Podcast #25: Founding Leaders of New Earth (Part 3/6)

When we say it’s all changing, it truly is all changing.  You are going to find that the paradigms in place right now in this older, denser, energy that is full of control and fear and shame and guilt – that is going away.  And so you are a leader in this process.  You are a leader in beginning to help to bridge and to pull and to become an alchemist and bringing and merging the two together.  And bringing these higher energies through you.  And you begin to help and you support others who are doing the same thing.  

Part 3 of the Founding Leader series begins raising our vibration to help us see and feel what we are creating in New Earth.

If you missed Part 1 and 2, here is a bit about the Founding Leader series and how it began.

Last year as I was accessing visions for New Earth, the words “Founding Leaders” kept coming up.  Similar to Founding Fathers, this was “Founding Leaders of New Earth.  It wasn’t from an egoic perspective.  In fact, all of humanity is actually a founding leader of New Earth.  

About 6 months ago, I felt very inspired to channel this audio series.  They were shared with a few close friends knowing that when the time was right, they would be shared with more people.  

It feels like NOW is that time and we are being invited to step into our role as Founding Leaders of New Earth (all of us) and then begin unlocking our piece of the puzzle in creating the new world.  (check out podcast #22 to go through that activation).  We all hold a piece, a code, many codes, of New Earth.  So these 6 Founding Leader podcasts are a bit of a calibration.  And then I believe we’ll start going deeper into the magic of New Earth right after.

I will also add that again, a few months have passed since this recording and I can share from experience that New Earth is here for us now.  I had my first “oh wow, we’re in New Earth” feeling in early 2020.  We can choose in every moment how much time we are energetically spending in it.  The more time we spend feeling/experiencing higher vibrations and frequencies, the more our body gets acclimated to it.  And then it just becomes your dominant frequency.  My physical reality is also now reflecting what was previously only experienced energetically.

I hope you enjoy this message.

With so much love.  xx

Let’s begin and lets share messages with all of you today and we welcome you back.  We are going to continue to share with you a much broader view of where humanity is going and your role as a part of all of that.  And perhaps you are beginning to feel the bigness of all of that.  And you beginning to feel how truly incredible this time on the planet is right now and we say again you wouldn’t have missed this for anything. 


And so what you are beginning to create is an all-new way of living. An all-new way of being.  An entirely new version of this planet.  And it’s going to be birthed from the inside out.  As all of humanity is beginning to make its ascension, the old ways of lack, of limitation, of fear, of shame, of guilt, they will be falling to the wayside as humanity begins to adopt higher views and higher thoughts and higher possibilities of what is possible for a life experience and what is possible for the world they live in.  And as they begin to let go of all of those old limitations that no longer serve them, their perspective begins to change.  There is an expansion of awareness that is happening right now and we will say the bulk of it, the biggest part of it, is starting to happen. And we’ve only only scratched the surface.  


So what we are transitioning to is a bit of this period where there is a shedding of the old as we then begin to birth the new.  And we talk today about how important this shedding of this ego personality self is.  Not that we are trying to let it go.  This is a wonderful companion that you have throughout your life experience.  What we are simply encouraging you to do is to let go of the lack and the limitation and the old programs that are a part of it. That is what is so important.  That we begin to shed as we go through this process.  


Let us tell you that what you are beginning to think about and also beginning to feel and soon spend more time swirling in this high energy, you’re beginning to swirl in higher vibrations.  And as you begin to swirl in these higher vibrations, you begin to spend more time in your heart space.  Your perspective begins to expand.  You can begin to look at anything happening in the outside world and you can begin to see the higher perspective for it all. You no longer go down in the muck.  You no longer go down and reinforce it.  You no longer do any of that. You begin to have the higher perspective of it always. You begin to see how it serves. How everything serves.  And you begin to realize that every single person on this planet is on their own Soul’s journey and it is going to look very different than what your journey is.  And you begin to realize that it does not serve you or them for you to judge their experience or their journey.  And then you begin to look at each person’s journey through the eyes of love.  You begin to look at their journey through the eyes of excitement because you know, at some point or another in this human experience, they too are beginning to rise.  And they too will make their way up their own ascension journey and they will be doing it exactly when they intended to do it.  It won’t be when you intended them to do it.  It will be when they at their higher level, intended to do it.  And so you begin to step back and look at everyone around you, and everything around you, and you begin to see the beauty in it.  And you begin to see how perfect that everything is at this moment. But you also see the potential because you know that every single person will be rising. And as every single person begins to rise, what they create will begin to change.  And they will create from a new perspective with a new expanded awareness and that is how the entire planet begins to change.  


You see where we are going, where this energetic space, this energetic space that the planet will be birthing from the inside out, it’s going to look completely different than it does right now.  And so what you are beginning to experiment with and you are doing this more in your imagination at this point.  You are beginning to understand how pure this new space is.  You’re beginning to see how impeccable this new space is. When we talk about Heaven on Earth, don’t you imagine that everything is pure? Everything is pristine.  That there is integrity.  That you don’t have rules. You don’t even have laws.  Why would you? Why would you have that?  Because if everyone is working for the highest and best good and from a place of their highest and best good, why would you need any of that?  Why would you need your political systems?  Why would you need your health care systems?  Why would you need any of that?  When we say it’s all changing, it truly is all changing.  You are going to find that the paradigms in place right now in this older, denser, energy that is full of control and fear and shame and guilt, that is going away.  And so you are a leader in this process.  You are a leader in beginning to help to bridge and to pull and to become an alchemist and bringing and merging the two together.  And bringing these higher energies through you.  And you begin to help and you support others who are doing the same thing.  


You might hear this and you might think this is too big. This is impossible. There is no way this can happen.  You look at your current world and you say this is impossible and we would tell you that everything that you see in your world right now, all of the chaos that you see, all of the imperfection that you might see, it is all in place.  It is all there for a reason. It is all there because out of all of that comes the new.  It is because out of all of the frustration, out of all of the old programs and systems and infrastructure that no longer work, it is beginning to shed light on a new way.  And this is where it is so very interesting. Because the new way that many are feeling, that is where we will start to see the change.  


What you are a part of.   What you are doing is that you are beginning to not only birth and create the new way, you will be helping others to create the new way. But from the highest perspective keeping always in mind Heaven on Earth.  The New Earth that you are birthing.  You have an opportunity now to play with ideas and you have an opportunity to play with ideas and you begin to look at the ideas and you can sense now in your current consciousness is this an idea built around fear, built around control, built around ego? Or is this an idea that is built on the highest and best good for humanity coming 100% from your heart space?  That is what we talk about when we say integrity and how important your integrity is as you begin to build these new ideas.  


You came here to be the Creator.  You came here to be the Creator in Action. You are God in Action.  What would that look like?  What would you create?  What would be the highest version of humanity as God in Action?  That is what you are building.  That is Heaven on Earth.  And if you feel that this is just too far of a stretch for you, we would just invite you to feel into this energy. Feel into your heart space.  You don’t have to figure it all out. That is not your role right now.  You don’t have to figure it out.  You can’t figure it out.  You can’t figure it out as long as there is even a small amount of lack or limitation or anything that says that it can’t be done.  This isn’t the time then to figure it out.  Let the ideas come through you.  


What you’re going to find as you begin to hop on this journey is the ideas are going to come through you.  Give yourself the freedom to play in your imagination.  And your Higher Self is going to play in your imagination with you. Your Higher Self is going to plant ideas in your imagination to help you along this journey. To guide you along the path.  You’re not at this alone. You have an entire army in non-physical that is helping you every step of the way.  So open up to that! 


There is a higher vision for what you came here to create.  What you came to be a part of.  And you can begin to let your Higher Self show that to you.  And it will often happen through your imagination because in your imagination there are no limits. When you are playing in your imagination you can do anything.  You can be anything. There is no skill that you can’t do.  Isn’t it true that in your imagination is where you are the rocks star?  You are the one in front of the millions of people and you are doing what you love doing best.  Isn’t it in your imagination where you have super powers?  Where you can turn anything that you want, you can manifest it into form.  Isn’t it in your imagination where you have perfect health and you see the vision of yourself doing what you want to do?  You have perfect relationships. That is where you see it all. It all happens first in your imagination.  Now the moment that you then begin to see the lack and the limitation, that is just simply the personality self, the subconscious programming, the old programming, that are just popping themselves in and you can begin to let them go again.  Just play in your imagination.  Many of the ideas that you have are planted in there for a reason. You wouldn’t have a dream in your heart, you wouldn’t have a vision in your imagination, if it wasn’t possible for you and if you weren’t meant to live it.  


So honor that process.  Find those wonderful times where your mind just goes off to a new place.  A new space.   And a new time.  And just know, have fun with that, and know that it’s all happening for a reason.  So you don’t have to figure all of this out now. Just be open.  Just have enough of that future vision out there to know where we’re going and to know that what you will be creating will be 100% from your heart space.  It will be for the highest and best good of all of humanity.  It will be filled with integrity and it will be pure and it will be pristine.  It will be the highest energy of an idea that you could plant into this world. That is what you are creating. Because we can assure you that if it is not, it will not even be able to even enter this energetic space.  These old ideas. These old paradigms.  They just begin to stay stagnant.  They will stay in this older denser energy. They will stay. They will live on in this older, denser energy. But you are beginning to live and swim and swirl in higher dimensions.  And as you begin to do that, you are beginning to raise and you’ll create in all of these different spaces.  You’ll create in all of them. But these old ideas that are full of that old, denser, energy, they’ll just continue to stay down there.  Others may continue to swirl in them a bit and that will be by their own choosing. But you will be creating from a higher vibrational space, and as you continue to rise and you continue to rise, you’re going to find that your ideas continue to expand.  

This idea that you are already talking about has already expanded.  These ideas that have come, that have been in discussion for a few months, they are already expanding because as you expand so too does the vision. So too does how it impacts the world.  So it’s going to keep expanding. But know that in order for it to have this impact, to truly step into being the Founding Fathers, being the Founding Leaders, that is what you are doing.  You are creating in an all-new energetic space.  You can’t get more leading edge than that.  And we don’t say that to appeal to your ego. But we simply tell you that you are creating the all new.  And for it to even enter that energetic space it will be an idea, it will be an idea birthed with integrity, with heart, it will be pure.  It will be for the good of humanity because you now are world servers.  You now are serving even beyond this planet at this point right now.  It is so so much bigger than what you might even realize.  You are only seeing a portion of it right now.  But your impact is even far greater than what is happening on the planet right now.  And we would even go a step further to say that what you are creating now, this ascension that you are starting to move through, this expansion, this soul integration, embodying this God Spark within you, all that you are doing in this lifetime right now is also beginning to set the tone for what begins to happen on your soul’s journey from this point forward.  It is so much bigger. It is so much more.  So much of it is unseen.  But there is a trust and there is a knowing that you are on the right path and that where you are going, where your Soul, your Higher Self, where you are being led to, is where you intended to go.  And that right now, what you are beginning to do, you are stepping into the highest potential for your human life.  If you choose to make the commitment, you will take this life experience as far as possible, as far as humanly possible in a human body. You will be able to take this life experience far beyond what you ever thought possible and you will be able to experience life in a way that very few in the planet’s history have done.  And we would say not to create separation because what you are doing, you are the leaders on the forefront of it.  And you will be inspiring so many others to join you in the journey as humanity rises.  That is what is happening right now.  


We want you to feel into all of this. Feel into the excitement.  Play in your imagination.  And see where it takes you this week.  We would encourage you all to continue your meditation practices.  Go out in nature.  Nature is also consciousness, living, breathing.  It too is going through its ascension as well and it too is supporting you on the journey.  It is an exciting time for this entire planet. Every piece and particle of this planet, it’s all on the rise.  Consciousness is growing and expanding.  Awareness is growing and expanding.  This couldn’t be a better time to be here.  


So we will leave you now and again we remind you of how divinely guided that you are.  How divinely loved that you are.  How divinely protected that you are.  If you could see your support in non-physical, you would never spend another second of your life ever worrying or wondering or fearful of what might be coming. If you could just see for a moment the support that is guiding you. Just know that it is there.  You can’t get this wrong.  You cannot get this wrong.  But tune into that guidance because it is there and ready for you.  Just simply ask.  If you’re not hearing it, then ask and you will receive exactly what you need.  


We thank you for this time together.  And we will tell you this is just as much fun for us in non-physical as it is for you.  In fact, because we see the bigger picture it is even more exiting for us because we know where this is going.  We know and we see the potential in each of you.  We know where you’re going. We know your plan.  We know your Divine Plan. We see it. We know it.  We know you are hopping on, you are hopping on the wave and it is taking you somewhere so very exciting and we are here with you always to help you through this process.


We will leave you now our friends.  In love and light we serve. We are one.  

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