Podcast #21: Experiencing the Temple of Golden Light

…We invite you to trust in your ability to heal you, to trust in your ability to also be healed and supported by your Spirit Team.

Energetically experiencing the Temple of Golden Light

Welcome to Podcast #21.  I am beyond excited to share this meditation/energetic experience with you.

In early January 2020, I was guided to work with Spirit and God Particles of Creation on the formation of a Temple of Golden Light.  The Temple exists in what is called the etheric realm (more about that can be read here).  While I know this Temple will also make its way into our physical reality, we can begin experiencing it now.

This podcast is a channeled journey through the Temple.  While the Temple serves many purposes, this is a blissful experience that will create feelings of healing, renewal, and connection (both energetically and physically).

This is your Temple too.  It was created with our collective consciousness.  I feel it’s our collective gift back to the world.  It is where we can feel the energy of Home, feel a connection with our Soul family, our Star Family, our Guides, and experience the highest versions of our Earth family and friends.

I hope you enjoy the beautiful journey.  Listen/Visit as often as you wish.

I couldn’t be more excited to be on this journey with each of you.  We are stepping into the most incredible time.

With so much love,



Learn more about the creation of the Temple of Golden Light here:  https://www.mandycurry.com/podcast-20/

Let’s begin and let’s take you on a journey today. And we invite you to imagine that you are in a beautiful mountainous area.  And you see the trees and you see nature all around you. And you can just smell in the air. There is a beauty. There is a love. There is a oneness that is all around you in this space.

And we want you to imagine that you begin walking.  And you’re walking up a small road and the road is surrounded by the most beautiful trees. Trees of all shapes and sizes.  And you can hear the leaves of the tree as they glisten.  It’s as if they are greeting you as you make your way up the road.

And right before you, you see the most beautiful golden gate and this gate has the most beautiful colors to it. It appears to just shine.  And you enter through the gate and you continue walking up the road.  And you continue to walk up and up and up. And along your way, you are greeted by the most beautiful birds. By beautiful red cardinals, by beautiful blue jays. You can hear the birds as they sing and talk to each other. And as they whisper messages to you as you’re walking.  And they greet you along your path. And they fly along with you to let you know how protected that you are, and how guided that you are.

And as you continue walking up the road, you notice to your left a beautiful hillside, and you see a path that takes you up the hill. And so you start walking up the hill and you notice above you is the most beautiful blue sky. And the sun is shining so brightly.  And you see the most beautiful clouds. And they are all there for you. This day is all about you.

And you began to walk up the hill. Not knowing what you’re going to see when you get to the top. You just continue walking. And as you begin to see the top of the hill, you began to see the most beautiful light. And you walk and you walk. And just as you crest the top of the hill, you look and you see the most beautiful open field.  And within that field is a beautiful Golden Temple of Light.

You stand there for a moment and you observe the Temple, and how beautiful that it is. You see how it just shines, and you feel the most incredible energy coming from that space. You feel it all around you and then you find that you are one with that energy and you began walking toward the Temple. And every step feels so magical. It feels as though you are walking Home. As if you are walking into your most incredible Divine Home. Because it’s yours. This is your home. This is home that you can visit any time that you desire. This is your home.

As you continue walking, you get to the front door and you open the door and you peer inside and it is filled with the most beautiful natural light all around you.  It’s as if everything is alive. It’s as if the Temple is alive and everything in it is so full of life. So full of the highest vibration. You just feel that as you walk in.  And you walk in and you look around, and you feel that it’s a bit familiar to you. But yet it’s also so exciting and so adventurous.

And you begin to look around at all that is here to support you.

You began to see there’s so much that is happening and there’s so much that is available to you here. As you begin to make your way through the Temple, the first thing that you notice is a beautiful pyramid.  And the pyramid is filled with a diamond light. And all around the pyramid are beautiful columns of white light. And the columns look as though they reach to the heavens. And you walk up to the pyramid and you sit down within it. And in that moment, just as you are setting right now, you find that you become one with the pyramid and you become one with All That Is.

It is within this pyramid that you feel, that you feel your true self. That you feel the energy of your soul. That you feel the perfection. That you feel the completeness.  And that you feel the beauty of your soul, the eternal part of you. The eternal part of you, that is within you. As you sit in this beautiful pyramid of light, you begin to feel that within you begin to expand. And you feel this beautiful, loving sensation begin to feel your body. You began to feel a warmth that surrounds your body. Your Soul, your Higher Self, the Gods Spark within you, you feel it within your heart space and you feel it beginning to expand. And you feel a beginning to expand more and more.

We invite you to imagine that in that heart space, that there is a switch for you to flip that switch on.  And as you do, you feel the most beautiful light all within your pyramid.  And the light fills the entire temple and all around.  And it is your light. It is your light that fills the space and you feel your light merging. You feel it go all the way up to the Heavens and you feel your light merging with those within the Heavens, with your Spirit Team, with your Guides, with your Spirit Family, you feel your light merging with All That Is.

And in this moment you feel the perfection of you. In this moment you feel the true perfection that you are.

And so you sit in this moment and you will allow the Gods Spark energy to fill your body and as it fills your body you imagine that it will start in your heart area and it will begin float up.  That God Spark energy begins to go up and you feel it traveling up your neck.  And you began to feel that it is moving up through your head and you feel it all the way up through the top of your head. And as the Gods Spark energy begins to fill your head what you find is that it is also removing any density that is within your headspace. It is removing any density that is a part of your upper body.  It begins to heal all parts of you from the inside out.

You allow that energy to fully fully expand.  And it connects with the energy from the heavens as you then begin to see the energy make its way back down your head and it connects back down to your heart space. And you see the energy begin to go back down to your lower body. And you imagine this beautiful God Spark energy that is full of healing light, that is full of light from the Divine. You imagine that and it goes all through your body and it goes down to the ground and it begins to come back up, and as it does, it begins to remove any density that is within your lower body.  It begins to clear it all out.  In it’s place leaves the most beautiful healing energy, the most beautiful white and pink energy and light. You imagine that your whole body is just filled with the most amazing pink and white light. And you feel the connection back at your heart space. And you realize that the energy has created a beautiful figure eight. Starting in your heart space, going up through to your head and coming back around, and down all the way to the bottom of your feet, circling around and coming back up, and connecting again at your heart space.

And you can continue to visualize this beautiful energy that is merged with the heavens. The Gods Spark energy within you expanding all throughout your body and continuing to flow in this beautiful figure eight motion.  And you know that as you sit here in this beautiful healing chamber that you are in this moment, healing.  Your body has been restored.

Allow the energies to go all through your body.  And continue to see the beautiful figure eight.

Continue to see the figure eight energy moving throughout your body with the most ease and grace and flow.

And we invite you to simply sit in this energy because in this NOW moment, you are connected to your team. And your team supports you in all ways.  Your team as you sit is providing you with all of the guidance that you need. Your team, as you said here is providing you with all of the support that you need to physically heal your body. Your team, as you sit here, is healing you.

There they have merged with your energy and they heal you.

We invite you to sit in this energy and to now focus on your breath.  To focus and breathe in the beautiful energies of the Heavens. And then to hold them into your body, and then release them. And once again, we invite you to take a breath in and to breathe in the energies from the Heavens. Hold the energy and then release it. And one final time, we invite you to breathe and the energies of the Heavens. To hold and imagine that energy filling up your body, from your head to your feet and then release it.

It has been our pleasure to be with you in this beautiful Healing Chamber.

We would invite you before you begin to stand up and leave your pyramid that you take a moment and show your gratitude in whatever way that feels good with you. To show your gratitude to your Spirit Team that is with you always.  To show gratitude to your Spirit Family that is with you always.  To show gratitude to your Soul Family that is with you always. You are connected to them. You can energetically enter this pyramid any time that you wish. But your connection to them also continues outside of this Healing Chamber.

If you are ready, we invite you to stand up and to exit the beautiful, beautiful diamond pyramid. And as you begin to exit it, you notice that you are drawn to want to see more of this beautiful Temple. You want to explore it all and you notice that there all around you are beautiful living plants and they just feel and look so alive. And you notice right by you is a beautiful kitchen space that is filled with the most incredible foods.  The most incredible high vibrational foods and you find that you are making your way over there and you sit down for a few moments. And as you sit down you begin to taste the most delicious, incredible foods and you find that with every bite that you take, you can feel the way the foods are nourishing your body from the inside out. And you can feel that with every drink that you take, that the vibration that is contained within those foods and water, it is healing every part of your body. And you find that you are feeling so fulfilled as you consume these foods.

And you find that you then begin walking.  And as you walk down the hall you begin to see the doors open. And you walk in and you see the most beautiful gathering space. It is a beautiful gathering space that is so full of light and it is full of people. And it is full of people who much like you are so excited about the journey that they are on. And they are feeling a renewed sense of love for their life and for themselves. And they are feeling whole again and they are feeling connected to their Higher Self and to their Soul. And you find that the energy those people that you are walking by, they radiate because they feel so complete, just as you do.

And you find that without even speaking to them, just being in their presence, and them being in your presence, that it all feels so perfectly, divinely orchestrated.

And you feel a connection with them without even knowing them. You feel and you can see the beauty that is within them because you are seeing their True Self.  And you see the perfection in them and they see the perfection in you.  And you find that it is a completely different experience. And a completely different interaction, when you feel, when you see, the True Self, the Soul, of another. And you also notice how good it feels for them to see that in you too.

And you begin to exit that room, feeling so full of love, and so full of life. And you begin to walk down the hall and you see many more people that are in different rooms. And you find that there is a room with a door open. And it has the most incredible looking sound technology.  And you sit down and you begin to hear most beautiful tone, and a frequency, that fills the room. And you know in that moment, that as soon as you feel and hear that frequency, that it is healing and restoring your body.  And you just sit there in sheer amazement at how incredible it feels because this frequency is contributing, that sound is contributing to the healing and the wholeness of your body. And you spend a moment and you just let it all in and you allow that frequency to radiate through your body.

And as you finish and you stand up and you walk out the door, you find a stairwell that takes you to the second level.  And you walk up the stairs and you find the most beautiful access area where you can go out and you can be around all living things.  You see beautiful plants, beautiful vegetables, beautiful fruits that are growing in this outdoor space and it feels so alive. And you feel a oneness with these beautiful plants, because they feel your energy and you feel theirs.  And together your energies are merging and it contributes. It contributes to the healing that they are able to produce through their fruit. You feel such a beautiful joining together and you look up and you see the sky, and you see and you feel the sun, and as the sun beats down on your face, you feel renewed. You feel so incredible and you are feeling such an energy within your body. You are feeling the most incredible energy float all throughout your body.

And you turn around and you walk back inside and you peek in another room. This room has the most beautiful bed.  And you find that this is a most wonderful time for you to lay down and to relax.   And you lay within the bed and you find that you are so comforted and you are so held by the blankets that are on this bed. That you feel as if you are sleeping on top of a cloud. At it just feels so incredible.

And you find that you are beginning to drift off to sleep. And as you do and as you begin to enter your dream state, you know that you will be connecting with your Spirit Team again. You will be receiving all of the guidance that you need. Your body, physical body, will be healing itself in your dream state. And you know this is the time that you experience the most incredible renewal. It is from this state. And you allow yourself to float off into your dream space.

In time, time you wake up and you notice how incredible that you feel. You notice that your body from the inside out, feels so whole and you’re so complete and you’re so connected.

You begin to walk out of the room and you walk back down the stairs. And you are so happy and you feel so full of life and you cannot wait to get back into the world, from this higher place, from this higher level of consciousness, from all that you feel, you can’t wait to take this, this renewed YOU back out into the world.

And so as you approach the front door of the Temple of Golden Light, you first take a look back and you express your gratitude and you feel everything within the Temple express its gratitude back to you. Because in your time there its energies have healed you and your energies have healed it. You have merged together. You have merged together and this place will always hold such a special place in your heart because it is your reminder of Home.

As you open the door and you begin to walk out, you walk down the steps and you begin to walk into the grass, and you make your way out into the grass. And then you find that you are beginning to walk back down the hill. And as you walk back down the hill, everything feels so different. You feel as though you are bouncing as you walk.  You feel so light.  And you realize this is how I will walk this world. This is the True Me. And I know that anytime that I don’t feel this, I simply can get back into my NOW moment and I can reconnect with this part of me because I now know how it feels. And I know that I have the most incredible Spirit Team that is supporting me. And it feels so amazing. I feel so protected. And I feel so comforted and guided.

And you continue to walk down.  And you pass through the Golden Gate. And you again, pay your gratitude and you thank it.  And you thank this experience as you continue to walk back down the road.  And you can hear the trees as they are blowing and they are glistening.  And you can hear the leaves twinkling.They are so happy for you. You can hear the birds chirping and they are singing.  And they are all giving you their form of goodbyes.  And their form of gratitude.  Because they have so enjoyed this time with you. They have so enjoyed sharing their space with you and they know they will see you again.

We hope that you have enjoyed this beautiful adventure that you have taken. You can visit this any time that you wish. Allow this feeling to fill your body. And while it may feel as though you just played in your imagination, we will tell you that it was a bit more than that. We invite you to trust in YOUR ability to heal YOU.  To trust in your ability to also be healed and supported by your Spirit Team.

This is such a beautiful time for you.

We will leave you now.  In love and light we serve.  We are one

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