Podcast #23: Founding Leaders of New Earth (Part 1/6)

And you are here as a leader on the forefront of it to begin to create these new paradigms.  And for most of you, you will be contributing to new paradigms for what Leadership looks like in this New Earth space.  In this higher vibrational space.  It will be coming from you.  And you have spent lifetimes upon lifetimes preparing.  Preparing your experiences.  Preparing all that you wanted to contribute.  And you’ve been able to make progress after progress, lifetime after lifetime that you have contributed to get you to here, now, in creating this all-new space.  Everything is changing.  The old ways soon no longer will apply as the world begins to make its transition.

I am thrilled to share with you a series of messages I brought through about 6 months ago.  I felt very inspired to create them at that time and am feeling equally as inspired to begin sharing them now.  Last year as I was accessing visions for New Earth, the words “Founding Leaders” kept coming up.  Similar to Founding Fathers, this was “Founding Leaders of New Earth.  Although it wasn’t from an egoic perspective.  All of humanity is actually a founding leader of New Earth. 

It feels like NOW we are being invited to step into our role as Founding Leaders of New Earth (all of us) and then begin unlocking our piece of the puzzle in creating the new world.  (check out podcast #22 to go through that activation).  We all hold a piece, a code, many codes, of New Earth.  So the next 6 Founding Leader podcasts are a bit of a calibration.  And then I believe we’ll start going deeper into the magic of New Earth right after.

I hope you enjoy this message.  There’s much more to come in our  journey.  In fact, it feels a bit like we’re just getting started. 🙂

Let’s begin and lets share messages for all of you today and we welcome you to the start of something truly incredible.  If we were to say one thing, although we’ll say many things, but if we were to sum this all up into one word it would be ADVENTURE.  What you are embarking on is truly the adventure of lifetimes.  It is for certain, the adventure of this lifetime. But we would also tell you this is eons and eons of your lifetimes in the making.  This is eons and eons of this planet’s evolution in the making.  


And so you are coming together now at this most incredible incredible time as a small collective here as what you have called our Founding Leaders.  Our Founding Leaders.  It is a most amazing amazing time.  There is so much to share with you.  We will acknowledge that your group will continue to grow and to grow and to grow.  You are the Founding members of this group.  It will be an incredible time throughout our time together as you collectively and individually begin to raise your consciousness. And as you do that, as you raise your consciousness individually and collectively you are going to find that your impact on the entire planet is so much greater.  And we will say it’s not by accident that you have come together.  It is not by accident any of your experiences that have led you here.  All of your life experiences, all of the expertise, all of the talents that you have been practicing and prepping – everything has led you to here.  And so it is no accident that you are listening to this transmission right now. 

We would simply ask of you during this time, we will spend as much time as you desire sharing messages, sharing wisdom that will help to raise your consciousness, that will help to raise your vibration.  We would simply ask that you also do your part too.  And your part of this is your commitment.  It is your commitment to the much bigger bigger plan. We call that the Divine Plan. It is the Divine Plan for this planet.  And you also have a Divine Plan for your life.  And we will tell you that those two are very very similar.  


What you are doing as a part of your Divine Plan here is also serving the much large Divine Plan for the planet at this time.  We want you to feel into the bigness of your mission.  We want you to feel into the bigness of why you are here.  We don’t say that to appeal to your ego and that will be a part of our time together.  A part of our time together will be beginning to shed parts of the ego.  Some might think of the ego as that part that expands us and thinks we are more important than we are.  Others think the ego, the personality self, is also what houses the lack and the limitation and our programs. And yes to both.  


But what we are asking you to do right now is to step into a worthiness.  Is to step into a worthiness.  Is to step into a much bigger reason for why you are here.  Because when you created the Divine Plan for your life you created it before you were in physical form.  You created it in a vibration where there was no limitation for what you could contribute on this planet.  And so how do you begin to merge with that plan that you set?  As you begin to release the limitations you have put onto your life, and we don’t say that with judgment.  Much of that is just a part of where the mass consciousness is right now and you knew that’s how it would be.  But as you begin to shed that and shed the limitation and shed the old programs, you begin to merge with that Divine Plan.  You begin to reconnect with it again.  That plan that you created for how you wanted to contribute to the planet at this very very important time.  


And so where are we going?  What is so unique about this time on the planet?  You see the planet is making its ascension.  The planet is making its transition.  And we’re not even talking about humanity that is a part of the planet.  We’re talking about the actual planet of Gaia who is making her ascension. Her ascension to what many might say is the 5th dimensional state of consciousness.  It is very much consciousness that is living, breathing and expanding.  And she too is making her ascension.  


And as she begins to embody 5th dimensional state of consciousness, so too are all of those who are a part of her.  Who are a part of this mission. Who have been a part of her story.  Who have been a part of this story and all that this planet has contributed.  There is so much happening here.  And so yes, humanity is making its ascension from what many may call the 3rd dimensional state of consciousness or awareness and expanding – 4th dimensional state of consciousness and awareness and 5th dimensional state of consciousness and awareness – and what does all of that look like?   We’ll simplify it for you and simply tell you that you are beginning to make the transition of living from your head, to operating from your heart space.  


You see, when we begin to operate from our head, that is where the lack, the limitation, and the programming is.  And that is what has held humanity back for eons of time.  And now those programs are beginning to be dismantled.  Everything is changing.  It is not just your awareness.  It is your physical body.  Everything inside is also beginning to change.  You are evolving into a multi-dimensional human being on this planet. This has never been done before.  What you are embarking on has never been done before.  So as you begin to make the journey from your head to your heart and you begin to live and embody heart consciousness, you begin to live from that place where there is nothing but potential for your life.  But truly what you are doing, is you are beginning to expand the God Spark that is within you.  


Much has been shared. Much has been brought forth throughout humanity’s time.  New truths were created about who or what God is?  Many had different feelings and different beliefs about who or what God is. Is it that Man on the cloud?  Or is it an energy? Or is it All That Is?  And we would say it is All That Is.  It is an energy that is fully loving.  And you in your human body have a spark of that within you.  The God that you seek is not outside of you.  It is within you.  The God Spark is within you. That which you call ALL THAT IS.  The energy of love. The energy that creates worlds. It is within you.  It is not outside of you.  


And so what is beginning to happen on on the planet.  That Spark within you has been overshadowed by lack, limitation, programming, fear, guilt, shame.  All of those dense heavy emotions have simply covered up the God Spark within humanity.  So as we begin to raise in consciousness and we begin to release those old limited programs that no longer serve us.  As we begin to release the fear.  As we begin to release the shame and the guilt.  As we begin to release all of that, we begin to tap into our Inner Spark.  We begin to feel it. And you’re not going to feel it in your head.   You’re going to feel it in your heart space.  That is the seat of your soul.  


Your soul is the God Spark.  You’re going to feel that.  And as you begin to release all of that limitation, you are allowing, you are bringing in, you are allowing your body to embody more of that park to expand within you.  And that, our friends, is when the magic begins to happen. And so as you begin to raise your vibration, which means you are letting go of all of the old that no longer serves you, your Spark is beginning to shine brighter and brighter and brighter.  And as it begins to shine brighter your personality self begins to take a back seat and you begin to live.  Your Soul begins to shine through you.  Your Soul with your soul’s mission, that is tied to the Divine Mission, begins to live through you.  And it begins to contribute through you. 

Many have said that what the planet is embarking on is this ability to bring Heaven to Earth.  And that is what you are creating.  You are creating Heaven on Earth.  Well how do we do that?  Are we traveling somewhere?  Are we just going wake up and we are living Heaven on Earth?  It’s going to happen through you.  The Heaven that you speak of is your Soul.  It is your God Spark.  And it lives within you and as you begin to expand that and expand that and expand that, you expand it within.  Your inner world begins to change, which means your outer world begins to reflect it.  The Heaven on Earth is coming from within you.  And it will be born to the outside world.  That is what you are creating.  


So how does this impact you as Founding Leaders?  It is because everything is changing.  Everything is changing.  What does Heaven on Earth look like?  What is your version of it?  What feels like Heaven on Earth to you?  That is what humanity is creating.  And you are here as a leader on the forefront of it to begin to create these new paradigms.  And for most of you, you will be contributing to new paradigms for what Leadership looks like in this New Earth space.  In this higher vibrational space.  It will be coming from you.  And you have spent lifetimes upon lifetimes preparing.  Preparing your experiences.  Preparing all that you wanted to contribute.  And you’ve been able to make progress after progress, lifetime after lifetime that you have contributed to get you to here, now, in creating this all-new space.  Everything is changing.  The old ways soon no longer will apply as the world begins to make its transition.  It is absolutely the most incredible time and you could not wait to be a part of it. You would not have missed this for anything.  Not for anything.  You could not wait.  


We have shared this before but many in your world still talk about what happening 2,000 some years ago.  We have shared before that 2,000 some linear years from now what will be talked about is this time right now on the planet. It is THIS time that is truly impacting everything and that is what is creating this all-new space.  


This is the adventure that you came here for.  And so through our time together, we’ll be helping to shed those old programs.  Shed those old limiting beliefs so that you can begin to rise, and to rise, and to rise in your consciousness.  And as you rise in your consciousness you begin to expand your awareness.  You begin to see the world through a different lens.  You no longer will want to feel or get down in the muck with all of the judgment, with all of the fear, with all of the negativity. You won’t want to be a part of it.  And then you will get to the part where you don’t even recognize it because it’s not a part of you.  And if it’s no longer a part of you, you couldn’t even see it in others.  That is where you will get to.  And through this process, you will also begin to create the all new.  


What does Leadership begin to look like in this all-new space?  You will all be contributing.  It is no accident that you all are together.  It is no accident that your skills are perfectly aligned like a beautiful puzzle piece.  We also like to liken it to this incredible symphony and you all are playing the most beautiful instrument and through this process, through this early process, you are beginning to harmonize.  You’re harmonizing. You’re tuning your own instrument though this process.  So that as your symphony begins to lay its beautiful music, that it’s all in tune.  And you are harmonized with one another.  And you are creating the most beautiful creation that uplifts the world.  And so there is this process of tuning your own instrument and that is what you will be doing.  


We would invite all of your questions throughout this process because it is through your questions that the right answers come through.  We will always share what you need. We are also guiding you outside of these transmissions. We would invite you to adopt a meditation practice of your own in whatever way that might look.  Whether it’s outside in nature.  Whether it’s walking.   Whether it’s woodworking.  Whether it’s playing music.  Whether it’s listening to music. Whether it’s just simply sitting in your own silence.  Whatever it takes, we would encourage you to find that time very day where you can begin to get quiet and begin to listen for that bigger voice in your life.  It is the quietest voice.  It’s not going to be the voice of the personality self that yells and screams.  It will be the much quieter voice.  But it will be the voice of wisdom. It will be the voice of love and of compassion and of your contribution here in the world right now.  


It is such an amazing amazing time.  And we see the much bigger picture for the potential of where this can go.  It will be up to you as a collective, to decide if you choose to take this project to the level, to the potential that it has in the world.  And in just a short amount of time, you will begin to feel the bigness for that.  You’ll know intuitively where this is going and if it feels right for you.  And if it does, then it will be up to you to determine your commitment to it. To be a part of this Founding Group and to be creating from a much higher higher perspective what this looks like.  Where you’re going. What you want to create in the world.  What infrastructure you want to put in place for what this looks like. How you would help and support humanity who is making its transition. How you can be a Guide for humanity as it makes its transition while also beginning to set new infrastructure in place for what this looks like as we embark, and we bring in and we birth, Heaven on Earth.  Because we can tell you that everything is changing.  Nothing is going to look like it does right now.  


This is nothing for your brain to figure out.  There is a part of you, it is your Soul, it is your God Spark, that already knows the vision that it wants to cerate.  It already knows. So the biggest part of this journey is beginning to let your personality self move to the side while you begin to live. You begin to experience life from this higher part of you that knows the way. We can assure you this will be far more exciting than you ever thought was possible in a life experience.  Once you commit to letting that part of you lead the way.  You can continue to experience lack, limitation, and programming and old false, dense, beliefs if you chose. But the much more exciting route is to let all of this go and let the much higher part of you lead the way. Where it is limitless. And where you truly begin to tap into your highest potential. And you begin to serve the world at your highest potential and you begin to truly serve in the way that you intended.  It is so very big.  And there is so much more coming.  This is simply an introduction into what you are beginning to embark upon.  


We will share so much more with you and again we invite you questions as they come up.  Commit to YOU. Commit to your Divine Plan.  This is a very very big time and it’s what you came here for.  And you are stepping onto a very fast track for how you begin to serve in the world.  We will end by telling you how divinely loved that each of you are. How divinely guided that each of you are.  And how divinely protected that each of you are.  You could not wait to come here for this and the biggest part of your mission is starting right now.  It is starting right now.  We will leave you now our friends and we know we will have so much more to share with you so very soon. In love and light we serve.  We are one.  

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