back to seeing yourself through the eyes of God. And through the eyes of the creator.  Through the eyes of non-physical.  Through the eyes of ALL THAT IS.  You begin to see yourself in that way.  Think about the conversation that you would have with your child.  Would you want them to feel anything less than your unconditional love?  Would you want them to feel anything less about themselves than the unconditional love that you feel for them?  Don’t you want them to know how amazing they are?  How worthy they are of everything?  Well the same is true for us. So it is knowing that we are worthy of it all.

And then there are some concerns in even saying that.  Where it feels like we are coming from an ego place.  Where if we say “we are worthy of it all” that we will sound conceited and we will sound as if we are greedy and that is a belief system.  That is a lack and limited belief system. Because the question you can ask yourself is “how is that belief serving me?” It’s very likely that you might not feel like you’re living the life that you truly want to live.  So if that belief is no longer serving you, it’s time to replace that belief with something, something more prosperous, something bigger, something more expansive.

So yes, you are worthy of it all.  You are worthy of it all.  All of the relationships, the perfect relationships. The perfect health.  The abundant wealth.  You are worthy of it all.

As you begin to look at those areas of your life where you feel like limited beliefs might be pulling you back, when you really get down to the root of it, you will find that unworthiness And that unworthiness plays itself out in a lot of ways.  In relationships.  It plays itself out in insecurities.  And feelings of paranoia.  It presents itself in the form of anxiety in certain situations because we feel like we’re not good enough.  If we just can step into the knowing that we are perfect.  That we came here as perfect beings.  That we are perfect in every way.  When we realize that we, at the root of it all, are love and light.  And we realize that we’ve sometimes had a few blankets placed over the love and light that we are.  Sometimes those blankets are very heavy and they are very filled with beliefs of unworthiness.  That’s all that it is.  We’re simply pulling those blankets off.  And beginning to show the love and light and perfect that we already are.

We each came here with our own unique skills.  Our own unique characteristics.  No one else on the entire planet has the exact same characteristics and skills as you do. As we do.  as we each do.  We are needed.  We are all needed here for the role that we play.  That we each play in this process.  Think of the world as one big puzzle.  You are a very important piece of that puzzle because without you, and with all that you bring in just your BEing, without you the puzzle would not be complete.  We all have that role to play.

And so it’s not about comparing yourselves to another.  It’s not about comparing yourself to any other person in the journey.  Every puzzle piece is different, right?  But they all fit perfectly together.  And as we begin to see ourselves in that, we begin to step into our worthiness.  We begin to step into our worthiness and we open our arms to receive everything that is already here and ready for you.  It’s just lowering that barrier.  It’s just lowering that wall. And the more that you are aware of it, you’ll find that that wall begins to lesseen. It gets thinner.  It gets shorter.  You’re able to get past that wall a little quicker.  And you’ll find that your whole entire world opens up. The dream life that you want is here for you.  You just have to step into your worthiness and open yourself up to receive it all.


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