Podcast #9: A New Year Message for 2019

The way that you bring in prosperity and love and healing and joy into your life- it’s about to get bigger.

As we bring in 2019, I couldn’t wait to share a message with you today.  The energies have been interesting over the month of December.  I was first guided over the first few months of December to do a lot of reflection over this last year, especially over this last 6 months.  So for much of that time it was about sitting and reflecting on the expansion over the past year. And then over the last 2 weeks of December, I was guided to stay in my presence and not think about the past or future.  Just to stay in the present and that so much expansion would come from that.  It was hard to sit and be in my presence and not plan for the year ahead but a lot of growth came from that experience alone. In fact, it was probably one of the first times in my life that I have ever been in my presence (outside of meditation).

Last night I started to get a feeling of excitement over what is coming for this year ahead.  I couldn’t wait to bring in this message today because I knew it would be one that embodies the excitement of this time of year and really what’s to come in the year ahead for us.  More healing, more abundance, more love, more play…it’s all here for us in 2019.  It’s going to be BIG!  I feel this is going to be our best year yet.

I hope that you enjoy the podcast.  Happy New Year and Cheers to 2019!

Let’s begin and let’s talk about what an amazing day this is in your human experience where the energy is so high.  There is an energy of excitement.  Of anticipation.  Of sheer joy and love.  And this glimmer that there is so much more coming. That there is so much more coming and this day more so than any days in this timeline, is full of that energy and excitement and you can feel it across the entire planet.  That feeling of newness.  Of what is to come.  And that feeling for some of perhaps, feeling like they can start over.  Or start fresh.  Or begin new.  Start something different.  There is an excitement.  There is a feeling in the energy today as if everything is possible for your life.  And we will tell you that yes! Everything is possible for your life.  That feeling that you feel today, embrace that feeling. Let that guide you through. Embody that energy because what you are about to step into. What is here for you.  An opportunity if you will that perhaps you have not felt up until this point where truly anything is possible for your life.  Your highest potential.  The biggest. The ways in which you can contribute.  The ways that you already are doing all of this in your life already.  It’s about to get even bigger.  The way that you play in the world. The way that you play.  The way that you have fun. The way that you bring in prosperity and love and healing and joy into your life- it’s about to get bigger. It is the experience that you came here for.

What you are stepping into right  now, this newness, this new timeframe, this year ahead, it is the more that you have always dreamed about for your life.  It is truly that more. It is truly that dream of the biggest life experience you could ever imagine.  If you can surrender. If you can surrender to how you thought it might be.  If you can begin to surrender to the plan, to the divine plan that you set for your of the life, it is so much bigger than your brain can even plan.  Than your brain would even know to plan for.

So as you begin to prepare for this year ahead, we would encourage you to feel into the energy and excitement of the newness.  Of the possibility.  Of the biggest life experience of the bigness for your life.  Of the more that you have always dreamed of.  Where truly you are worthy of having it all.  You are worthy of having it all.  If you can step into that feeling today, when the energies on the planet are already so high, and you bring your energy into that, you will find that you begin to take a leap forward.  You will take a leap.  This year ahead let the highest plan, the highest vision, the highest potential for your life begin to unfold.

Set the intention if you choose to step into your highest potential.  To step into the more that you have always desired for your life.  Step into that.  Set the intention and then begin to let everything unfold.  Take your hands off the wheel and let that part of you that has the much higher vision, the much higher perspective for how to get there, let it take over. You see often what happens is we are driving our car across the same old road. And that road has a lot of hills, and twists and turns and pot holes but it’s the same road that you know. It’s the one road that you know.  It always gets you to where you’re going and it sometimes takes a while and you’ve got a lot of twists and turns and holes to slow down for, but it’s the road that you know. But there is a part of you that knows a different way. A different way. And so we would invite you to let go of the wheel and let that part of you that knows the way, that knows the quicker way, that knows the way through the most scenic path that will actually get you there even faster with a view along the way that will absolutely wow your mind. Let that part of you take you there.

And so for this year ahead, it is about surrendering.  It is about surrendering.  Letting go of the way that you thought it would be so that you can open up to truly what is here for you. And how grand it is.  Because we will assure you, what is possible for your life is so much bigger than you ever thought a human experience could be.

You have the opportunity to step into a life experience that is unlike any other. That is what you have the ability to experience. This is what you came here for. And this year ahead for  many marks the start of an entirely new journey.  And it will be the one that sets you on the path to the life that you came here to live. The life of love and abundance and prosperity and health.  All of it.  All of it!  But to get there, we have to let go of the control.  We have to even let go of our expectations of how we thought it was going to be.  And when we do that, everything begins to change.  This year ahead will be the most exciting year of your existence so far.  It will be one that you will always remember. It will be one of expansion. It will be one where you love a little more.  And you judge a little less.  Where you trust a little more.  And you fear a little less.  Where you let go and you surrender to truly everything. To what is possible for you here. It is such an incredible year ahead.

So we hope that you are as excited about your year as we are.  It is truly magical.  So stay and feel into the energy and that excitement of what is coming.  It is the year where everything is possible for your life.

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