Episode #2: How to Receive Higher Guidance and Wisdom

In this episode, Mandy talks about the next step in finding your purpose in life. She shares how to begin receiving higher guidance and wisdom from that part of us that knows the way to our highest potential. Some may call this their Inner Guide or Higher Self, but it is this infinite part of us connected to All That Is that is always guiding us along our path.

This episode covers:

– what is our Higher Self or Inner Guide and how can it help us.
– how to begin to trust the unseen guidance you receive from this part of you.
– how to manage the relationship between your Inner Guide and your Brain (to ensure your brain doesn’t overreact and discount the messages).
– what it feels like when you are receiving higher guidance and wisdom.
– the ways in which our Inner Guide gets our attention through signs and synchronicities.
– how your vibration (energy) can make receiving this guidance even easier.
– why this guidance and connection with our Higher Self is becoming even more accessible to us now.

Building this connection is truly the most “empowering” experience of our lives. We find that as this connection is nurtured we rely far less on what the outside world thinks we should do or wants us to do. We begin to realize the beauty in our journey and feel a sense of confidence in now charting our own course.

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Intro: There is a part of us that knows the answers to our biggest questions in life.  That knows why we’re here, what we’re here to do, what we’re here to be.  We all feel this desire to be of service in the greatest way.  To contribute to humanity in our own unique way.  But what is it? For many of us it’s hard to put into words.  We just have a feeling that we’re here for more and until that more is discovered,  we often find ourselves restless, unfulfilled, hopeless, and frustrated.  The answers we seek are inside of us and lead us to living our highest potential.  This show is about finding and connecting with that part of us that knows the way, our spirit within. Everything we want to do, be, and have is here and ready for us.  Welcome to Spiritual Connection with Mandy Curry.

Welcome back!  I’m Mandy  Curry, your host, and in today’s show we are talking about
the next step and finding your purpose in life.  And on the last show we talked about finding your purpose and really deep down what that means when we are trying to find our purpose in life is we’re often times just wanting to know why are we here?  Why are we here?  What did we come here to do?  What did we come here to be?

And so in the last show we talked about how to really step in to the awareness that we are our purpose.  We are here for our souls expansion and that we can’t get this life wrong.  That everything that we experience, the relationships, everything that we experience all helps in our souls expansion.  But we also alluded to one more piece of that and that’s really the next step because there is a part of us, a part of us that is connected to All That Is that knows exactly why we came here. That knows our path.  That knows the journey and that really is truly our greatest friend.  It’s that part of us and I know personally for many years that was the one voice that I wanted to hear the most.

And after searching outside of myself for many many years, bringing on consultants and bringing on experts who I thought could help me to figure some of that out, and to find my purpose and to help me on my journey, I realized that it’s not anyone outside of me.  That it actually is all inside of me.  So that began the journey inward to begin to establish that connection with what I refer to as our Higher Self.   Some may refer to it as their soul.  Some may refer to it as God.  Whatever way that you want to refer to it, but is that part that is a part of you, that is connected to All That Is that knows about our journey.  That loves us.  That knows about us.  That is out paving the way ahead of us for all of our desires in life.   And so tuning into that is really what I think many of us are now wanting to embrace and to embark upon.

And so it’s beginning to, and that that is quite a journey that is quite a journey, to begin to trust that we even have this part within us that is so divine, that is that perfection, that is truly God.  And that is a lot for some of us to embrace because we’ve always believed that it’s outside of us.  We’ve always believed that it’s something outside of us and so to be able to step into the knowing that it’s all within us take sometimes a little bit of adjustment and sometimes it takes us a little bit of time to be able to to really embrace that.

So we look at in many cases our religious texts and those that we consider to be our Great’s in history and in many cases what they were able to do was to to access the guidance from their Higher Self.   To be able to access higher consciousness.  And they were able to receive that information that helped them along their journey and now we are realizing that we have ability as well.  We have that ability to be able to access that higher consciousness and to be able to experience life the way that that our Great’s in history experience life.  Now that is all available for us.

So the journey to being able to begin to first acknowledge that we have a part within us that is connected to all that is.  That knows our path.  That is able to help us on our journey.  That is the first step. The second step is then being able to to trust that relationship and know and recognize all the ways that our Higher Self is really helping and guiding us along.

And so throughout this show we will talk about the many ways that we can begin to access that information and also then begin to trust it.  I found for myself personally over my journey, as I was connecting the dots backward, that I was receiving you know this information, I was receiving this guidance from my Higher Self, from the Universe, whatever you want to call it, I was receiving it all along. I oftentimes just didn’t trust and what we have to often times remember is what we were trusting is the unseen and it’s not anything that our brain is ever going to comprehend because it goes well beyond our five senses and so the trusting is really the biggest part of this.

So my personal journey began with first beginning to realize intuition and many refer to intuition is just that feeling that you have sometimes.  That feeling in your gut.  It’s that feeling in your stomach.  It’s just that inner knowing.  We can’t really touch it. We can’t see it.  But we just have that inner knowing and it is one of the most beautiful ways that we begin to realize that connection with something higher.   Some higher consciousness.  And so our intuition serves us in many different ways and it is a wonderful guide that can help us along our path.  It is also one of those ways that can easily be discounted because again we can’t see it.  We can’t prove it.  It’s just a feeling. And when we talk to other people about it they probably won’t believe it, so it’s one of those things that we oftentimes discount the power of it because it’s unseen.

The second idea that you can use is the idea of channeled writing.  And so channeled writing is simply where you begin to get into a meditative state and you just go through your normal meditation process because really what we’re trying to do is just to quiet the mind. We sometimes have to bypass the mind a little bit so that we can let these higher messages come through and our mind doesn’t always like that because sometimes our mind likes to be in control all the time and so our mind is also skeptical of things that it can’t see or explain so we often, as we’re going through this, also have to have a little internal dialogue with our mind and our brain to say this is okay.  This is okay because we’re letting in, you know higher consciousness, the highest and best messages for my highest and best good, to come in and so it’s having a little bit of that inner dialogue is also important.

So as you begin to get into that, you know that meditative state, where you’re starting to release some of those thoughts that are in your mind, it starts to open up and make more space for these higher thoughts to come through.  So for me, I wouldn’t say that I was a great practitioner of meditation.  I had a really really tough time getting to quiet my mind down and getting my mind to just, my mind was going a million miles a minute, it never stopped unless I was sleeping.  So I found that meditation,I had a bit of a love-hate relationship with it at first. I really wanted to do it but I had a really tough time just surrendering to that process.  But once I began to slowly start to quiet my mind, then I could set the intention for the highest and best messages to come through me and that was through the form of channeled writing in my case.

And so for a little while, a couple of months actually, I started to do the channeled writing and I would just write whatever came to mind.   And it was interesting because the whole time I was writing I was doubting the whole time what was coming through. I was doubting that I was like “oh this is probably just me and my mind you know writing these messages,” but then I would go back a couple of days after and revisit those old messages and I began to see the wisdom. I began to see the wisdom in those messages and I began to see that all of the advice that was coming through was so perfectly, divinely, guiding me through the journey and helping me along the path.

And so it was interesting because that’s what my brain needed.  Again by going back and connecting the dots backward, I was slowly starting to build the belief in my brain that all of this was possible.  That I truly was receiving messages from higher consciousness from my Higher Self and that we would all be a team together in this process.

And then the next step after that, after the writing and the journaling and you know what I kind of called the channeled writing from my Higher Self, then I moved into the next phase of that and the next phase of that was really verbally beginning to channel those messages from my Higher Self.  And that was a completely new world for me and it took a little help and it took a lot of surrendering and to trust that that was even possible but with a little bit of time I was able to do that.  And was able to you know again get into that meditative state to ask a question and to then verbally provide the response to it and that was really when everything changed.  And it changed for so many reasons but that was really, that was the relationship that I was always wanting. It was that connection, it was that part of me that knew that knew the path.  That knew the journey that I so wanted to connect with and once I did that, it felt like the world just opened up.

And so many emotions came from that but what was probably the most, what was probably the most powerful, from that is that for that 15 minutes or for that 20 minutes while I would be in that state of asking questions and then just verbally sharing whatever that response was, for that time I felt nothing but love.  So that energy that was coming through was so full of love.  There was never an ounce of judgment.  And I would sometimes ask some very big questions.  I would ask questions about religion.  I would ask questions about harassment. I would ask questions about some very deep things that are happening in the world that most of us would perceive as not good things happening, and the responses that always came through were so full of love.  They were so full of expansion.  They were so full of a much bigger picture than I ever thought was possible and just that feeling of being in a state for 20 minutes or 15 minutes of no judgment.  I mean when we talk about how the Great’s lived.  How those in our biblical or religious texts lived, that’s it.

I mean for that period of time I was able to feel how they lived I was able to feel how non-physical lives.  I was able to feel that way that God feels about us.  It is that 100% feeling of love. Never any judgment.  There’s never anything wrong.  Everything serves in our expansion and through that process, through feeling that and just the amazing growth that came with just that I also found that even after that, that those feelings would linger and I would feel that it impacted all of my discussions.  It impacted meetings that I had.  It impacted conversations that I had with people.  Everything was different when I was in that state.

I never felt self-conscious.  I never felt feelings of doubt or lack of worthiness. I never feel any of that.  It is truly the most amazing feeling and it allows all of us that opportunity to feel this.  It’s what’s available for us.  This is what life is like on the other side of lack limitation and fear and how do we get there?   Well we get there with love and the more that we fill our heart with love, well it leaves no room for anything else.

And so through slowly through that process of being able to have that conversation with my Higher Self I’ve been able to feel and experience that and so while I set out on this journey you know, to want to get that those answers, those answers about my life and helping me with the path, what really came from this is the most incredible way that we all can live when we get on the other side of lack, limitation, fear, self-doubt.

It’s so interesting the way that sometimes our mind and again our mind does all of this to protect us, but I find that I can bring through this information for 15 minutes or so, that is nothing but pure love and then the next day when I go back to revisit it, sometimes my mind kicks in.  Sometimes I mind kicks in of those self-doubt, unworthiness, who-am-I-to-be-bringing-through-this-information?  And you could kind of see all the ways that our mind sometimes can add that little extra layer sometimes, not really a false layer, but it’s just it’s kind of our way to protect us.  And our mind thinks that it’s a way to keep us safe sometimes in doing that.  So it’s really an all-the-time kind of working with the mind and the Higher Self in this information, you know this higher consciousness that comes through.

But what’s most exciting is that it’s available to all of us.  We all are kind of looking for that guidance and how can we start to, how can we start to receive it, and it is there.

One of the ways that our higher self begins to get our attention is through signs and synchronicities. It’s those things that might be happening in your life that are just too wild to be a coincidence.  It’s those little things that just make you think, is there something, is there somebody else behind the scenes that’s helping to orchestrate some things?

And maybe it’s just some little things like you went to the gas station and your pump cut off at exactly $35 just on its own.  Or I had a friend tell me this week that she went to eat and her bill at the restaurant was $22.22 and she was setting at table 22.  And I had another friend who had a video recording and the recording ended at exactly 22:22.   And then somebody else told me recently they were, you know their food bill, was like you know $14.14.

Those types of things are the way that your Higher Self is trying to just knock on your door and say I’m here!   And it’s time to start kind of looking for those signs and synchronicities because that is when the absolute joy of life begins to happen.  And the more that we acknowledge those, the more that we acknowledge that yeah there is something going on behind the scenes, and when you get one of those signs or synchronicities that happen when we begin to acknowledge even that it’s our Higher Self,  it’s the Universe, it’s the unseen, it’s non-physical, it’s the Universe, it’s God.  Whatever you want to call it, but when we begin to acknowledge it, we start to get more of it and then every day starts to become so much fun.

And you’ll find that there are so many synchronicities and signs to your day that it just starts to almost you feel like you’re a little bit lighter.  You feel like there is something so exciting about every day because you can’t wait in anticipation to see what the universe is going to do for you today.  That is just how fun signs and synchronicities are and with numbers.  Numbers are a great way that we’re able to to get these messages from the Universe.  And sometimes you can go and you can research them and they’re gonna have different interpretations for each of us, so I’ve learned not to interpret a number for someone else because their interpretation of it might be very different than mine.  We can each be seeing the same number and have different interpretations of what it means because they were meant differently from each of our Higher Selves.  So it’s very important I think that we all start to kind of look and research what those mean on our own and start to sometimes even get quiet.  Get quiet with ourselves and start to ask, you know what does this mean you know?  What’s the message that I’m getting from this?

But they are the most beautiful beautiful way that we can start to be connected and again we’re starting to see a lot more of that I’m starting to hear a lot more about these signs that people are getting.  Maybe you look at the clock and you just randomly look at the clock and it’s 11:11 or it’s 12:12 or 10:10 or whatever it might be.  Or you wake up in the middle of the night and it’s 3:33.  The clock, music, songs that come on the radio, bill receipts,  you know how much you’re spending at certain places, those are all amazing ways that the Universe can work through us in the most amazing way to just get our attention and the best thing that we can do is to acknowledge it and to know that there’s no way it can be a coincidence. To not discount it and just throw it to the side.  But really to just acknowledge it. Embrace it and then just know that we’re starting on the journey.  We’re starting on the journey to now begin this relationship with our Higher Self, that inner guide, that we have always wanted.  And it’s gonna take us on a path that we have always dreamed of.

So when we talk about connecting with that inner guide, you know the question is, “Well how do I really begin to do that? What do I need to do to get myself ready for that?”  And really there are many different phases along that journey so when it comes to things like meditation, meditation isn’t so much about your vibration or your energy in your body.  Meditation is more of just clearing the mind.  So that’s a pretty easy one.  That’s a great place to start.

And then as we start to get into things, if you’re starting to journal a little bit more, maybe if you’re starting to kind of audibly be able to receive these messages from your Higher Self , that’s when we start to see that you’re, you know your vibration, has a little bit of a bigger impact.

And so a vibration is your energy.  You know the energy that you have and that energy is made up of your your beliefs, your thoughts, your emotions, and so when we are deep in the muck and when we’re down and when we’re really sad or we’re letting kind of the outer world just get us down, it’s very hard sometimes to hear those messages.  Now that doesn’t mean that your Higher Self isn’t there because it is.  Your Higher Self is always there.  It never sleeps.  It never not doesn’t care about you.  It never doesn’t love you.  It’s never taking a break from you.  It is always there and even when you’re down in the muck you can still get those signs and those synchronicities to know that you’re on the right path.

But when it comes to wanting to be able to hear those messages and be able to kind of go deeper in that conversation and in that relationship, then our energy and our vibration has a much bigger impact.  And so that’s making sure that we are really looking at our beliefs and really beginning to look at our thoughts and our emotions because when we are feeling those deep periods of shame, maybe there’s something that’s happened in your life, maybe even in the past and you have a lot of guilt or you have a lot of shame about it, again your Higher Self is always going to be there. It’s always going to be sending some other, it’s always going to be out working on your behalf.  But to be able to start to tap into and really have that communication with then, it’s gonna be starting to raise ourselves up.  Up what I kind of call the emotional ladder.

And so it’s starting to pull ourselves up out of that feeling of shame.  And so sometimes the next highest emotion from shame or guilt might be anger.  And then we get a little angry at everything, and while maybe not better but it’s a higher emotion, so from anger then we start to have these feelings of perhaps disbelief and what’s possible for our life.  And while we wouldn’t say that’s maybe the highest, it’s a higher emotion than anger.  And then we start to raise ourselves up until we finally began to feel this excitement.This optimism.  And then we begin to work ourselves up to happiness and a joy in our day.

You know it’s often said that when loved ones pass, you know we are feeling so much grief. We’re feeling so much grief and sadness and if we really want to feel our loved ones that have passed, well we’re not going to feel them because they’re in a different vibration. They’re in a vibration of love. Of this amazing love.  And if we’re down in the muck and if we’re feeling that grief and that sadness they can’t meet us there.  I can’t be there.  So if we want to feel the presence of our loved ones that have passed, then as we raise ourselves up in our vibration and as we get in that same vibration of love and joy, that’s where we’re able to feel more of their presence.  That’s where we’re able to feel more of their messages but it’s much harder to feel when we’re in the muck because they can’t meet us down there.  So finding ways that we can add joy into our life into our day every single day it’s starting to pull us up that emotional ladder and as we do that we’re going to find that our energy changes in our body and as our energy changes in our body, then these messages, this conversation, this dialogue that we’ve always desired with our Higher Self, it’s able to meet us.

You know it’s having a little bit of a dissension as we’re having a bit of an ascension up and so there’s a merging you know that will soon be happening and and our Higher Self is going to you know soon be, right now we kind of see it as something outside of us, but it really is a part of us and it’s beginning to get more and more acclimated to us.  And as we begin to raise our vibration internally it makes that much much easier. So we’re all going to see that we’re going to have this ability to to have this guidance at a much deeper level than we’ve ever had before very soon as we begin to raise our vibration.

As we begin to wrap up and we conclude this next phase in finding your purpose in life, which is truly finding out why are we here, what are we here to do, what are we here to be, there is that part of you that knows the answers to all of that.  Sometimes it’s a harder voice to hear but as we’ve talked about, it’s actually the most amazing connection that we can start to build in this entire lifetime and if we want to understand, and if we want to to really begin to feel and live the way that the the greatest of our humanity have lived, and that connection that they had, this is really it.  This is beginning to live your life really tied to love. Tied to your purpose.

This is living a life on the other side of lack, limitation, fear, unworthiness and doubt. This is the life that we came here to live and the more that we begin to nurture that relationship with our Higher Self.  And we nurture it through acknowledging it.  We nourish it by acknowledging those signs and synchronicities that are happening for us every single day.  We nourish it when we are in that meditative state and we’re just clearing our mind and we’re letting those messages come through.  We nourish that relationship when we set the intention that we are ready for our Higher Self to to really become more a part of our life and to just allow that and a trust and to surrender.  And we began to nourish that relationship as we begin to sometimes write if that feels like that resonates with you.  It’s just writing messages.  Writing what comes up and then trusting that what comes up is coming from that part of you connected to All That Is.

And then for some it might also be then beginning to you know audibly begin to you know to be able to share these messages or to say these messages that are coming through.

Those are all ways that you begin to nourish that relationship with your Higher-Self.  Your dreams are also another amazing way that you’re beginning to you know to be able to establish that connection.  There are so many ways to do that and even just taking the smallest step is a step in that direction of being able to establish that connection with our greatest friend.  That part of us that loves us unconditionally.  That is here with us no matter what.  It also has all of the answers to all the questions that you’ve ever wondered about your life, about your journey, about your path.

It is just that part of you that really just begins to make you feel like you’ve gained your freedom back and it gives you that confidence in your journey that you’ve always been looking for.  So I hope that you enjoy your week this week and I can’t wait to talk with you again soon.

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