Episode #5: Changing the World (without force and control)

In this episode, Mandy talks about changing the world without force and control. This episode covers:

– the energy behind wanting to change the world and how a small tweak can have an even greater impact on the world around us.
– how to create projects, initiatives, and community movements from a higher perspective for an even greater impact (and examples of programs and initiatives that inadvertently cause more harm than good).
– how our beliefs often create programs and initiatives in our organizations and communities that are full of lack and limitation and limit our potential.
– how to really leave your mark on the plant.
– how to tap into that part of us that knows exactly the role we came here to play and how we can contribute to humanity in the highest and best way.


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Welcome back to Spiritual Connection.  I’m your host, Mandy Curry.  And in today’s show we are talking about how to change the world without force and control.  And so for any of you who have felt this deep mission to want to really do something big in the world, this show is for you. 

[Show Intro]:There is a part of us that knows the answers to our biggest questions in life.  That knows why we’re here. What we’re here to do. What we’re here to be.  We all feel this desire to be service in the greatest way.  To contribute to humanity in our own unique way.  But what is it? For many of us it’s hard to put into words.  We just have a feeling that we’re here for more.  And until that more is discovered, we often find ourselves restless, unfulfilled, hopeless, and frustrated.  The answers we seek are inside of us and lead us to living our highest potential.  This show is about finding and connecting with that part of us that knows the way.  Our Spirit within.  Everything we want to do, be, and have is here and ready for us.  Welcome to Spiritual Connection with Mandy Curry. 

Welcome back! In today’s show we are talking about how to change the world without force and control.  And this is a really really big topic. So many are feeling this desire for more.  We’re feeling this desire that we want to make a big mark on the world.  That we really want to contribute in a really big way.  And we’re feeling that desire.  It’s beginning to kind of mount and it’s growing even more every single day.  We talk a lot about purpose.  And we feel like we have a purpose.  Something really big for us to do.  And yes, there is.  Sometimes however though, we think that means we need to change the world.  And so today we’re going to be talking about how we can move away from that a little bit and how we can change that a little so that we can have even more impact on the world than we ever even thought.  When we say we want to change the world, what that has a feeling, the energy behind that means that we’re seeing what’s wrong in the world. It means we’re seeing what’s wrong with people.  It means we’re seeing what’s wrong with processes.  We begin to look at things differently.  When we’re trying to solve a problem by looking at what’s wrong with it, we’re never going to come at a solution from the highest and best perspective.  Because we’re looking at the lack and limitation.  We’re looking at what’s wrong with it.  And that’s often what happens with many of our processes.  With many of the things that we put into place.  Think about your companies.  Think about your governments. Think about your communities.  Often times what we try to create, we think that we’re doing it to help, but what we often are doing is we are trying to come up with a solution based on something that we see as wrong, limited, or lacking.  And from that you never get that highest perspective.  Because when you want to change the world, you’re not seeing someone, likely when you want to change the world you often want to change another person’s behavior. 

And so why would you want to change another person’s behavior? Well often it’s because perhaps from your mindset you believe that if they adopted a different behavior that things would be different.  Things in the world would be different.  Often us wanting to change the world, how we want to change the world, is driven from our beliefs and often our beliefs are full of lack and limitation.  They’re full of a limited outlook on what’s possible for our lives.  They’re filled often with fear.  They’re filled with limitation.  And that is then felt. 

You know a really great example of this.  Many of us in our efforts to want to do good in the world, and some of this might even be deeper, but an example of this is wanting to feed the poor.  And perhaps it’s part of your way that you want to give back to your community.  But there are many who adopt a mindset that I want to feed the poor.  Well in just having that mindset.  In just having the mindset of the poor, we’re already seeing the limitation. We’re seeing the lack in another person.  We’re already seeing that in them.  And so your contribution, the energy that you’re putting out, it’s that energy of lack and limitation in another person.  And so what happens? Well those who are receiving food, they feel that.  They feel the unworthiness.  They feel the lack.  And they begin to feel the shame.  They begin to feel the shame of feeling like they are less than.  That they need help.  And you can begin to see how something that we would all perceive as so positive, if we don’t have the right mindset involved when we create things like that, they actually can do more harm than good because we’re fostering this continual generation after generation feeling of lack and limitation and shame.  Those beliefs of feeling and shame then begin to catch on for their children and their children and their children and then we have this now culture of now those who are feeling shame or lack and limitation.  And it was never really what we wanted to do.  But when we set programs and initiatives up where we’re we see differences in another, that’s what happens. 

This can also translate into your organizations.  You know our organizations where again we often have the best intent but when we’re creating initiatives and projects and programs and if we’re creating them from fear, or from beliefs where there’s something wrong with someone else. Someone else has done something wrong, we’re infusing that fear. We’re infusing that lack. We’re infusing the limitation of people into whatever that solution is that been created.  And so what happens? Well we’re never then tapping into the highest potential of our team because we’re always squashing them a bit with the programs that we create because those programs are never from the highest and best perspective of those that you’re serving. 

Current event topics are often a place where we see these deep rooted beliefs really come to the surface and where you start to see multiple opinions coming.  You see things like immigration. You see things like gun control, abortion.  Those are all really big topics and there are many opinions.  And what you often times will see is many based on their belief system will then try to enact some sort of rules, policies, laws, even, that might pertain to it. 

And so you see how our beliefs are often infused in, but many times those beliefs are coming from a place of perhaps they are beliefs that are multi-generational that no longer serve us anymore.  Perhaps they’re just beliefs that we have always known because we’ve never really looked at them.  But if you were to step back and really dissect those beliefs, you might find that those beliefs are a bit outdated.  That they never really served us.  That we just kind of adopted them because they were a part of perhaps your family’s culture or your society or community’s culture and you just adopt them.  Not really taking the time to really look at the beliefs.  To really look at those beliefs and look to see what’s coming, what’s really infused in that idea that we’ve just come up with.  Or this law that we’ve just come up with.  Is it something that is based out of fear?And we always know that if we are creating a solution that is driven out of fear, it’s never going to be the highest and best solution.  It’s never going to be.  It can’t be.  Because it’s coming from a limited belief system. 

So one of the greatest things that we can begin to do is to begin to really look at that before we introduce anything in your community, or a new project, or initiative, or a law or whatever it might be, before you begin to implement that, take a look at it.  And you can quickly see is this coming from a place of lack?  Is this coming from a place of limitation? Is it coming from a place of fear?  If it is, it’s not the right solution.  You can adopt it.  You can implement it.  It happens all the time.  But it’s never going to be the highest and best solution. 

And so how do you get to that highest and best solution?  You’ve got to step away from it. You have to look at individuals, you have to look at the entire country, you have to look at the entire globe, from a place of wholeness and a place of fullness.  From a place of your heart.  Not from a place of fear and judgment and lack and limitation.  That’s how you’re always going to get to the highest and best solution is if you are coming at it from a place of love and oneness and unity.  That’s always going to give you the highest and best solution. 

So what happens with many of these initiatives? What happens when we try to, when we create something that we think will be really good for our community?  We think it will be really good for our state or for our country?  What often happens is if it is coming from these, if it’s coming from a sense of another person not being good enough or trying to force change on another person, well they’re going to feel that.  And what happens?  It creates resistance.  No one wants to be changed.  No one wants change forced upon them.  And they immediately begin to resist it.  And then that’s when everything gets really funky and you feel the dynamics of that.  You see  how that works out in your communities, in your state, in your organizations even.  You feel the resistance because we’ve tried to change someone based on what our beliefs are of how we think they should be acting.  Or about what we think they should be doing.  And so what happens is, many of those initiatives end up just not being successful.  You can see many programs in your community that have had the best intention but they just haven’t had a whole lot of success and that’s why.  It was simply because it was created in looking at the situation from a perhaps lower perspective.  And there’s no judgment in that.  Because this is really powerful.  If we want to create the change that we really desire, it’s actually a little bit of a different strategy. 

So how do we begin to leave our mark on the world? Well it’s actually quite simple.  The first is to begin to change a bit of the way that we say it.  Instead of saying that want to change the world, let’s talk a little bit more about what we want to contribute to the world.  It’s a much more expansive look at it.  Because in changing, you can see the resistance in that.  We’re seeing the lack and the limitation.  But when you talk about contributing to the world, contributing to your community or to your organization, that’s where you begin to see your unique gifts and talents, what you came here to do, the unique gifts and talents, that you came here to put into the world, that’s how you begin to contribute those in everything around you.  You’re contributing your gifts and your talents in the world.  And it’s so much more positive. And it’s so much more expansive. 

The second thing is to also acknowledge that the world doesn’t need changed.  Because again, when we begin to look at all of the lack and everything wrong , then that’s just what we’ll manifest of.  We’ll just manifest more of what’s wrong in the world.  If you can begin to hold the vision and see the vision for what you want to see, for what your ideal world would look like, that’s how you can do the most good.  It’s not by seeing all the wrong that’s in the world.  It’s by seeing all the good that’s in the world. 

The next thing that you can do to begin to contribute in the world at an even greater level is to really focus on your inner world.  Changing your outer world begins with changing your inner world first.  That’s where it has to start.  Your outer world is just a reflection of what’s happening inside.  It’s just a reflection of what’s happening inside.  So if you happen to see a lot of turmoil out in the world, it’s a really good chance for us to go internal and see what type of turmoil we’re still having and experiencing within us.  Because I can assure you, as you begin to really dissect your beliefs, as you begin to do the inner work, as you begin to let go of all of those old beliefs that no longer serve you, as you begin to let go of all of that and adopt higher beliefs, higher beliefs about what is possible for your life, about what is possible for the planet, as you begin to adopt that, you’re going to find that you begin to rise up.  You begin to rise up and your whole view of the world begins to change.  I often liken it to being in a hot air balloon. 

And so imagine that you’re in a hot air balloon and you’re on the ground and you have these really heavy weights that are holding your hot air balloon to the ground, and those would be your heavy dense beliefs.  Those beliefs that just no longer serve you anymore.  It’s the beliefs of lack, of limitation, of fear, of limited self worth, of not good enough.  It’s all of those beliefs that have held us back.  And as you begin to release those and as you begin to adopt higher thinking beliefs, your hot air balloon begins to soar a little bit and you begin to lift off the ground.  And as you begin to lift off the ground, your view, your view of the outer world begins to change.  You begin to see it from a different perspective.  And you begin to rise.  You begin to rise.  And you begin to rise.  And you begin to see the world in a much more beautiful way. But you had to let go of all of the density that was holding you down in that lower perspective so that you could rise up to see the much bigger perspective.  To see the much bigger more beautiful view.  That’s your inner world.  That’s the inner work.  And as you do that, everything in your outer world begins to change. You don’t see the lack and the limitation in others because you don’t have it in yourself anymore.  You couldn’t see it in another.  It wouldn’t be possible because you don’t see it in yourself anymore.  You see how powerful that is when we really begin to do the inner work. 

So a big part of your contribution is your inner world.  Because your inner world is what will determine your perspective on the outer world.  And it will determine the reality of your outer world.  It’s so very important. 

And remember, when it comes to wanting to contribute to the world what also causes us the most suffering is when we think we know how another person’s journey should be.  We often times think that other people would benefit from how our journey is going.  Perhaps you’ve had success in certain areas of your life.  Perhaps it’s been in health, or wealth, or relationships and you want to, you think that others would benefit from that.  And when they don’t or don’t want to do it, we sometimes get frustrated.  Because we think that “oh if they would just do it our way it would be perfect.”  They would get their desired result.  But that’s what causes us suffering. 

What causes us suffering is when we think we know how another person’s journey should be.  Every journey is going to be different.  That’s the control piece that often times causes the resistance because we want to change someone or to change something else or we see the lack, the limitation in another person.  And so we try to sometimes force what we think would help them on that.  And we do it with good intentions. We don’t even knowingly do this. We often times do it because we truly care about them.  But that’s just a bit different. 

It’s a bit of a different vibration from truly unconditionally loving another person and feeling pity for another person or feeling sad for another person.  You can even feel the difference in those vibrations.  When you love someone unconditionally you don’t see any of their lack.  You only see their wholeness.  And you only see their perfection.  When you feel sorry for another person, when you have pity on them or you pity what they’re going through, you begin to see the loss.  That totally changes the dynamics.  And it totally changes the energy in that relationship.  It’s really important.  So you can see the value in wanting to really look and love those unconditionally in our life and what a difference that makes in really wanting to contribute on the planet. 

And another part about how to change the world without force and control is truly looking at that last part of force and control.  Because often times what happens is, and we see this play out in all parts of our life, is that often this is an exchange of power.  We are wanting to take another person’s power.  They are wanting to take ours.  And we often feel these power struggles that are going on.  Truly, the highest and best solution is always going to come when there is no need to take power from another person. 

And so how do you know if you are truly in your authentic power? Well you know when you are in your authentic power, you’re able to get a desired result without force, control, or manipulating another person.  That’s how you know you are in your true authentic power.  And so what does that look like?  Well it probably means you’re going to be inspiring others by you, and by your example.  You’re going to exude this.  It’s just going to be a part of you.  And you’re going to get all of the desired outcomes that you seek because it’s coming from your place of wholeness and from your place of fullness.  So you’re not having to take anything from anyone. 

And finally, how can you really contribute in the biggest way?  As you begin to release those old beliefs and as you begin to step into your worth. And as you begin to step into your self love again, you’re going to find that your heart opens up in a new way.  And that you begin to look at everything different in your life.  You begin to see the beauty in everything around you.  Just in your BEING, just in that, without doing anything, your contribution in the world can actually be so great and so much more powerful than you ever might realize simply by your BEING.  It is simply by your light.  It’s your love.  It’s your vibration.  That alone can impact those around you for quite a ways.  Not only does it physically impact those who are within your energy field, everything you do, every message that you write, every email that you create, every text that you send out, and that text could be to someone across the globe, every message that you send out has an energy level to it.  It has an energy level that you’re sending. 

And so as you begin to feel your fullness in yourself, you’re sending that love out into the world and it’s felt.  That’s so very powerful.  The ways that you contribute to the planet are so big without even having to do anything.  We often feel that we have to DO something.  That we need to find the right job or find the right career that will help us and that we can then leave our mark through our career.  But it doesn’t even have to be that.  The way that you can contribute to the world can be through the energy.  Through your own energy.  Just by your BEING.  And just through your inner work.  You can expand everyone around you and all of the messages and everything you touch will be expanded just because of that. 

But for those of you who feel this desire and this mission for your life.  If you feel that you are here for something really big and you’re wanting to try to find out what it is.  And you know that you’re here to contribute in a much bigger way.  How do you begin to tap into that?  When you begin to tap into your heart.  That’s where that is always going to be.  And it is quite the journey.  There is an 18-inch span from your head to your heart and often that journey can take us quite a while to get to.  Because most spend their life trying to go from their heart to their head.  They want to quiet the heart.  They don’t want to tap into those feelings and emotions because in many cases, especially those in organizations, many have really tried to suppress many of those emotions in organizations.  And really just try to rely on the mind.  But you’re never going to get the highest and best solution for what you’re doing if it’s coming from your mind because that’s where the limited beliefs always come from. 

But there is a place that has no limitation on your life, where you truly can live your highest potential.  And that comes from your heart.  And the more that you tap into your heart and you’re able to really step into your heart space.  Let that come in because when you are tapped into your heart you are connected to ALL THAT IS.  That’s where you begin to connect with your Higher Self, your Soul, God, the Angels, your Guides, whatever you might want to call it.  That’s where you begin to tap into that.  And that’s where you begin to tap into the possibility for your life and you also begin to hear the messages, you begin to get the signs of truly what you’re here to do.  It will always come to you through your heart.  It’s not going to come by you trying to figure it out in your brain. 

The more that we tap into our heart, that’s how you’re truly going to know exactly what your contribution is in the world and how you can begin to let all of that unfold.  So as we begin to wrap up, how do you change the world without force and control? There’s just a few simple steps.  First, is to acknowledge that the world doesn’t really need changed.  And that in noticing the change or wanting to change, what we are is we’re seeing the lack and limitation in something else outside of us.  Seeing it in another person.  And from that place, from that view, we’re never going to have the highest and best solution for how to really make a difference. 

Second is to realize that it’s really not about changing, it’s about our contribution. And our contribution can take place in many different ways.  It can take place simply by your BEING.  Simply by your inner work and as you begin to expand, your vibration expands and your heart opens up even more, and you find that just by you being around others, it’s going to positively raise others’ up.  You have so much more influence than you might even realize.  And it’s simply in just your being.  That’s how you can make such a big difference. 

You also can begin to contribute by holding a vision, holding the higher vision for the world.  Holding that vision.  Not to go deep into the weeds with the current events.  But instead to hold the vision for really what’s possible and for where we’re going and the lives of all of those that you see.  If you can hold the vision for that, you’re going to also see then that your reality begins to follow suit.  And finally, if you want to tap into why you’re here and how you can contribute at the biggest level to truly come here to fulfill your soul’s desires, you will do that by tapping into your heart. The more that you are able to tap into your heart, leave the head space, and begin to tap into your heart space, that’s where you begin to connect with ALL THAT IS and the pieces of your journey begin to unfold in the most beautiful way and you begin to feel the bigness for your life and you begin to feel the bigness for the contribution that you’re here to make on how you really are here to positively impact the planet.  And that’s how big your role is. That’s how big of an impact that you can have.  It’s on the entire planet.  It’s so powerful and so big when you begin to tap into that when you begin to look at the world from your heart space. 

Thank you so  much for watching.  I can’t wait to be back again with you very soon.  Take care.

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